What Are Hip Dips? Learn How To Reduce Them Using 5 Simple Exercises

    What Are Hip Dips- Do You Want To Get Rid Of Them?

    If you have recently discovered hip dips and wondering what are hip dips, here is a brief guide on everything you need to know starting from what are hip dips to their causes and exercises to improve your posture the way you want.

    We often worry too much about our body appearance and its shape. A study in the pandemic revealed that more than 50% of the citizens of the United Kingdom felt worse about their bodies. Now the concern may be obesity, hip dips, losing weight, etc.

    If you are still having doubts about what are hip dips and it’s making you feel bad about your body, let me tell you, Hip dips are absolutely normal. It is not only you who is having hip dips, most adults do have them.

    Many people often recognize hip dips as thigh brows or high gaps. The Internet has made the word hip dips immensely popular these days, one of the reasons you have come here might be seeing the hashtag Hip dips. If you want to know more about hip dips and how they occur, here is all you need to know. Keep scrolling.

    What Are Hip Dips?

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    Hips dips are inward depressions along both the sides of your body, just below your hip bones. Some people also refer to them as violin hips. In place of the outer edges of the hips followed by curves, they have indentations. These indentations are present in everyone but in some people, they are slightly noticeable due to their exercise regimen or naturally whereas in some people they are prominent.

    You must know that they are normal parts of your body just like other parts, there is nothing to be worried about or feel low about having hips dips.

    Now that you know what are hip dips, you might be wondering why they are not present in some people and present in your body or what is the cause of having hip dips? Let’s see why you have them and know the cause behind hip dips.

    Cause Of Hip Dips

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    Hip dips are located in the region where the skin of your body is attached or tethered to the deeper part of the thigh bones known as the trochanter. Now, this attachment might be less in some people where in some people they are tethered more deeply causing more visible hip dips.

    More visibility is due to the amount in which fat and muscles of the body are distributed. Hip dips can be less or more visible due to the width of your hips too and the shape of your pelvis also plays a role in having deep hip dips. Certain types of clothes you wear make them more noticeable. If you are worried about the showing of hip dips because many people find them unattractive, you can always go for clothes that help to hide hip dips.

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    Not just clothes, certain changes in your lifestyle along with good exercise specifically designed for hip dips can help you get rid of hip dips.

    Lifestyle Changes

    Here are some lifestyle changes you can follow and replace to get rid of hip dips naturally. You should be trying your best to create a healthy lifestyle that includes daily exercise, eating well in a healthy manner, and taking care of yourself.

    You should increase your water intake and make sure you are taking enough calories. Getting too low with your daily calories can weaken your body. You must take carbs because they provide you a lot of energy so that you can perform your workout for longer periods of time. Try to consume lean protein as it is really helpful in building muscle mass. Include a variety of food rich in healthy fats, fiber, and calcium.

    These lifestyle changes are known by all of us as healthy and important to include but how many of you really include these changes in your lifestyle? Very few I guess!

    Try to avoid eating ultra-processed food or junk food, alcohol, and sugar. Once you start making smart choices about what you are going to eat, you will see great results in your body externally and internally. But this does not mean you will stop enjoying junk for your life, eat occasionally, and feel free to enjoy everything that your stomach desires.

    You can always balance your workout or fitness routine by working out various parts of your body on different days. If you wish to transform your body entirely, doing a variety of exercises is crucial. You can always incorporate different cardio into your regimen like swimming, running, skipping rope, etc. Just stay focused and dedicated. Consistency is the key to achieve all your body goals, Consult your nutritionist and doctor for guidance on what exercises to perform and what food to enjoy.

    Now that you know what are hip dips, do you want some exercises that can help you deal with hip dips and reduce them, we get you!

    Exercises To Minimize Hips Dips

    If you don’t find hip dips attractive, you are not the only one. If you feel like minimizing their appearance you can always follow a certain set of exercises that can help you reduce them. They help you build more muscle mass in the region thus losing the fat nearby.

    While you follow all the exercises mentioned below, make sure you perform them in front of a mirror at first to maintain the right posture. Exercises without a good posture will not give you sufficient results. If you already know a lot about workouts and various exercises, this does not go for you.

    You have to perform these exercises on one side at a time. To start, use your less flexible or weaker leg. In this way, you start with the difficult side and when you perform your next lap, it becomes and seems a lot easier.

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    If you are not a pro at working out or you are a newbie, begin with 1 to 2 sets daily and gradually keep increasing for effective results. You might want to perform different workouts on different days. If you even perform 20 minutes of these workouts per day, you can see results. Make sure you keep you perform them at least 4 to 6 times a week.

    These exercises are specifically designed in such a way that they will help you deal with the muscles of your buttocks, abdomen, thighs, and hips along with strengthening them to the core.

    Let’s see what are these workouts.

    1. Fire Hydrants

    Also known as side hip openers. These movements help to target your outer thighs, side buttocks, and hips at once. All you have to do is make sure the weight of your body is distributed equally between your knees and hands when you are on the ground. You can always make your workout more difficult using dumbbells. The results you get when you use dumbbells with these series are altogether different.

    • To begin with, this workout, form a cat-cow pose on the ground by placing your knees and hands on the floor. Make sure your hands are kept directly underneath your shoulders and your knees are directly below the hips.
    • Inhale when you lift anyone’s leg such that it forms an Eagle 90 degrees from the other leg while keeping the knee bent.
    • Now slowly lower your back, keep your knee from touching the floor, and left it again in the same manner. Perform this step 15 to 20 times. On the last repetition, pause for 10 seconds or so in the air before lowering them.
    • Now repeat the same on another side as well.

    2. Standing Kickback Lunges

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    This workout is amazing to add stability and increase the balance of your body. It will have great effects n your buttocks and thighs. While performing this one, make sure you are keeping the front foot and leg engaged. You have to engage your core also.

    To perform this exercise, follow these steps:

    • Come into a standing position and using your hands in front of your chest in a prayer position.
    • Inhale slowly and lift the right knee till the chest.
    • Exhale and lift the arms upwards alongside the ear such that your palms face each other while step your right leg backward.
    • Sink the right knee to form a lunge position. Stay in this position and then lift your leg close to the chest and at the same time return your hands to the prayer position.
    • Perform 12 lunges and once you perform your last rep, keep your leg back only and pulse up and down nearly 12 times.
    • Repeat the same on the other leg.

    3. Standing Side Leg Lifts

    This is probably the easiest exercise to reduce your hip dips. It directly works on the muscles of the hips. This exercise will help built muscles on your butt and the side of your hips. You might also feel a slight stretch on the inner side of your thighs. All you have to do is make sure that your movement is controlled and steady. Do to rush the movement or jerk, just keep your body in a straight line and do not lean on one side as it will not give you good results.

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    For added difficulty, you can do this exercise using weights. Here are the steps you need to follow to carry this work out efficiently.

    • Stand facing forward keeping your left side near to a chair, wall, or table.
    • Use any one hand for balance and support, root your left foot and then lift the right foot slightly off the ground.
    • Inhale and lift your other leg slowly and stretch it on one side.
    • Make sure you are maintaining your balance, pull your leg closer slowly feeling the burn in your leg and glutes.
    • Repeat the same on the other leg as well.

    4. Squats

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    This is the exercise about which you might have heard a lot and tried it sometimes before. These are a great way to tone your muscles of the areas including your thighs, butt, and your hips. Make sure you are engaging the abdominal muscles as well for keeping extra support. You can always use a dumbbell while performing squats for greater results.

    Here are all the steps you need to follow for this workout:

    • Stand keeping a distance slightly wider than the hips between your feet.
    • Slowly lower down your body while exhaling as if you are about to sit down on a chair, make sure you do not push your knees out too much.
    • Inhale and stand back slowly.
    • Repeat the same set 12 times or so.
    • When you perform your last rep, hold the lower pose and then pulse up and down few times.

    5. Side Lunges

    Side lunges are a great way to work your entire leg out. They are a great means of defining your butt and leg at the same time thus making them a great workout for hip dips. Just make sure you are keeping your toes facing forward and add a dumbbell if you feel your body can manage one.

    Here are all the steps you need to follow for performing side lunges:

    • Stand keeping a distance of your hip width between your legs.
    • Put your left leg outward increasing the gap between your legs.
    • Bend your left knee and put all the weight on your leg muscles and hips.
    • Keep your hands in a prayer position or any other position that feels comfortable.
    • Push yourself back to the original position and stand straight.

    This was all you needed to know about what are hip dips and possible exercises to reduce them if you find them unattractive or they lower your self-confidence. You must know the fact that hip dips are normal and everyone has them. In Some people, hip dips might be more visible due to their clothes or some other factor while in some people they are less prominent.

    If you are new at workouts, here are 50+ exercises you can follow to strengthen your legs and build muscles more effectively.


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