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    Nick Fox Net Worth – Nick Kosir, born on October 7, 1983 (United States), is an American meteorologist. He is famous for his work on WJZY Fox 46 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Apart from this, he also has a fabulous Instagram presence with a follower count of around 2 million. He uses the platform to share photos of himself while dressed as various celebrities, Tiktok challenges, and other humorous content. He first garnered attention when he went on air dressed as Cam Newton.

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    Nick Kosir, famously known as the “Dancing Weatherman,” is known worldwide for his dancing videos, some of which are on the set of Fox 46 in Charlotte, North Carolina. He also earned the name “Nick Fox.” Nick posted the “Slide Like This” Challenge on Instagram 2019, which boosted his fanbase and social media presence.

    Nick has a degree in Communicational Organisation from the University of Akron. He then went to the Mississippi State University for his broadcast meteorology degree, which helped him launch a career with the WMFD-TV station in Mansfield, Ohio. Since then, Kosir has ranked among the famous people who were born on October 7, 1983. He is also one of the richest meteorologists born in the United States of America.

    Let’s dive into this article to get a glimpse at Nick Kosir’s lifestyle and check out “Nick Fox net worth.”

    Meet the teenage Nick Kosir


    Let’s travel back two-and-a-half or three decades, when Nick made his first attempt at recording his dance videos, and eventually his journey to see the Nick Fox net worth. He and his sister recorded themselves dancing to Michael Jackson songs while their father was forced to hold the massive camcorder. Unfortunately, that particular video was only hit in the Kosir living room.

    And even at present, Kosir likes throwing stuff at the wall to get a smile out of the audience.

    High school was his first try at making song parodies. Though he did most of it out of amusement, and he can’t seem to recall any of the alternate lyrics. Nick thinks that maybe it was about Napster or MySpace.

    The transition of Nick Kosir from sport

    Kosir joined college, intending to become a footballer. During his freshman year, he played for the University of Akron football team. But later, he decided to branch out and pursue radio and broadcasting. The transition from sports to a regular major student couldn’t have been easy. He self-reflected and questioned himself about his interests and what he wanted to do, if not sports.

    The radio helped make things easier for Nick. In college itself, he began working for a college-run radio station called WZIP-FM. The station was highly ranked, and Nick went on to win “DJ of the Year” at WZIP. He made parodies of songs that were popular at that time on campus. Most of them were urban or rap songs because Nick claims that he can’t sing. He created a festival-like parody called San-Ta, taking inspiration from Ludacris’ Stand Up.

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    He then worked at Akron’s TV station, where he also won several accolades, namely the “Best Low Budget Production” and “Best Entertainment Show” as co-host of the entertainment news show.

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    Kosir’s first job was at WMFD in Mansfield, Ohio, and it helped him discover his love for meteorology. This motivated him to get certified in Broadcast Meteorology. He pursued this particular degree from Mississippi State University. He then took up jobs in different cities, Beaumont, Texas, and Twin Falls, Idaho. Later, he and his family made a move to Charlotte, North Carolina, which is also his current residence.

    Nick Fox going viral over the internet

    Here starts the journey of “Nick Fox net worth.” Nick’s title “Dancing Weatherman” is relatively new. Even before that, he was known as the “Rapping Weatherman,” starting from 2009, which though less popular, was unique. He earned this title because Kosir added personality into his weather forecasts by rapping them. This was during his job at Fox 4 in Texas. Kosir would wear dark shades to match his suit and burst out rapping, “Today’ll be hot, I’m talkin’ mid-90s, basically you’ll be sweating off your heinies” while pointing at his rear end.

    The Rapping Weatherman could be spotted regularly in Texas. One of the rap clips that he had uploaded on YouTube got more than 700,000 views. He continued this gig after his move to Twin Falls in 2010, but it didn’t receive the same attention.

    The spring of 2014 saw the weatherman’s move to Charlotte to pursue a job at Fox46, which was his first step towards building the Nick Fox Net Worth. As the world turned more towards social media and the numerous trends to promote their business, so did Fox46. In 2019, the channel’s bosses decided that the broadcasters needed to post more on their social media handles. The aim was to make the public fall in love with the broadcasters as human beings, directly influencing their news channel views. Kosir was required to post once each on Instagram and Facebook and ten times on Twitter every day.

    Kosir tried his best to keep up with the trends and post what he thought his audience liked for like six weeks before he was running out of ideas. It took him a while to find his footing. From August 2017 to June 2018, he created jokes out of his picture for almost a year. He would stand next to a road sign and put sarcasm or irony through the image. For example, he stood next to a “No outlet” sign with an electrical outlet in his hand while raising an eyebrow. He also has a picture of giving his son a fist bump in front of a construction sign that read “Bump.”

    The following July, Kosir posted a series of posts trying to mimic the outfits and poses of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. The story behind this particular idea is relatively straightforward. While scrolling through his Insta feed, he came across a picture of Cam Newton where he had posted his outfit of the day #ootd. That simple picture had almost 30,000 likes in just five minutes. So Kosir decided to put together a similar outfit, did a quick side-by-side, and posted it. He received nearly 200 likes which was quite an accomplishment for him.

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    But he didn’t know that soon his one dance post would get him viral and boost the nick Kosir net worth. On one of the quiet days in the office, Kosir came across a video of 2 guys doing the “Slide Like This Challenge.” He decided to take part in the challenge and mimic their moves. One of the studio members recorded him doing the dance moves, which Kosir later posted on Instagram. He thought it would be just another day with his post getting a few likes at most.

    Kosir had worked the morning show that day, so he took a nap after reaching home, shortly after uploading the video. After waking up from his nap, he got the shock of his life. There were thousands of comments (predominantly positive) below his video. This event gave him the motivation to continue with his dancing videos and keep his audience entertained.

    Is it easy for “Nick Fox” to maintain a work-life balance?

    Nick Kosir, though famous, has worked hard to reach where he is today and continues to do so. He seems to be working two full-time jobs, the demanding hours of a meteorologist, and his social media accounts. They together contribute to Nick Fox net worth. Kosir’s day does not end after working at the TV station. He needs to keep himself busy and, at the same time, be on the lookout for the next best thing to post on social media. His after-hours can consist of replying to work emails, shooting content for his social, research ideas, and so much more.

    If all the above doesn’t seem enough, Nick also has a family to come home to. His wife plays an essential role in his success as an influencer and meteorologist. She understands his need for a creative outlet, which keeps him happy and satisfied. Nick believes that we make time for the things that we love. So even if his Instagram follower count dwindles, he wants to keep entertaining through his social media.

    Kosir has come a long way from his “Slide Like This’ ‘ challenge days. He has collaborated with famous TikTok influencers like Monty Lopez, Charlie D’amelio, Joey Reed, and others. It all played a role in boosting Nick Fox net worth. The clout he received from these influencers opened up the world for Kosir. It all depends on your high follower count. It increases your chances of hearing back from influencers you DM, and people also reach out to you in return. In this pandemic, social media has given a voice to millions and connected people worldwide.

    Rumors and controversies surrounding the Dancing Weatherman

    Nick Kosir has lived a life free of controversies as he avoided indulging in activities that may hamper his career. He has maintained a professional attitude that has helped him achieve Nick Fox net worth. Nor is he interested in increased popularity through rumors and controversies

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    Nick Fox Net Worth

    So, where do all these accomplishments and the charming personality of Nick Kosir, better known as the Dancing Weatherman, lead us? He has accumulated a significant net worth by doing what he loves and investing time in it. At present, Nick Fox net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million to $5.5 million.


    Kosir’s main piece of advice to anyone trying to make a name for themselves or change career paths or succeed in the career they are in is to do what they love. Doing what our heart desires is the essential requirement to build a career or brand. It would be best to find your niche according to your interests and put the required effort into it. It could be anything from starting a YouTube channel, blogging, or an Instagram account.

    The Internet gives you a platform to put all your best work out there. It is a potent tool if used to one’s advantage. You don’t need to fit into your job; you can tailor your job according to where you want to see yourself. You might be surprised to have surpassed Nick Fox net worth someday.

    #how sports develop character

    We can compare any job to sports if we look closely. It starts from work ethics to habits learned to team spirit. Bosses are similar to coaches, while co-workers are teammates. And just like a team works together to secure a win, companies work toward goals like sales and profits.

    Nick believes that sports have shaped his personality and led him to where he is today, with two million Instagram followers, a great career, and articles written about Nick Fox net worth. He equates any job to sports where everyone has a common goal. And if competitors are also brought into the mix, it gives more game vibes.

    #original content

    Here is some crucial advice for content creators on Instagram. Nick has always aimed at posting original content to the public. It comes with its own set of risks, but you need to take the risk for receiving the rewards further down the line. Kosir keeps doing stuff with a desire to entertain the public.

    He also focuses on transparency in his content, as that’s what is desired by the audience. Kosir’s posts portray how he wants to be. He has his job where he does the weather and loves it. And as a side hustle, to scratch his itch for entertainment, he has social media to portray his fun and goofy self.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1 What is Nick Kosir doing now?

    Nick Kosir, the meteorologist cum dancing weatherman, is leaving his day job. The Insta star announced on his social media in April 2021 that he is leaving the news station and looking forward to more adventures.

    Q2 Where does Nick Kosir live?

    Kosir lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with his wife, Danielle Kosir, and son.

    Q3 Who is Fox46Nick?

    Nick Kosir was a weatherman and meteorologist at Charlotte’s Fox46 news channel. Fox46Nick was his Instagram handle through which he became viral after posting the dance challenges. Although he has now changed his Instagram handle to @nickkosir, it will hopefully help him add to the Nick Fox net worth.


    Nick Kosir has been one of the famous personality over the internet recently. With so much fame in play with TikTok, the content creator has reached some great heights. The creator comes in with great advise for his family. Well, that’s make him the best actor in the world.


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