How Long Do Edibles Last- Is It 4 Days? Important Things To Determine!

    How Long Do Edibles Last? Find Out Dosage, Benefits, And Side Effects!

    Constantly wondering How Long Do Edibles Last? Edibles are cannabis-infused drinks or foods. They pass on cannabinoids to your body through your mouth into your digestive system. They are commonly used as an alternative for vaping or smoking cannabis. You might slightly have a basic idea of what these are.

    Edibles comprising of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol tend to cause the same type of high or euphoric feeling (which most people describe) as cannabis smoking and vaping do. In a few pieces of research, it has been noted that edibles are more powerful in delivering cannabinoids to the body compared to smoking.

    Research regarding how long do edibles last has suggested that the effects as a result of intaking edibles take nearly an hour to kick in but they may last for as long as 6 hours or more. In comparison, the effects of vaping or smoking THC drugs may last for 1 to 4 hours indicating how strong edibles can sometimes be.

    Another important thing to note, besides how long do edibles last, is that edibles do not have some of the risks of smoking cannabis, this includes phlegm production and chronic pain. However, one should always consider what amount to take and what amount can be risky along with how long do edibles last within the body. Each person responds or reacts differently to the dose of edibles they take. A lot of factors determine how long do edibles last, so keep these things in mind!

    When trying out edibles for the first time or trying a different edible in liquid or solid form, you must go for the smallest dose possible and notice how your body reacts to it. With edibles, it is quite easy and common for people to consume extremely high dozes without even knowing, which means that they feel more negative effects as compared to smoking.

    If you are concerned about how long do edibles last in your body, you will have to know about some other information on edibles like their function, risks, and dosage.

    Here are all the things you should be familiar with in order to learn how long do edibles last…

    When do edibles kick in?

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    Generally, the effects of edibles begin to kick in anywhere between 30 minutes to 90 minutes. However, this varies based on the type of edible you are consuming, as well as your age, gender, food intake, and metabolism.

    For a few types of edibles, like suckers and hard candies, absorption inside the body might start when the person is sucking on them and therefore the effects might start to kick in slightly faster. A study has noted that the effect of hard candies starts to show within 15 minutes to 45 minutes, whereas other edibles may take between 60 minutes to 180 minutes.

    As compared with smoking edibles or vaping cannabis produce, edibles are slightly more gradual in showing the total effects. It might take some time to see the effects of edibles, whereas the results of smoking and vaping THC products are mostly instant.

    Information regarding eating edibles indicate that the active ingredients inside of them like THC will have to go through your digestive system first and then reach the bloodstream, rather than going to the lungs. This entire process will take more time.

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    People having faster metabolism might feel the effects of edibles sooner as their body can digest and process at a faster rate. Eating edibles on an empty stomach might lead to faster effects as compared to eating edibles on a full stomach or after consuming a meal.

    Some people may even experience the effects at a delayed time after consuming edibles. They might not even notice the effects of edibles at first, but then when the effects start to kick in, it will be fast and strong.

    That being said, anyone who has eaten edibles and does not feel any effects at first, must at least wait for 2 or 3 hours after eating before deciding to consume more cannabis products to feel effects. Everybody is different and the answer to how long do edibles last or need to kick in is different with each person.

    Waiting for the effects to kick in and not deciding to consume any more helps reduce the potential dangers of uncomfortable side effects as a result of high dosage or overdose of THC.

    That being said, as soon as the effects of edibles start to kick in, how long do edibles last in your body and how long are you going to feel the effects? These are very common doubts among people, let’s clear them out too!

    How long do edibles last?

    how long do edibles last

    While edibles might take a long time to kick in inside the body as compared to other cannabis reactions like smoking cannabis or vaping cannabis, they tend to stay in your body for longer, The average dosage of edibles can last within your body for 6 hours or even more. The effects of these products start to occur after 2 hours or so of ingesting them.

    Again, this might vary depending upon a few factors, these factors are dosage, tolerance levels, and metabolism. Taking a higher dose having potent levels of THC might cause a longer and stronger high than usual as your body will take time to process the THC out of your system.

    The tolerance level of every individual also plays a significant role in deciding how long do edibles last. People who have never taken THC or are not used to cannabis products might feel these effects highly, strongly, and for a longer time as compared to people who already take THC with the same dosage given.

    Tolerance levels might or might not fluctuate based on how much cannabis a person is ingesting or smoking within the time period. Again, metabolism also plays a vital role in determining how long do edibles last as a person with fast metabolism tends to feel the effect for a longer time.

    In general, it is most likely that the high caused by these edibles tend to last for a few hours only. Many authors have noted that the effects of these edibles last for 6 to 8 hours. However, it is slightly uncommon for the effects to last for 8 hours to 12 hours long even if the person has never taken it before or is sensitive. A person having higher tolerance will show the effects for 4 hours or so, in general.

    Now that you know how long do edibles last, let’s see the proper dosage.


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    Aside from how long do edibles last, it is quite hard to pin down the exact dosage of edibles as different manufacturers of edibles make different ranges of products. In addition to this, the potency of these edibles will vary based on the type of strain, THC content in it, and other factors like time and cooking temperature.

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    Edibles may come in doses as low as 0.5 mg THC. However, most people who intake THC consider 2.5 mg to 5 mg of THC to be the lowest doses that show effects and recommend starting these doses if you ever try to consume edibles.

    The average edible contains 10 to 15 mg of THC. These does are effective for people who are already used to cannabis and want to feel all the effects of edibles for a few hours more. A very high dose of THC is about 20 mg of THC. These doses are not a great idea especially for beginners as they may increase the risk of many unwanted effects within the body. However, heavy smokers and people who are used to consuming such high doses usually consume even much higher doses of cannabis for the effects to last longer.

    It is noted within an article that effects of THC might start to appear even after taking doses as low as 2.5 mg in some people whereas some people might even need 50 mg of THC doses for the effects to kick in. This range is extremely wide for people, reinforcing the idea that all individuals must begin using edibles at low levels only.

    Effects Of Edibles

    Edibles carrying THC inside of them may cause a similar high and feelings of amusement, relaxation, and euphoria as vaping and smoking. The high tends to vary depending on the class of cannabinoids in the edible you consume and its overall strength.

    A few people prefer edibles over vaping or smoking to avoid any harm to the lungs, whereas other people actually favor the high that they get from edibles.

    Now that you know how long do edibles last and their dosage, you would also want to find out about the side effects and potential risks of consuming them. Have a look at these factors.

    Side Effects And Risks

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    Generally, not all people worry how long do edibles last because cannabis products are not toxic and possess a very low risk of harmful overdose in comparison to other drugs. It is still possible to sometimes ingest too much THC, which might cause uncomfortable effects later on. Research performed in the International Journal Of Drug Policy states that overconsumption of THC is more likely to happen with edibles compared to smoking cannabis.

    This is because your body will not give you warning signs. People tend to eat until they are full. By the time you notice the signs of overdose, it is too late, and the body already starts to process those edibles.

    Overconsumption of cannabis products or THC can cause a few side effects, these include:

    • mood swings
    • hallucinations
    • delirium
    • Mumbling and slurred speech
    • severe anxiety including panic attacks
    • Breathing rate becomes rapid
    • rapid heart rate
    • Spasms and muscle contraction
    • Very low blood pressure
    • Short-term memory loss
    • Nausea
    • Inability to concentrate and impaired attention

    Consuming THC accidentally by children or people who have never consumed cannabis or THC before is likely to cause some severe side effects and reactions. It has also been reported that edibles have caused emergency room visits sometimes. The reason behind increased hospitalization is that many people who take edibles for the first time do not know the right dosage.

    Another side effect or risk of edibles that you should be aware of is allergic reactions to ingredients. cannabinoids are supposed to bind to fat for the processing to take place within your body. Many manufacturers use products like butter and milk in edibles while processing them. People who are intolerant to lactose therefore might react instantly with edibles.

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    Other ingredients you should look out for inside these include common allergens like nuts and wheat as many people are allergic to gluten.

    Anyone having severe wheat or nut allergy must contact their manufacturer to enquire about possible contaminations before taking the product.

    Health Benefits Of Edibles

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    Edibles are the simplest ways to consume cannabinoids like THC and CBD into your body. It is noted that FDA hasn’t yet approved cannabis for medical uses but they have approved pure insolates of cannabinoids for specific limited uses, but always put into consideration how long do edibles last.

    Cannabis is becoming decriminalized in different parts of the world due to which the body of research into these matters is also growing. Anecdotally, it has been found by people that cannabinoids help in treating a lot of health conditions including the following:

    • anxiety
    • glaucoma
    • epilepsy
    • inflammatory bowel disease
    • reoccurring sclerosis
    • sleep issues like insomnia
    • signs resulting from cancer therapy
    • persistent or chronic pain
    • inflammation
    • opioid dependence or addiction
    • Signs of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    • nausea
    • loss of hunger or appetite.

    Researchers should proceed with their studies on the medical consequences of marijuana or cannabis to determine its safety and effectiveness as a therapy.

    Now that you know how long do edibles last in your body and their usage as a medicine, ever wondered how long do they last in food in order to be consumed later, or, if they expire or not? Let’s see if they do.

    Do Edibles expire?

    cannabis in the form of edibles is a manageable way to pass cannabinoids into your body, but it is also essential to acknowledge their shelf life or how long they can last in order to avoid more severe side effects.

    While cannabinoids may start degrading over time, it all depends on the other components inside the edible to increase or decrease the rate of decay. Food types tend to age likewise whether they include cannabis or not.

    For example, a cookie or muffin is more likely to become decayed over a period of days than a bit of hard candy. Manufacturers must put expiry date labels on all the products, alike other food items they sell.

    Storing an edible inside a freezer or a refrigerator may help increase its shelf life and limit it from rotting, particularly if it comprises ingredients like dairy and eggs.

    When to visit a doctor

    In most cases, edibles are nontoxic and safe to be consumed in adults. People who tend to have strong reactions as a result of consumption should try to rest and wait for the side effects to pass before visiting a doctor for help.

    If you have severe reactions from taking these medicines, you must seek emergency help. Adolescents or children who accidentally eat edibles are more likely to face adverse reactions. Additionally, people who do not know edibles and eat excessive quantities tend to show stranger reactions.

    Anyone facing symptoms like rapid heart rate, difficulty breathing, chest pain, etc. must seek medical attention immediately.

    The Bottom Line

    The proper intake of edibles is a critical matter. Each person tends to have a distinct tolerance level, so an adequate dose for any one person might be too much for another.

    Edibles, unlike smoking, are complicated to quantify as there isn’t a way to explain how powerful the dose is till your body crumbles down these edibles.

    It is more likely for people to overdose with these edibles than with vaping or smoking cannabis.

    Overdosing by consuming an edible is infrequently a matter of severe concern, though it might lead to unusual and unsettling symptoms.


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