How to view as on Facebook? – 2 Amazing Ways to Deal with It

    Owning a Facebook account has become a common privilege for everyone today. Users don’t have to think twice before opening a Facebook ID. The advancement in science has made life easier for everyone, with which the users can find different interests on Facebook itself. Many individuals have found their common source of income via social media platforms like Facebook. How to view as on Facebook should be the last thing in your head right now.

    Anything that you wish to explore can be found on Facebook, along with the different side jobs which make great money. On the other hand, Facebook also offers a gaming zone for teenagers out there who wish to interact with people while having fun at the same time. In this situation where your profile defines you as a person, it is essential to make sure that people know the best of you.

    An individual has to take care of many factors while preparing their Facebook account. Similarly, one would want to see what other people feel like when they visit their Facebook account. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, takes care of different aspects like this with every update on the social media platform. One such feature that deals with this problem are how to view Facebook. This feature enables them to view their profile like everyone else would see when they open their profile. However, there has been some slight change in the game as Facebook has updated the feature to view your profile as public and not on any particular individual’s behavior.

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    Another great reason to know about how to view Facebook is that the Facebook page reveals a lot about you as a personality. There is always a way out, like privatizing your account, but that would inherently block your reach and cut you out from social media. On the other hand, it makes it hard for people to find, but you can always change the privacy and maintain your position on social media.

    However, if you are looking forward to making your account public, you must consider the different aspects that define your account as an individual. Every loophole and every piece of information must be gone through properly. This is one of the significant reasons why knowing about how to view as on Facebook is essential for several individuals. In this article, you can find different ways to help you deal with the question How to view as on Facebook?

    How to View as on Facebook on Desktop?


    How to View on Facebook is an easy job to take care of. The process is simple and can be adapted by everyone having a Facebook account. However, it is essential to follow the steps properly without missing out on anyone.

    Update: How to View as on Facebook has been changed to “View as Public,” which is the same as the above. This feature allows you to stalk your page as any other general public would be able to see it.

    • To begin the process, users must visit their profile’s home page. One can do that by clicking on the down arrow on the top right corner of the screen. A drop-down will open where one can select See Your Profile.
    • Here, users must look for three horizontal dots, which open another drop-down menu to select from.
    • After clicking on the same, one can find the option for View As.
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    This is the ultimate step as it allows the user to view their profile on the screen as if any public would be able to.

    How to View as On Facebook on Mobile?

    How to view as on Facebook

    The process on how to view as on Facebook on mobile is pretty much the same as we have followed for the desktop version. However, there are some slight changes that one must adapt to understand the method correctly. With the steps mentioned below, checking up on how to view Facebook will be convenient for users as they already have the process in hand.

    • Visit the Facebook application on your device.
    • On the homepage, you can find a Menu on the bottom right side of your screen. Click on it.
    • This will direct you to a different section on the application, which allows you to click on See Your Profile.
    • Once you do so, it takes you to your profile, where you can look out for the Three Horizontal Dots and use the view As

    These two processes mentioned above will surely help you with the question of How to view Facebook. However, as a user, if you still face the issue, you can always mention it down in the comment section, and our team will reach out to you.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. Where can one find the view as on Facebook feature?

    After September 2018, Facebook banned the view as a feature on Facebook. Using the access tokens, many hackers were finding their way into others’ profiles. This decision was taken to avoid this loophole and avoid people getting access to others’ profiles. However, users can still see what it feels like to be viewed in ‘public’ using the steps mentioned above.

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    Q2. What does the view as on Facebook feature help with?

    The view as on Facebook feature enables users to explore their profile as if they were a visitor to the same. Imagine walking in your own house without the ownership tag. This change is enabled with the help of view as on Facebook option. On the other hand, this feature also gives an idea of what it would look like when you visit your profile as a visitor.

    Q3. Describe the steps on how to view as on Facebook in brief.

    How to view as on Facebook follows a straightforward process. However, if the steps are not clear to you yet, using a video will help you get through the situation. You can follow this YouTube video and get a catch on the same. It seems like you might also need help with canceling the Apple Arcade subscription. Well, we got a solution for this as well.


    How to view as on Facebook is a question that has been asked worldwide. People everywhere are worried about how they look when someone else visits their profile. However, as stressful as this sounds, it must be the last thing for a user. Even though influencers and celebrities have to maintain their profile correctly, it is not the duty of an ordinary man to indulge in these activities if he is not interested.


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