What is Bob Saget Net Worth

    Bob Saget Net Worth- 100 Million And Counting…

    The phrase “Bob Saget Net Worth” is gaining a lot of popularity lately, you must be wondering what is the reason behind this or how Bob Saget is doing extremely well with his career. All these thoughts are pretty common for us who love building the future and looking for people who inspire us to do so. On that note, let me tell you everything on the most searched topic- Bob Saget Net Worth.

    For all those who still do not know who Bob Saget is, he is an American actor, stand-up comedian, and television host. Definitely a multitalented man! He has a net worth of 100 to 120 million dollars.

    First prominence or the first time he debuted as a stand-up comedian was in the 1980s, he soon became popular and acquired fame for his risque humor. He became more popular and family-friendly after he was cast in the family show called “full-house“. He is also recognized most popularly for his well-known American show named “America’s funniest home videos” which was ongoing for several years in a row. This show started in 1989 and continued till 1997. Who doesn’t love funny videos from various families and laugh hard at them?

    Let’s get into the details of Bob Saget’s net worth through his work in films and television. Before that, here is a closer look at this celebrity.

    Bob Saget Net Worth 100 Million USD
    Date Of Birth 17 May 1956
    Age 66 years old
    Height 6 ft 3 in
    Profession Comedian, Film producer, Actor, Writer, Screenwriter, Presenter
    Nationality American

    Personal Life

    bob saget net worth
    Gossip Gist

    Discussing so much about his career and Bob Saget’s net worth, we cannot miss his personal life. Bob was married to Sherri Kramer from the year 1982. Their marriage lasted till 1997. The couple is having 3 daughters together.

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    He is also among the board members of the “scleroma research foundation” as he was deeply in love with his sister and she died of scleroderma. He is very active with his efforts of raising funds and awareness of these diseases for various patients.

    Early Life And Career- Bob Saget Net Worth

    Robert Lane Saget, also known as Bob belongs to a Jewish family. Robert Lane was born on May 17, 1956, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Benjamin, Bob’s father was a supermarket executive and his mother Rosalyn worked in a hospital as a hospital administrator.

    Bob as a child went to California where he spent some time before moving again to Philadelphia, Robert Lane attended Abington senior high school and he completed his graduation in 1975, although he did continue education at a university known as temple university, this place was the place where he studied film.

    Robert lane’s student project know as ” through adam’s eye” was a film about an ordinary boy who had received reconstructive facial surgery, it was honored in the student academy awards as it won the award of merit. then in 1978, Robert Lane graduated from his college with a bachelor’s degree in arts. he began his career in stand-up comedy, traveling throughout the country, however, he first tasted success when he once appeared on TV.

    In 1981 he made his first talk show appearance on a show named “Merv griffin show”. Later in 1987, he became a member of “the morning program” on CBS but Roberts casting as Danny Tanner in the show “full house” was the one that made him a household name. the series was extremely popular and consistently ranked at Nielsen to 30 since its third season onwards it gained huge popularity and was very popular among the youths.

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    In this Robert played the role of Danny Tanner who was a widowed father, his role had the responsibility to raise three daughters in the show Robert Saget was helped by his brother in law Jesse and joey who was his best friend. the show had about 192 episodes and had a total of eight seasons running from 1987 to 1995.

    In 1989, Saget started his next project which led him to more fame among the audiences. He started his work as the hots of the popular show named “America’s Funniest home videos or AFV”. He held this role till the year 1997. He worked simultaneously on both these popular shows that are AFV and Full house during the early 1990s. It must have been kind of hard working on both these popular shows but Bob somehow did it with brilliance.

    In the year 1996, Saget reached another milestone by directing a movie named “for Hope”. This was an ABC television movie inspired by Gay Saget, Bob Saget’s sister. She had scleroderma due to which she passed away 3 years back. This was his directed movie, but he first appeared himself in the movie “dirty work” in the year 1998. This movie also starred Artie Lange and Norm Macdonald. However, due to negative reviews worldwide, this movie turned out to be a lop at the box office and did do well.

    This movie, later on, became a cult favorite as it starred Artie Lange who gained immense popularity from “the Howard Stern Show”. From the year 2001 to 2002, Bob Saget also starred in a short-lived sitcom known as “raising dad” alongside Jerry Adler, Kat Dennings, and Brie Larson.

    Starting in the year 2005, Bob Saget also contributed his voice to the popular sitcom- “How I met your mother”. If you do not the role or voiceover given by him, he became the voice of future Ted Mosby. In this, he narrated the series till the end of the year 2014.

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    Looking at his career graph, you have understood that Bob Saget Net Worth comes from many sources. From the year 2006 till 2008, Bob also hosted the NBS show known as “1 vs. 100”. In 2007 he starred in the HBO comedy special “that Ain’t Right”. This show was edited by Bob to his late father who passed away at the beginning of that year after having complications from Heart failure.

    Also in this year itself, Bob directed, write, and starred in the film “farce of the penguins”. This was a parody of “march of the penguins”. During this period, he also appeared in 4 episodes of the series “entourage”. This was unique as he played his parody.

    Other Projects That Contributed To Bob Saget Net Worth

    In addition to his brilliant work as an actor, director, writer, he was also involved in an ABC sitcom “Surviving Suburbia”, this was a short-lived sitcom though, he was also a part of “stage days” which was A&E series. He starred in a guest role in “grandfathered” which was produced by his co-star from “full house” John Stamos.

    In addition to all his pursuits from the television and film industries, Bob also published his book called “dirty daddy” and released it in 2014. This book had all the written information about the author none other than Bob Saget. He wrote about his various experiences including life, comedy, and career. His podcast “Bob Saget’s Here For You” was released in April 2020 last year with studios71.

    This was all you needed to know about Bob Saget Net Worth. He truly is an inspiration from his career graph as well as his personal life.

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