Innie and Outie Vagina: 5 Facts You didn’t Know

    Do You Know About innie and outie vagina: Learn the Details Here

    Although our genitalia is a natural part of our body like head, hair, arms, etc., the undue taboos and inhibitions have complicated things. Since the famous Tik Tok star Gabriela explained the anatomy of a vagina in one of her videos, it’s been a matter of mainstream discussion.

    She prominently describes how innie and outie vagina play significant roles in structuring the female genitalia. She also firmly expressed her stand against body shaming. As we all have different body shapes, our vaginas are also not the same. And it is completely perfect to have different shapes of it. There is no need to feel ashamed of it.

    inie and outie vagina
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    Gabriela’s video has motivated many teenagers to speak up about how they felt guilty about having vaginas of so-called abnormal shapes. Medical boards have also supported Gabriela for speaking up in such a sensitive issue of innie and outie vagina. Now, the question is, what is this innie and outie vagina? Let’s know about them.

    What are Innie and Outie Vagina: A Quick Study on Female Genitalia

    Referring to the terms – innie and outie vagina means pointing out at the external parts of genitalia. Vagina remains inside the body, and these are terms to describe labia. However, these are no medical terms. Often, people colloquially refer to the labia of female genitalia in this way.

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    While talking about genital anatomy, doctors always say that all genitals are unique and it is normal. If we want to learn what innie and outie vagina are, we must get into a detailed study of female genital parts.

    innie and outie vagina

    First of all, as we said before, these terms are more associated with labia than the real vagina. Basically, we have several parts inside our vagina. The outer folds are known as labia major, and the inner folds are known as labia minora. Together, these folds shield the openings of the urethra and vagina from any unwanted substances and infections.

    Now, the outie vagina is a condition in which the labia minora protrudes through the labia majora. And innie vagina refers to the opposite condition. Let us tell you that, as per medical specialists, both are normal structures. Regardless of which one you have, you do not need to worry.

    Inie and Outie Vagina or Vulva?

    Whenever we refer to these two terms like “innie Vagina” and “outie vagina,” we actually refer to the vulva in front of the vagina. Many people yet do not get the difference between the vagina and vulva. Therefore, misconceptions are developed. The vagina stays inside while the vulva stays outside of it. So, it is better if we correct the terms as ‘inie vulva’ and ‘outie vulva.’

    According to a study done in 2017, nearly 56% of women have an outie vulva or a vulva where the labia minora is visible from the outside.

    innie and outie vagina

    Well, if it would have been an actual outie vagina, it would have been a genuine medical emergency. Think about your respiratory canal or food duct hanging outside! The outie vagina, in a real sense, would look like this.

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    Inie and Outie Vagina: The Variations

    Both the vagina and vulva are of different kinds. Even if you take two innie vaginas (more accurately vulva) or two outie vaginas (more accurately vulva), you will find differences regarding shape, color, and pattern. Those with outie vulvas experience more variations. Some have curved outie vulva with the Minnie vulva exposed in the middle. On the other hand, some have inner parts longer than the outie.

    In that case, you see the innie peeping out of the outie lips. In some cases, inner labia show up outside the outer lips hanging loosely at the bottom. So, in this way, each vulva and each vagina are different from each other.

    Now, coming to the variations of innie vagina or, more appropriately innie vulva. Well, as per medical experts, less than 44 % of women have innie vulva. So, it is rare to see an innie in real life. This is the type of vulva you can see in mainstream adult movies. Although it is rare to find, no two innies are the same. While some have small outies that cover the innie completely, some have bigger outer parts that hang outside, sometimes out of their inner garments.

    innie and outie vagina

    Innie and Outie Vagina: Advertisement, Fantasy, and Reality

    So, these are the types of innie and outie vagina. Often, we see women taking stress or feeling disappointed about the shape of their vaginas. No matter how many times we utter the theories of self-love when disappointment comes, nothing works. The unreal commercial advertisement and the fantasy about private parts often lead to utter disappointment. So, here, let us share some real-time ways to cope up with the thriving depression.

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    Talking to a therapist is one of the best ways to cope up with the situation. They can guide you with the right knowledge. Have a counselling session with them and start loving your bodies again! Also, you can gain some knowledge about the shapes and patterns of other people’s vulvas with the help of the images in medical journals or other authentic resources. It will help you to understand that every vagina and vulva are unique. And it is completely fine to have innie and outie vagina.

    If your labia is way too uncomfortable, you can think of undergoing labiaplasty. It is a surgery that helps to alter the inner labia length. This process is applicable only when you feel pain and discomfort due to the unusual length and size of the labia. There are risks of scarring and other troubles in this process. So, do not go for it until it is unavoidable to opt for.

    Innie and Outie Vagina: 5 Quick Facts You Should Not Miss

    1. You can fart through your vagina. However, it is odourless, unlike the gas expelled from the rectum.
    2. The first few inches of the vagina are the most sensitive when it comes to receiving pleasure.
    3. Interestingly, the PH balance of the vagina is 4, similar to the amount present in tomatoes and beer.
    4. Having a baby does not mean stretching out your vaginas. So, the size remains the same even after giving natural birth.
    5. Vaginas clean themselves naturally. You do not need to apply extra ointment, lotion, or wash materials.
    innie and outie vagina
    Metro- Tik-Tok Video about Inie and Outie Vagina

    The Bottom Line

    Hence, it is now clear that innie and outie vagina or vulva is completely normal phenomena. We have shared the details regarding it. We hope it will help to enrich your knowledge. By the way, do you get cramps after sex? If yes, do not worry. It may not be for your vaginal shape. Click here to learn the actual reasons behind the cramps.


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