Melissa Gilbert Net Worth – Fortune of Little House Actress

    We all are interested in discovering more about celebrities. The way they live, their lifestyle, their extremely expensive house, and a lot of other things as well. So, guess who’ll be the topic of discussion today? Let’s have a look at some hints about it.

    She’s an actor who had begun her acting career at an early age in television commercials and a number of shows, she’s born in California and was adopted by another actor. Can’t guess? Today we’ll be talking about an American actress, Melissa Gilbert. There’s a lot to say about her, let’s move ahead and learn more about Melissa Gilbert Net Worth and her life.

    Early Life

    Melissa Gilbert was born on May 8, 1964, in California. Immediately after her birth, she was given up for adoption by her parents, and soon she was adopted by the popular actor Paul Gilbert along with her spouse Barbara Crane, who was also an actress as well as a dancer. In the future, the duo once again adopted a boy who made his appearance in the show- Little House On The Prairie.

    Melissa Gilbert Net Worth
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    However, the duo couldn’t last long together and had parted their ways when Melissa was 8. Subsequently, Barbara Crane tied the knot with Harold Abeles and the duo had a daughter in the future, Sara Abeles, many of you might remember her by her role in the popular sitcom show, The Big Bang Theory as Leslie Winkle.


    Melissa Gilbert net worth was going to make a huge fortune due to her fabulous acting skills. Melissa found her way into acting at a very small age, as cited before. She was around 5 when she made her debut. The young actress used to go to school along with Leslie Landen. It was Landen who had informed Melissa that she had bagged a part in Little House On The Prairie to act as Laura Ingalls.

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    Melissa had outwitted more than 500 candidates to achieve this role in the show and that’s how the journey of the Melissa Gilbert net worth commenced. Her bond with the Landen family became more strong after her father’s demise. However, this bond didn’t last long. And Melissa had very little contact with the family after the show Little House was terminated.

    Melissa Gilbert Net Worth
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    After that, the Melissa Gilbert net worth began increasing rapidly. Subsequently, the American actress, Melissa Gilbert had married Bruce Boxleitner and they had a son named Michael, to whom they named after Michael Landen. Melissa used to perform relentlessly and had performed in Choices of the Heart. This movie rolled out in the year 1983 as well as in a few episodes of her spouse’s show Babylon 5.

    The actress has also had her voice in the animated series Batman. The actress had also received the Hollywood walk of fame for her accomplishments. Melissa also appeared in the fourth installment of Nip/Tuck that came out in 2006. This had assisted a lot in adding to Melissa Gilbert net worth.

    Later on, she even acted as “Ma” in the Little House of Prairie. This astounding show was overseen by Francesca Zambello and it even encompassed Kara Lindsay. Kara Lindsay played the role of Laura. Subsequently, she started to play Off-Off-Broadway, a play named My Brilliant divorce.

    Other Escapades

    Melissa didn’t stop here and got opted for president of Screen Actors Guild in the year 2001 and went on to expand the Melissa Gilbert net worth. She achieved this part by outplaying Valerie Harper, as she was an opponent for the role. Moreover, Melissa got another run for the same post as she outnumbered Kent McCord in the number of votes.

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    Melissa Gilbert Net Worth
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    Later on, she was superseded by Alan Rosenberg in the year 2009. By this time, Melissa Gilbert net worth was very high, as she accomplished so much. Melissa even stood up for Michigan’s election in 20, as she proclaimed her crusade. However, later on, she opted out of the election saying that she had health issues.

    Personal life

    The American actress, Melissa Gilbert was in a relationship with an American producer, director as well as an actor Robert Lowe. However, the relationship didn’t last long, and the couple parted ways. Soon after their separation, the actress tied her knots with an American writer Bo Brinkman after being set up. The couple had a son together before they got divorced in 1992.

    Melissa Gilbert Net Worth

    Later on, she got into a relationship with her teenage crush Bruce Boxleitner. The duo had worked together when she was young. Their relationship went ON and OFF twice and the very next time, they agreed to marry each other. The couple had a kid together who was named after Michael Landen, as said earlier. Their marriage also ended up in a divorce as the actress filed a divorce in the year 2011.

    Later on, it was confirmed that Melissa Gilbert is all set to tie the knot with Timothy Busfield. They got married in the year 2013.

    Legal Issue

    The American actress, Melissa Gilbert was charged with Tax cheat by a person, who was in her opponent’s campaign during the election. She owed money to the federal taxes as well as some to the California State taxes. To which she stated that she had reconciled the reimbursement plan.

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    Melissa Gilbert net worth

    We all are eager to know Melissa Gilbert net worth, right? She has achieved so much throughout her career in acting. Started at such a young age and she has come a long way now. Melissa Gilbert net worth is $500,000 as of now and she will go on to achieve more heights because she is just so full of potential.

    Melissa Gilbert Net Worth

    She had to face a financial crisis when she got a divorce and she didn’t have much work then as acting and many other industries were going through a recession at that time, she stated after she was charged with tax cheating.

    Cessation | Melissa Gilbert net worth

    So, that was all about the talented American actress. The Melissa Gilbert net worth is more than $500,000 and it is just going to increase more. Currently, the actress, Melissa Gilbert is married to Timothy Busfield and was residing in Michigan until 2018, before shifting to New York in the second half of 2018.

    Hope that I’ve covered all the information regarding the actress and that nothing has been missed. If you find anything wrong or think I have missed something do leave a comment and let us know about the same. We’ll try to correct the mistakes as soon as possible.



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