Keith Richards Net Worth: Interesting Facts you didn’t Know about the English Musician

    All you Need to Know about Keith Richards Net Worth

    How passionate are you about your work? When you are dedicated enough to a sure thing, you eventually start introducing signature factors to it. That’s what happened with Keith Richards as well. This famous English musician, songwriter, the producer is so passionate about his career in music that even his way of playing the guitar becomes a trademark.

    Since he has been associated with The Rolling Stones, he has contributed so much to make it famous. His friendship with bosom friend Mick Jigger has brought new dimensions to the success of the band. Well, as Richard became one of the popular sensations of the 1960s and 70s, Keith Richards net worth has become one of the most-discussed topics for the last few decades.

    Currently, he owns a $500 million net worth. People are interested to know how much does he earn? How much asset has he accumulated? What is his payscale?

    keith Richards net worth
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    Let’s answer all of the questions here. We have come up with an article on Keith Richards net worth. Along with the different phases of his career and accumulated assets, we will shed light on other aspects of his life. So, let’s proceed.

    Keith Richards| Early Life before The Rolling Stone:

    Born on 18 December 1943 in Kent, England, Keith Richards was the only child of Doris Maud Lydia and Herbert William Richards. While William was a factory worker and Keith’s paternal grandparents were into the socialist movement, Keith grew passionate about music.

    His maternal grandfather Augustus Theodore “Gus” Dupree appreciated his love for music. He was famous for his jazz big band. With his band, he used to roam around the cities in Britain. As Richards said, later on, it was Dupree who gave Richard his first guitar.

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    Although Keith’s father did not acknowledge his passion for music, he continued learning every bit of music with the guidance of Dupree, his favorite grandpa. He has shared a fascinating story from his childhood. When his grandfather gave him the guitar, he hung it at a hook.

    Keith Richards net worth
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    It was far from the reach of little Keith. He said to little Keith that if he somehow reached to the guitar, it was all him. Little Keith tried his level best and finally arrived at the guitar. Later on, he learned the tune of “Malagueña.” He kept the guitar with him as his grandfather promised. Despite his father’s discontentment, he pursued his musical passion.

    Richards Keith git his early schooling at Wentworth Primary School. Mick Jagger, his band partner in later days, was his friend at school. Also, they were neighbors. When both of their families moved in 1954, Richards started his schooling at Dartford Technical High School. After studying there from 1955 to 1959, he was expelled from school as he was accused of truancy.

    Then, he was transferred to Sidcup Art College. However, it turned out to be a significant turning point in his musical journey. He met Dick Taylor, who later contributed to The Rolling Stones. During this time, Richards focused more on music and learned the guitar with more attention.

    Keith Richards Career| The Rolling Stones and More:

    After spending a long time learning guitar and exploring diverse ways to pursue a musical career, Keith met Jagger, his school friend, once again on a train. He renewed their friendship sharing the good-old memories and current status. Dick Taylor turned out to be a mutual friend of theirs.

    Also, Richards came to know that Jaggers was singing for a new brand. He joined there too later on. With the band Little Boy Blue and Blue Boys, Richards’ musical career started to shape. Gradually The Rolling Stones was formed after many struggles and hardships.

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    Keith Richards net worth
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    When the band signed to Decca Records, a British record label run by Edward Lewis, in 1963, Keith Richards got his fame as Keith Richard. The fact was that the manager, Andrew Loog Oldham omitted the ‘s’ from his name. As per his opinion, it looks more attractive. However, Keith started re-using the ‘s’ after a while.

    He was proficient in playing both the lead and rhythm guitar parts in a single song. The band got its popularity for the unique symphony of guitar interplay between him and other guitarists called Brian Jones, Ronnie Wood, Mick Taylor, and so on. Songs like Paint it Black, Ruby Tuesday, Sympathy for the Devil, etc., became popular as significant masterpieces from The Rolling Stone. It contributed much in accumulating Keith Richards net worth.

    Later on, in the absence of Brian Jones, Richards, and his childhood friend, Jagger started writing and producing songs for the band. He gradually became an indispensable part of the band. The experts within the bands have widely acclaimed his major contributions to the band. According to them, The Rolling Stones is nothing without Richards.

    Keith Richards net worth
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    Thus, with the natural, spontaneous tune of guitar and dedicated workflow, Keith Richards became famous. Keith Richards net worth becomes a matter of discussion among music lovers. The more success he achieved, the more wealth came to him.

    However, according to Richards, the acoustic guitar helped him to tune his songs more perfectly. he was not very much fond of electric guitar. He preferred to use acoustic guitar, whether it was ‘Play with Fire’ or ‘Angie.’ ExceptJagger, he was the only member of the band who played lead vocal roles in concerts.

    He has performed in ‘Happy,’ ‘Connection,’ ‘You Got the Silver,’ and so on. Also, he has performed in backing vocals on all of The Rolling Stones albums.

    The songwriting and producing partnership of Richards and Jagger went well. ‘The Last Time’ was the first hit that they produced for The Rolling Stones. After that, they prepared many of their songs together. Richards has tried his hands on solo performance as well.

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    Richards’ career as a music producer started during the years of 1960s. He worked as a music producer for the 1967 album ‘Their Satanic Majesties’ from The Rolling Stones. Later on, he with Jagger produced many other songs together. Alongside this, Richards also worked with many other popular bands.

    Keith Richards net worth
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    Thus, Keith Richards net worth was accumulated. Also, his investments in real estate and other properties contributed much to the widely-discussed Keith Richards net worth.

    Let’s know about his wealth more.

    Keith Richards Net Worth| His Assets:

    With the assistance and keen supervision of Richards, The Rolling Stones has sold millions of songs till now. However, The Rolling stones and Richards’ performances as a songwriter, singer, music producer are not the only factors for Keith Richards net worth. He has invested in real estate as well.

    He has several properties. One of them is in Redlands, which is a Sussex property he bought at 313,000 pounds. Also, he has homes in Weston, Connecticut, Caicos Islands, and so on. Being passionate about guitar, he has a collection of nearly 3000 guitars.

    Keith Richards and His Personal Life:

    Before pulling the curtain down, let’s have some idea about what happens in his personal life. Like Keith Richards net worth, you probably are interested to know about his personal life as well.

    Keith and Anita Pallenberg, a renowned actress, got hooked up and had two children. Later on, Richard got married to Patti Hansen in 1983. The couple had two daughters.

    Along with his fame as a musician, there are controversies in his life. He was accused of an illicit drug affair. As per the report, he has been tried several times for cases related to drugs.

    Keith Richards net worth
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