20 Incredible Black Dog Breeds You Should be looking For!

    Black Dog Breeds- Which One Will You Bring Home?

    We are extremely fond of dogs, and black dog breeds have a particular corner reserved for them in our hearts. Some black dog breeds appear sophisticated and regal, while some seem mysterious. Such variation is one reason why we genuinely desire a black breed dog. No matter what the coat color is, dogs have varying personalities. With their sweet characters and sleek coats, these dogs deserve all the attention and love.

    If you are thinking of getting a black dog from the pet shop or adopting one from the shelter, but you are unsure which one to go for, here are some black breed dogs you will fall in love with. Although you might have a hard time choosing any one of these dogs, go for it.

    Black Dog Breeds- Overview

    Picking a dog companion by breed is quite common. But it is also becoming trendy to choose a dog by its color. Black dog breeds are seen to be making a revival for several reasons. Some people love the way a particular color resembles, and for some people, it might simply match their apparel, furniture or carpet, to hide shedding. So when a person prefers to get dogs based on black coats, there are primary reasons behind it.

    Some black dog breeds can represent an example of aggressiveness and dominance. The coat color is also frequently observed as a sign of mystery and magic.

    Black dog breeds have long been viewed as guides, guardians, and loyal companions in several mythologies. This might be a reason why they are such a wide choice with families now. To make it simpler for you to obtain your ideal black puppy, below is a list of dogs you can look at.

    Also, it is worth saying that not all of the breeds given here are not entirely black. Some species are “mostly black” with a little bit of tan.

    Black dog breeds

    1. Pug

    black dog breeds
    The Happy Puppy Site

    You might have thought of a pug when searching for black dog breeds. The Pug is a tiny active dog, having a coat that may be all black. Black Pugs appear to be a tad bit more unusual, so you may want to expect to consume lots of time and a premium amount on your black Pug puppy. Pug is an antique dog breed that was first introduced in breeders reproduced these dogs to become enlightened dogs of royalty.

    The Pug breed is cheerful and loving. They are ideal family companions and were bred primarily for company. They are also known as a flat-faced breed. Due to that, you will want to watch for potential health problems due to the flat faces while they age. They are not an excellent fit for people residing in hot climates. Pugs have more hair per square inch than other dog breeds on the list. There is a high probability you will have to maintain the black hair, but a long-haired breed will require more maintenance and grooming.

    2. Great Dane

    black dog breeds
    AKC- Great Dane is looking back over his shoulder outdoors at the park in the fall.

    The Great Dane is suitably named as per its appearance, weighing in at least 180 pounds and reaching up to 30 inches in height at its shoulder. The Dane is known to be among the giant dog breed in the world! This breed is generally quiet and even-tempered. They are friendly family pets, get along really well with kids, and more pets too.

    Great Dane has tiny, easy-to-maintain hairs, and they are present in lots of contrasting colors, including the one you are looking for. Usually, black Great Danes will hold some appearance of white striping around their chest. One point to record if you choose to get a Great Dane is that these dogs have a life period of only seven years. They are usually mentioned as “heartbreak dogs” due to their lifespan as they do not live quite as long as different breeds.

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    3. Dachshund

    black dog breeds

    The Dachshund dog is a German hound that is among the most popular dog breeds on the globe. As among other species in this list, they are not entirely black. But, in most cases, the tan markings on their body can appear so dark that it yields the appearance of a full-black coat.

    Dachshunds usually are shorter in size and typically have smaller fur. They can have long hair based on their genes, but this is more unusual. Dachshunds do shed coats but are comparatively easy to clean up later. Their longer figures make them slightly obvious when distinguishing them from other breeds.

    4. Jagdterrier

    black dog breeds
    Dog Breed List

    The Jagdterrier dog comes from Germany, where it is known for hunting abilities. These were used initially as flushing dogs that work underground. Notwithstanding their small size, Jagdterrier is a lively, independent dog that requires lots of mental stimulation and physical exercise to keep them satisfied. Like other pups within the group, these dogs are not fitting for homes having children or cats, and they can be tricky and stubborn to train.

    The Jagdterrier may have a rough coat or smooth coat that is ordinarily tan and black. The tan stripes are onto the dog’s legs, chest, muzzle, eyebrows, and at the bottom of their tail. The feisty tan and black pup may also have tiny white impressions on his chest and toes.

    5. Belgian Sheepdog

    black dog breeds
    The Spruce Pets

    Alert, watchful and intelligent, the pretty Belgian Sheepdog is also identified as the Groenendael after Brussels. Among the four associated Belgian sheepherding dogs (the others comprise the Belgian Tervuren, the Belgian Laekenois, and the Belgian Malinois), this Belgian Sheepdog is the one that entirely comes in deep black. These dogs are also known as “workaholics,” They are highly trainable and packed with energy. The shining black coat is effortless to care for, needing weekly brushing once a week and monthly bath.

    6. Black Russian terrier

    black dog breeds

    The famous black Russian terrier appears like an enormous schnauzer with the same body outline and a long beard with whiskers. This dog is only present in black color and is called a “blackie” for short affectionately. The schnauzer breed is used (with others) to form the black Russian terrier. If you stand these two dogs side by side, the large black Russian terrier is twice as much the size of the enormous schnauzer. This dog needs an expert keeper used to teach solid and strong-willed puppies. The rough double coat needs twice-weekly brushing with proper clipping.

    7. Curly coated retriever

    black dog breeds
    dog breed list

    The Curly-Coated Retriever is a relevant breed to the Flat-Coated Retriever; besides, he owns a curly coat. These canines are excellent swimmers and are among the most reliable gun dogs that you will find.

    This dog’s curly black fur is water-resistant to help them keep heated and insulated against cold when recovering shot birds in the hunting field from icy lakes. The coat is ideally accustomed to shielding the dog from harm by brambles or thorns.

    You will want to groom the dog once in a week or so, and it is worth remarking that female Curly-Coated dogs shed their coats thoroughly once a year. Like another retriever, the Curly dog is loving and sweet, although they will be slightly independent and stubborn, making training troublesome and challenging.

    8. Border collie

    animal, border collie, dog
    Photo by OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay

    Border Collies are often considered canines with black and white fur. But it is pretty likely to have a highly limited quantity of white, granting them the look of having an entirely-black coat. Border Collie dogs are medium-sized dogs having lots of energy. They are pretty popular as both family companions and herding dogs.

    Due to their energy levels, these Border Collies are ideally not suggested dogs for anyone keeping a dog for the first time. They are among the most intelligent dog breeds globally and will provide newer dog buyers fits when they tire them out and get them to hear.

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    9. Croatian Sheepdog

    black dog breeds
    American Kennel Club

    The Croatian Sheepdog is one more ancient breed specified in certain manuscripts recorded in 1374 by the priest of Djakovo. Similar to other sheepdog breeds, the Croatian Sheepdog is highly sensible, powerful, and super-quick.

    This is not the ideal dog breed to pick if you do not enjoy working out! That being said, these dogs are highly loyal to the owners and will be fantastic working dogs if that is what you are searching for in a new dog. They have excellent black coats and do need regular grooming and sustaining to keep them seemingly healthy.

    10. Swedish Lapphund

    black dog breeds
    Vet Street

    The bright, playful Swedish Lapphund comes from Sweden, one of three Lapphund dog breeds obtained from the canine Sámi people-handled people.

    This Swedish Lapphund appears like a spitz-type dog having a thick, fluffy black coat and a foxy, sweet face. These exciting, fun-loving canines make beautiful companions that grow when they are permitted to be the core of your family’s attention. If you love outdoorsy exercises, these dogs will become your ideal tracking companions too.

    For exercising, your dog is needed. You will also want to take part in their grooming. These dogs possess a thick, downy coat that requires brushing two times a week to maintain tangle-free.

    11. Newfoundland

    newfoundland dog, dog, pet
    Photo by u_ckzzrkur on Pixabay

    The Newfoundland canine is the epitome of a delicate giant dog, height is as tall as 28 inches at its shoulder, and its weight is nearly 150 pounds. The dog is also well-known as a trained nanny dog, as it gets along well with kids and additional pets. It is a famous parent breed for several crossbreeds, and they are usually blessed with apparently endless resources of tolerance and mild, calm temperament.

    These faithful, reliable dogs are also known to make excellent watchdogs, defending their precious human family from visitors that come incredibly near. However, their thick and water-repellant coat does take brushing to help keep it tangle-free and mat! It is likely for this black-coated canine to extend the genes to another dog it’s combined with!

    12. Portuguese water dog

    black dog breeds
    Greenfield Water Dog

    If you wish to have a loving, confident, and cheerful dog as a family member, the Portuguese Water Dog may be just the perfect fit you are looking for.

    These canines were developed to serve anglers, so it is no astonishment to discover that they embrace the water! The dogs own a curly, black, water-repellant coat that could be clipped in a few different fashions. But if you prefer not to trim your dog, you will be gratified to note that they are average shedders.

    The race is brilliant and effortless to train. They cherish nothing more than going outside to hike with their family or having fun in a game at the nearest dog park, or a short journey to the lake.

    13. Australian kelpie

    dog, dog close up, dog beach
    Photo by mattycoulton on Pixabay

    The Australian kelpie is a hard-working dog that will entertain an active family or family that needs to keep a dog for herding or guarding job. This dog is brilliant, alert, and eager with apparently boundless enthusiasm. The kelpie is originally from Australia, where they are employed to herd sheep in the hot, harsh environmental condition of outback properties.

    Although these dogs are highly trainable, this dog is not ideal for first-time dog keepers. This dog usually settles more beneficial in an experienced house, where lots are going on to hold these workaholic hounds busy and happy.

    14. Scottish terrier

    scottish terrier, dog, scottie
    Photo by Henry_Bell on Pixabay

    The Scottie dog is bold, brave, and highly independent, a feature that will make these iconic small black dog breeds challenging to train. However, Scotties are passionately loyal dogs that will be proven to be loving family dogs and faithful partners. This only happens when they are socialized correctly from an early age.

    That being said, these dogs usually are happier in houses without other small pets and growing kids. These canines have deceptively dense, soft undercoats that need grooming every week to keep the coats wholesome and avoid matting and tangles.

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    15. Gordon setter

    dog, gordon setter, sitting
    Photo by Greg70 on Pixabay

    The Gordon Setters are talented black dog breeds that are among the members of the pointer group. These canines are appointed to guide and assist shooters by skillfully hunting down and cleaning birds.

    These are fearless and bold dogs, but they are very sweet-natured and helpful, making excellent family pets. The Gordon Setter requires plenty of workouts to keep them happy and satisfied. Also, they would be best suited to homes where the family loves a busy and outdoorsy lifestyle.

    16. Black German Shepherd

    black german shepherd, dog, portrait
    Photo by YamaBSM on Pixabay

    Most of you are familiar with the usual black or tan-colored German Shepherd, but these dogs also arrive in jet black. The jet black German Shepherd will fall either into the medium-hair or long-hair category of dogs as the German Shepherd should possess a medium-size or long-size coat.

    The Black German Shepherd is seen due to a recessive gene that affects the dog’s hair color. Gratitude to that genetic quirk, it is also likely for two natural-colored dogs to create a litter of pups with one or more black-colored dogs.

    German Shepherds are highly trainable, faithful, and family-oriented, sometimes to the point of becoming overprotective when it comes to strangers’ calls. You will want to have lots of time to kill for exercising these dogs, as these fall into a working breed category that needs lots of exercises to have them smiling.

    17. Hovawart

    dog, hovawart, black
    Photo by birgl on Pixabay

    The Hovawart is a firm working dog that is highly versatile. Whether it is discovering a role in securing, seek and rescuing, or as therapy dogs, they make their place. These are intelligent dogs that can take some time to grow, but they are brilliant cookies that are remarkably trainable.

    Hovawarts prefer to be a member of an energetic family with lots of time to work out with their dog. These impressive animals have single coats that only require brushing once a week to avoid getting tangled or matted.

    18. Bargamasco sheepdog

    dog, dog shetland sheepdog, shetland sheepdog tricolour
    Photo by JACLOU-DL on Pixabay

    The perfect family dog is the one that is adorable, friendly, and loyal, so, shockingly, the Bergamasco Sheepdog is not highly popular to date as a family pet. These occasionally-seen dogs are brilliant, which makes them simple to train, and they make excellent watchdogs.

    The Bergamasco dog’s double coat requires brushing twice a week to prevent it from tangling or matting, and you will need to learn how to shave the pet’s beard too. Black dog breeds do need excellent grooming.

    19. Mudi Dog

    black dog breeds

    The Mudi dog originates from Hungary, where these dogs were bred for their performance as herding dogs. The dog is thought to be a combination of the Pumi, Puli, and several other breeds of the German Spitz family. They are pretty; you will not likely see them too at the neighborhood dog park.

    Mudi black dog breeds are robust and highly flexible, making them the perfect working dog for you if you require a loyal helper for the field. That said, these beautiful dogs are pretty hard to come by, and it is considered that there are only several thousand of these dogs left.

    20. Puli Dog

    hungarian, puli, puppy
    Photo by arune3 on Pixabay

    The Puli dog is a true eyecatcher that is inevitable to turn heads anywhere you go! Puli is well-known for its dreadlocks, gaining him the name “the top dog.” The compact black coat flaps in twisted, thick cords that practically touch the ground.

    Notwithstanding their rather amusing appearance, the Puli is mighty and energetic and was formerly used for herding. Puli dogs are great family pets, as they are fun-loving, warm, and knowledgeable. These medium-sized dogs stand nearly 17 inches at the shoulder.

    Our Thoughts

    There are lovely black dog breeds, whether you choose a dog with a curly, long, flat, or short coat. But before making a firm choice on what type of dog to get, learn that every dog will require time spent on their grooming to keep their black coats both healthy and shiny.

    Usually, the more generous the dog you own, the more time you will require to pay to groom them. You will also need more place at home, or you will likely see their fur more often around the house. Keep that in memory before taking responsibility for one of these stunning black-coated canines.

    These were some great black dog breeds you can choose from!


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