12 Best Narrow Hallway Ideas For Your Place!

    Many people find it impossible to decorate a narrow hallway. But it’s not as difficult as it looks. You can make your narrow hallway look wider if you have thought of looking for some narrow Hallway Ideas. These ideas can help you to make a limited entryway feel more open and lively.

    So, we have provided you with the best Narrow Hallway Ideas to make your hallway entry feel new and to get the best results you will surely love.

    12 Best Narrow Hallway Ideas.

    1- Use patterned wallpaper.

    Narrow Hallway Ideas
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    Patterned wallpaper ideas are one of the great narrow Hallway Ideas for increasing your space. This wallpaper will create a great impression on the guests arriving at your place.

    Just add white paint on the lower side of your walls. Take the vibrant colors of wallpaper towards the stairs and distract everyone.

    2- Go for a gallery wall.

    The hallway is the best place to capture photos with your family. You can hang framed pictures on the walls. This will help you to elevate your ceiling height, and in this way, you can make your Narrow Hallway appear wider.

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    This narrow Hallway Idea will help you elongate your wall and become your show stopper. Choose your best photos with your family to make the space feel more personal and cozy.

    3- Use a blackboard.

    Narrow Hallway Ideas

    You can set a space in your narrow Hallway for reminders and the list of things you need to do. First, add a white table above it, hang a blackboard to maintain balance, and keep everything with each other.

    Don’t add too many things in your hallway, and keep it bright. You can also add a retro telephone to enhance the entire look for your narrow Hallway Ideas.

    4- Mirror to open up the space.

    Narrow Hallway Ideas

    You can add a pretty mirror in your hall to increase your narrow hallway space. Adding a mirror is one of the smart narrow Hallway Ideas you can use. Since the mirror reflects light, it opens up the space and creates a height by increasing your wall, but it’s all imaginary.

    You can choose different mirrors depending on their size. You can check whether the mirror looks good with your decor or not.

    5- Go for painting.

    Narrow Hallway Ideas

    You can try going for the paint to add life to your narrow Hallway. Pick your favorite color and paint the hallway but don’t go beyond your waist level. This color will add to your space, giving you extra height and making your hallway appear more attractive. 

    6- Let the sun rays come in.

    Let the natural light come inside through windows and your door more to properly implement the narrow Hallway Idea. You can even add a mirror to increase the light rays. Paint your narrow hallway in complete white color and keep everything bright.

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    Select the white shade of paint that suits the light quality. The shade of white will make your space feel airy and look brighter, adding to the warm surroundings.

    7- Add a decorative runner.

    Narrow Hallway Ideas

    Don’t think that if you have limited space, your decor needs to be limited too, because it’s not like that. You can prefer to go for a long runner to make your hallway look more beautiful and well dressed.

    This narrow Hallway Idea would enhance your decor and provide a homely feeling. You can welcome your guests with a generous and lively entrance to your place.

    8- Add a console table.

    You can place all your accessories and articles on a console table, then why not have it? Moreover, it also has drawers where you can hide your articles too.

    You can prefer buying a narrow and thin console table in a corridor-like style which can provide you openness. You can also add baskets for hiding your articles.

    9- Focus on the scale.

    Narrow Hallway Ideas
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    You need to choose pieces of furniture, keeping in mind the size of your entrance. You can prefer going for oversized chairs or tables to make your narrow hallway look wider. Also, get the furniture of the color exactly as your walls.

    Also, arrange your furniture at proper angles to add great depth to your room; otherwise, you might create a boring look. So, go and try this clever narrow hallway idea for your place.

    10- Patterned flooring.

    Whether using tiles or paint, you can go for a large checkerboard pattern on your floor. This narrow hallway idea is a combination of a modern yet contemporary look.

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    You can go for large-sized squares for the narrow space. The squares would look great in your space. A diamond pattern would add to the breath of your space.

    11- Place vertical storage.

    One of the best narrow hallway ideas is to place vertical storage in your space.  Add a unit with shelves and drawers to fill up the space available smartly, so it looks great. This will help you to increase your hallway space.

    Such thin multifunctional storage helps open up your narrow hall space, restricting your items like shoes from roaming on the floor.

    12- Go for lighting ideas.

    Narrow Hallway Ideas

    You can use lighting to maximize your space, as it’s a great narrow hallway idea you must try. Just add lights on the center point of your hall. You can prefer pendant lights one after the other to let your guests stop and state your center point of attraction.

    You can also go for poor hallway lighting, as it’s quite common nowadays. But you must make sure that all the bulbs are in working condition. These lights will highlight your narrow space making it appear beautiful and not limited.

    Cessation | Narrow Hallway Ideas

    This article provides you with the best narrow hallway ideas to make your space look larger. You no longer need to waste your time looking for different ideas for your hall or arranging your house furniture again and again, as these cool ideas will help you turn your ugly or boring hallway into a modern and stylish one. 


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