How To Unmatch On Tinder – The Best Guide To Use The Application

    Why is it necessary to unmatch on Tinder? Is it possible to unmatch anyone whom you just matched on Tinder? What to do when you feel uncomfortable with anyone on Tinder? There can be a lot of questions regarding the issue of how to unmatch on Tinder? First of all, in the era of technological advancement, we have been encountered lots of different digital networking sites, where making friends and going on dates have been easier. People are using Tinder to match with someone they love, someone they have a crush on, and someone they love. Thus, it’s not just a communication site, but a match making site that has helped many people to overcome loneliness.

    We have all heard about the application ‘Tinder’ through friends, family, relatives, colleagues, and advertisements. We all have heard someone to go on a nice date whom they have met on Tinder. As the saying goes, matches are made in heaven, but with the help of technology, we are able to make the matches all by ourselves. Gone are the days, when people forcefully liked someone and made their whole life dedicated to them. Now, people are able to choose their life partners as they think fit. These are all thanks to the technological development that the world is facing right now. Without this, we would never be able to make the life of our dream.

    In this article, we will discuss about how to unmatch on Tinder. Before that, we need to figure out the basic motive of the application ‘Tinder’. Why has it been launched? How has it helped people? What are the advantages of this app? How people have accepted it over time? Let’s get started.

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    What is Tinder?

    “Swipe right, if you like!”. Swiping away the person you don’t like has never been this easier, to be true. Back then, we used to try hard to ignore people we did not like. But now, it’s just a “swipe” away. Coming to the point, Tinder is a geosocial application that is used for meeting new people online with the help of geological networking. Before the invention of Tinder, people used to act as a bridge to connect someone from their friend circle or family. But, the Tinder application helps you to choose your date from a huge list of people around you. But, at times, it becomes very necessary to know the method of how to unmatch on Tinder, beforehand.

    Background of Tinder

    Many of us must have known this fact before, that the Tinder application was first launched on a college campus, back in the year 2012. The inventors of Tinder were the mastermind behind the idea of transforming imagination into reality. The world of imagination and the world of reality differ from each other. We can imagine a world full of positivity with no negative energy. But, in reality, this is not possible, as if there is positive energy, there ought to be the negative energy, too. Thanks to Sean Rad, because he has made it possible to make our imagination into reality.

    how to unmatch on tinder

    When it comes to the matter of how to unmatch on Tinder, the most important question arises is- what is the best part about the privacy and security policy of Tinder application? The Tinder application comes with encrypted privacy policies, but you need to “swipe right” on the topic of safety features of you and the Tinder. There are times, when you match with someone you don’t like or accidentally match with someone whom you thought, would be very nice, but come out to be worse. What will you do at that moment? It is very necessary for you to know how to unmatch on Tinder with some basic steps.

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    In order to know the steps of how to unmatch on Tinder is written below with simple steps to protect you from suspicious matches.

    While using the Tinder app on your iPhone or the android phone, you will notice that there is a message box below the profiles. You have to click on the chat box or the message icon. It will lead to the place where you will notice all the messages with the profiles so far. Now select the chat of the particular profile you want to unmatch. When you click on that profile, it will open the whole chat box with the person. In the extreme right corner of the chat box, you will notice a blue shield icon. This is the privacy icon, clicking which will lead you to different options like “unmatch only”. Now click on that tab and confirm the instruction. Hurray! You are done unmatching with the profile you want.

    how to unmatch on tinder

    How to unmatch on Tinder: The basic step: Know the various privacy disruption that the Tinder application does to you

    The increasing visibility on Facebook

    When you download and install the application Tinder on your smartphone, there is a page with different option to log in or sign up through different source, such as, the Facebook, mobile number or email ID. Many of us find it easier to sign up with the Facebook. But, it increases the possibilities of your privacy breach. When you sign up with the Facebook application, your Facebook friend list gets to know that you have been added to the Tinder group. And it also makes it easier for the fake IDs or the scammers to know all your information through Facebook. The best way to avoid such nuisance is to sign up with mobile number or email. This can also limit you from the issues of how to unmatch on Tinder.

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    Open network and location

    You might have seen that Tinder always shows the list of people those are around you or in your area. This means, this application requires your location to run smoothly.

    Monitoring of the activity

    The monitoring of activity is done by two ways. The Tinder application uses the HTTP protocols, which helps in locating which profile pictures you are looking at and secondly, the data which is stored while you swipe right and left is much vulnerable to hacking and are not third-party encrypted.

    how to unmatch on tinder


    Many of the times, we just randomly swipe right and left on Tinder. Basically, when you swipe right on a profile, it does not make you a match with that profile. The application will take time until that profile if swiping right on you too. Now this becomes a match. When it comes to a dating site, this is very obvious to get many scammers who intentionally swipe right on each and every profile they get. Thus, it becomes a must to know about how to unmatch on Tinder. The second most searched reason for how to unmatch on Tinder is that, after a certain time, you come to know about the actual motive of the other person. It may not suit you or you may not be comfortable with the other one. This is the reason why most of unmatches happen on this application.

    People using Tinder on a regular basis or occasionally may have difficulty in exploring several features and functions of the application. To use the application with ease, it is important to have detailed knowledge. This blog on How Does Tinder Work: An Ultimate Guide That You Need will surely be helpful.


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