Pauly D Net Worth And 4 Ways He Earns It

    DJs have been a major part of the modern culture and it is them that is the main reason that we enjoy our club parties or just anywhere where they perform. DJs are a phenomenon and many of them even produce their own music rather than just remixing songs from others.

    One such DJ is Pauly D and how successful he is can be estimated from how large he has made the Pauly D net worth. Like any good DJ, Pauly D is the life of a party. I mean, even computer programs can remix stuff right?

    Pauly D is someone who knows his audience and tries his best to please them and make them enjoy themselves. A good DJ has to gauge the reaction of their audience and make decisions based on that and that is exactly why Pauly D is good and that is the reason the Pauly D net worth has gone so far ahead.

    Pauly D Net Worth

    He can observe the crowd, gauge their mood, sense the rhythm of the dancers and play songs and remix them on the spot as per what the crowd wants. DJs take you on a musical journey and Pauly D is famous for knowing how to do just that.

    Some of you might think that DJ is bullshit but let us just agree to disagree alright? Music of any kind can be heavenly to someone and that is what Pauly D works to achieve, to make his audience feel good and forget their troubles and let themselves be lost in the rhythm.

    In this article, I am going to be talking all about the life of Pauly D, how he started his career, a bit about his personal life, and how he has earned such a large amount of money and fame that people are googling ‘Pauly D net worth’. So let us get started.

    Who Is Pauly D?

    Paul D DelVecchio Jr is known by DJ Pauly or just Pauly D and he is a famous DJ so much so that the Pauly D net worth is estimated to be in millions. But just how much? You will have to read on to find out about that.

    Pauly D was born on July 5th in 1980 and is 40 years old right now and you might know him from the famous reality TV show on MTV, Jersey Shore. He is one of the many cast members of the show and he is a very famous American TV personality.

    Pauly D was born in Providence, Rhode Island and his parents are Donna DiCarlo and Paul D. DelVecchio Sr. He also has a sister named Vanessa, and he is of ‘100% Italian’ descent to put it in his own words. Pauly also has a daughter and he announced in October 2013 that he had become a father to his daughter Amabella Sophia who was born in New Jersey.

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    Currently, Pauly is in a relationship with Niki Hall since 2020 and it is going strong for them. He was also in a relationship with the singer Aubrey O’Day and they were even married from 2016 to 2018. He also dated Jenni Jwwow Farley in 2009, who is a fellow Jersey Shore cast member but they split after 2 months.

    Pauly has mentioned that one of his professional idols used to be the famous DJ AM.

    Pauly’s career and his journey to the Pauly D net worth began as a local DJ under the moniker of Pauly D and he has carried that forward in his career and is still known by that name.

    Now that you know who Paul is and what his personal life is like, let us talk about the Pauly D net worth.

    Pauly D Net Worth

    Pauly D has been a professional DJ forever and he has appeared on several TV shows as well. The Jersey Shore, The Pauly D Project, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, and his whole career as a musician and a disc jockey is how he has achieved the Pauly D net worth.

    The Pauly D net worth is estimated to be around $20 million, which for a DJ is a freaking lot. When you think about how he earns from these things, let me tell you in brief about all of his ways of earning.

    Jersey Shore

    Pauly D was cast in the Jersey Shore TV reality show in 2009 and he has said that being chosen for this show had nothing to do with his career as a musician but that he was instead chosen because he was sent a Myspace message from the producers after they realized that they liked his look.

    After Pauly sent them his number the casting directors called him from Los Angeles and they said that they wanted to send down a camera crew to Rhode Island so that they could record a day of Pauly’s life.

    Hence, they filmed Pauly in the gym and while tanning and even went to the club. After 6 months of this, Pauly got to know that he had been chosen for the show and that is how the Jersey Shore got to boost up the Pauly D net worth.

    It was not really an audition but Pauly still got chosen and I guess that is all that matters. When he appeared on the show, he got fans like crazy and even the TIME praised him. Pauly even won the 2011 Teen Choice Award for Choice Reality Star: Male and you would be surprised to know that he was also a contestant in the June of 2012 on the Fox show called The Choice.

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    The Jersey Shore has been a great part of Pauly’s career and is probably the main contributor to the Pauly D net worth. Paul earns more than a thousand dollars for appearing in one episode of Jersey Shore. I mean, how much more could you want?

    The Pauly D Project

    The next thing that has helped Paul grow the Pauly D net worth is the Pauly D Project. Pauly is the first person from the cast of the Jersey Shore to get his own spin-off series. This show focuses on Pauly’s career as a DJ as he goes on a tour all around America.

    The filming of this show had started in 2012 and TIME even said that Pauly must have gotten his series because he is actually fun and easy going and he gets along with people nicely. The series was originally going to be for Nicole Polizzi or Micheal Sorrentino.

    Pauly D Net Worth

    Pauly is someone who is not known for his diva antics like the Situation and does not appear like a drunkard at any given time, which is how the TIME had dubbed Nicole and Micheal as. The Pauly D project was going to be called DelVecchio originally but was later renamed.

    The Pauly D Project aired on MTV on March 29 in 2012 and it was a great show for Pauly personally because he just got to perform for his fans and even got to grow the Pauly D net worth more. What more can a person want? Money and fame and love and you have it all.

    Later in 2018, Pauly also joined the Jersey Shore again for a sequel series which was named Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, and it is estimated that he got around a hundred and fifty thousand dollars per episode. No wonder the Pauly D net worth is so huge.

    Pauly’s Music and DJ career

    Aside from how Paul D came to fame from his appearance in a TV show, Pauly had always been a great DJ. In 2010, Pauly released a single ‘Beat Dat Beat (It’s Time To)’, and for which, he got nominated as the America’s Best DJ competition in the years 2010 and 2011.

    Pauly had also revealed in August of 2011 that he had signed a 3-album deal with 50 Cent’s label G-Unit Records and G-Note Records and that he was also going to be releasing headphones under that very label.

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    Pauly D Net Worth

    It was also announced in 2011 that Pauly was going to be opening for Britney Spears on her Femme Fatale Tour in North America. Pauly also worked with Big Sean in 2012 on a new album which was to be released in 2013. He also became the social media ambassador for SummerSlam in August 2012.

    Talking about Pauly’s first single, it was released on January 15th in 2012 and was called Back to Love, which featured the British singer Jay Sean in it. He also released a single in 2016 called Did You Know with Tdot Illdude.

    On April 5th in 2019, Pauly also released his 3rd single Silver & Gold with James Kaye and all these singles and albums have helped the Pauly D net worth to grow a lot. Even though these might not be the biggest contributors to his net worth, they still do the work.

    Other Appearance On Tv

    Apart from Jersey Shore and its sequel and spin-off, Pauly D net worth has been able to gather so much money because Pauly has been the part of a lot of other shows as well.

    In the year 2016, Pauly was cast on the Famously Single reality TV show in the E! network, which is a show about 8 single celebrities who move in together to figure out their relationship problems.

    In 2018, Pauly also joined the Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars 11 with Aubrey O’Day and then they split sometimes after the show. The two had met on the filming of Famously Single.

    Pauly had also been the part of Game Of Clone which was a dating show where he was searching for a lookalike of Megan Fox. In April of 2019, he also appeared on the MTV reality dating show Double Shot At Love.

    He was in that show along with Vinny Guadangnino. These two again appeared on Revenge Park in 2020 which is another MTV reality show. All these shows have just given a boost to the fame and to the Pauly D net worth and Pauly is just basking in it all.


    Pauly D has become an internationally famous DJ and he is also the ‘exclusive DJ’ of the Palms Casino Resort pool in Vegas. Pauly is someone who believes that he is responsible for making the people have a great time and he also believes that every DJ has a personality.

    He believes that being a DJ is not something that is honed on a turntable and a laptop, it is something which you get better at from experience and with the belief that you are here to make the people enjoy.

    Pauly D has millions of followers on social media and he is a great influence on people and it is because he is such a good human being and just loves and adores his fans.


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