Allosexual- Do You Identify As One? Best Information To Find Out More!

    Allosexual- Find Out Everything!

    When you are exploring your sexuality, you may hear about several terms like allosexual, polysexual, heteroflexible, homosexual, bisexual, and some other newly introduced terms.

    People who fall under the category allosexual are those people that encounter sexual attraction of any kind. It is also sometimes referred to as zedsexual.

    Such people might recognize as lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, or of different sexual orientation.

    That’s because the term give here doesn’t specify the gender you’re drawn to, but rather the truth that you’re sexually drawn to someone at all.

    Since sexuality is such a broad spectrum, it is not surprising to have many sexualities coming under one more extensive or umbrella-like term. In this case, we’re addressing being allosexual, what it anticipates to identify as an allosexual, the desires within the sexuality, and some other things you need to know.

    What does the term “allosexual” means?

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    Multi-certifies relationship and sex educator Anne Hodder-Shipp describes this term to be someone who feels either feels or has earlier felt sexual attraction.

    The term “Allo” used here describes others. For example, a person could be recognized as a pansexual or an allosexual lesbian.

    Allosexuality is a reasonably new term, which suggests not everyone will instantly recognize it or its meaning, and this frequently leads to misinterpretations of the term. Hodder-Shipp reveals one of the main misunderstandings linked to allosexual people is that the word itself is useless because of “the inaccurate and harmful presumption that all people encounter consistent sexual attraction and desire, and because it’s the pattern, it doesn’t require any labels or tags”.

    Simply put, allosexual is the reverse of asexual, and the title was created pretty deliberately—if there’s literature to represent a person who experiences little to no temptation and sexual attraction, then there also must be literature to describe an individual who consistently does feel more sexual attraction.

    What does the term “allosexual” have to with sexuality?

    Allosexuality is the reverse of asexuality. An asexual personality experiences limited to no sexual temptation at all.

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    Many people consider gray sexuality as the “halfway mark” connecting asexuality to allosexuality.

    Graysexual, individuals feel sexual attraction seldom, but not often, or not quite intensely.

    Difference Between Allosexual Vs Asexual Person

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    As already given above, the allosexual term is quite the opposite of the Asexual term. Both the terms are however used to describe people on the spectrum of sexual desires.

    According to specialists, an asexual person encounters little or no sexual passion or attraction toward people. Although the asexual spectrum does incorporate exceptions, an ace-spectrum individual will be more restricted in their attraction, or it will be totally absent for them. whereas, an allosexual individual does sense attraction and usually the interest to work on it.

    Rather than this case of sexual desires merely being conceived of as normal, the term allosexual gives it a title and describes it as one of the distinctive ways to associate with sexuality. It puts desire (and the role of asexuality) in an unconventional way and many ways more evenhanded context this way.

    How is allosexual form related to other sexual identities?

    The word allosexual is determined by feeling sexual attraction, but it does not define any gender associated with it. This is where a person’s sexual orientation expressions come into play. A Person who falls under the category of being allosexual can also recognize as nonbinary, cisgender, transgender, or any of the other gender identifications given, as well as straight, bisexual, gay, and any of the other forms of sexualities.

    Some kinds of sexuality types do not particularize any gender. You could tell that pansexual doesn’t, and there are also names like sapiosexuality (being driven to brainy people) but of course, a person could be a bisexual sapiosexual, hetero sapiosexual, etc.

    Here are few signs to look at for identifying yourself as allosexual:

    1. You may be attracted to some people.
    2. You only experience sexual desire for some people.
    3. You like sex with other people.
    4. You fantasize about having sex with other people.
    5. You would want a romantic relationship with sex included.


    Allonormativity is a name that refers to the sense that all souls are allosexual which means, that all people undergo sexual attraction of some kind.

    A few examples of allonormativity involve believing that everybody:

    • has crushes that they feel attracted to sexually.
    • has sex at some time in their lives
    • wants sex

    However, none of the assumptions given here are completely true.

    Origin of the term “allosexual”

    As per the LGBTQ wiki, an original word that described allosexual people is simply “sexual”. However, around the year 2011, people started campaigning against the usage of the term “sexual” to represent people who are not asexual.

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    Differences Between Allosexual and Sexual

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    People who contested against the use of the term “sexual” to represent people who were not asexual had the following reasons:

    • Conflating sexual movement with sexual adjustment. “Sexual” term could infer that a person is sexually energetic and active. However, falling under the category of allosexual and being active sexually are two distinctive things. Some allosexual individuals don’t have sex, while some asexual people do have sex. The tag should regard your orientation and not your behavior.
    • Discomfort. designating someone as “sexual” could infer that you regard them as a sex object or sexualize them. This can be troublesome and uncomfortable for people who have gone through sexual assault, people who are deliberately chaste, and some people who are conventional as hypersexual by the community.
    • Confusion. The terms “sexual” and “sexuality” already refers to something else, and this can be complicated. For example, when we discuss allosexuality, we would have to use the term “sexuality,” a word generally used to mean something associated, but different.

    That being said, some people still use the term sexual to refer to “allosexuals”.

    Is there any romantic counterpart to this term?

    Yes! Alloromantic people are the reverse of aromantic people.

    Alloromantic people feel romantic tendency, whereas aromantic people feel little to no romantic inclination.

    What happens if you no longer identify as allosexual?

    That’s completely fine! Many people perceive that their sexual orientation changes over time.

    You might recognize yourself as allosexual momentarily and asexual or graysexual afterward. Likewise, you ought to have identified as asexual or graysexual previously, and now you sense that you’re allosexual.

    This does not mean you’re incorrect, or confused, or shattered from within — it’s a common feeling that many people have.

    In fact, a study from 2015 Asexual Census revealed that over 80 percent of asexual people identified as some other orientation before being classified as asexual.

    Other Related terms

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    There are some related terms to allosexuals that you may have heard before or might hear in the future. Here’s all you need to know.


    Someone who classifies as demisexual typically requires to sense a strong sentimental connection to a person before they form their sexual feelings toward that individual. Researchers say that “demisexuality is commonly considered to be component of the asexual rainbow or spectrum, but you could reasonably consider it a choice within allosexuality too since it does signify a form of feeling sexual attraction, just not in a quantitative or commonly felt way”.

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    Pansexuality is determined by experiencing sexual inclination or desire for a person despite their gender or identity. Because of this, pansexuals would also be recognized as allosexuals and fall below the same umbrella.


    Graysexuals feel an attraction rarely or more infrequently than not, and/or their impressions of attraction could be slender. It does not fall on the ace spectrum,” Queen explains that “similar to demisexuality, it isn’t a total lack of sexual benefit or attraction, but it is also not a posit temptation as the norm or ‘default setting,’ more like anotherway around.”


    We know what sexism implies, but do you know what does allosexism mean? As per Hodder-Shipp, allosexism is rooted in the wrong presumption that all characters experience certain sexual attraction, and if they do not, they must. Allosexism shows up nearly everywhere in Western culture and influences us in both micro and macro forms, including erasing and nullifying asexuality.


    There’s a distinction between sexual inclination and romantic inclination. Sexual attraction addresses who you desire to have sex with, while passionate and romantic attraction addresses who you desire romantic relationships with or sense emotional connections with. That being said, “Alloromantic” means a person who is interested in romantic connections, and, likely, it would also include sexual attraction or a sexual relationship.

    But since one’s passionate or romantic orientation is not somewhat similar to their sexual orientation, alloromantic will not represent all allosexuals (some allosexuals are not affected by romance, just combining sexual matters to them). “It could also be regarded as the reverse of aromantic—not seeking/feeling romance. It’s also worth remarking or noting down that this implies to someone of either asexual or allosexual familiarization could be either alloromantic or aromantic.

    Allosexism contributes to an arrangement of misinformation and misinterpretation about how inclination and desire exhibit for people and help preserve harmful expectations for how our sentiments and bodies are assumed to show up and get together.

    The Bottom Line

    If you encounter sexual attraction or inclination in your life, you’re seemingly allosexual or fall under this allosexual umbrella. If you are still doubting or want to know more, consider going through the comprehensive list of sexualities to see if you distinguish them from other terms inside the spectrum.

    Some sources you can use to find out are:

    • Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) Wikipedia site, where you will be able to examine the definitions of distinctive words linking to sexuality and orientation
    • The LGBTA Wiki, related to the AVEN wiki given above.
    • Online forums are also there to browse like the AVEN forum and Asexuality subreddit
    • Facebook groups with other online conferences and forums for asexual people and graysexual people

    This was everything about allosexual people and how you can determine and find more on them.


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