How to Turn on Airdrop on Mac? [4 Easy Methods]

    How to turn on Airdrop on MacEver since its debut which took place in 2011, Airdrop made its way to the market. Almost a decade back it proved to be a significant addition to the Apple ecosystem. Although it fell umpteenth times behind many competing services it still managed to keep the grip.

    The criticism which took place back then is no more of assurance. In the past few years, it progressed to an extent that AirDrop has become faster to load, and it can also recognise the devices faster than previously.

    Here are some of the ways which will help you in better functioning of this AirDrop through some usage of apps which would the process of transferring the file easier.

    Airdrop – What is it? and How does it Work?

    AirDrop has a very simple yet valuable function to transfer files, working over WiFi and Bluetooth. Though you won’t be able to send files either since this would make your file undiscoverable by others.

    You can choose a file from different sources be it in your contact list too. AirDrop on mac got ushered in the new era of OS X Yosemite.

    Before this older version of OS X, now regarded as Mac OS were not interoperable. This made the process of transferring the files even more time consuming and difficult. But now these two systems are tied together it bears no such issues.

    When you want to share a file using Airdrop you just have to click right on a file or folder according to your preference and then choose Airdrop from the share sheet. A uniform list of devices that are available to share will appear.

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    How to turn on Airdrop on Mac?

    Airdrop does not work - How to send files via iPhone anywayAlthough it’s pretty easy to use it may not lead to activation on your phone easily. Since it deals with an easy allowance of sending the files to anyone from Mac, iPhone, or iPad which can have a risk of security.

    You don’t consist an option to refuse the file which may even have malware in it. So it would end up ruining your device.

    You also get an alert if someone shares files with you using Airdrop. You have an option either to accept or decline that.

    How to turn on Airdrop on Mac using iPhone

    It is pretty much predictable that you would have an Airdrop experience using an iOS or iPadOS device, so it’s quite mandatory to know how to activate AirDrop on your iPhone or iPad as well.

    How to instantly share files with AirDrop for iPhone or iPad | iMore

    Here are some of the steps which you can access:-

    Method – 1:

    1. Swipe the right-hand corner of your phone and go to the setting app.
    2. Among the many options, tap on ‘General’ and click select.
    3. After a second the option to select ‘Airdrop’ would flash, tap on that.
    4. Chose the discoverability option which fits best into your preference and suits you the most.

    How to turn on Airdrop on Mac using iPad

    iOS 9: share files wirelessly on iPad using AirDrop - TapSmart

    Method – 2:

    1. From the right-hand corner, click and open the ‘Settings’ app.
    2. Tap and select the ‘General’ among many other options available to you.
    3. After a second or two, you would be able to select the ‘Airdrop’ option, tap on that.
    4. Chose the discoverability option according to your desire and suitability.

    For all the Apple which have been transformed into iPad, as soon as it spins iPadOS into its original platform, the settings of it keep unchanged for a longer time.

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    How to turn on Airdrop on Mac using Mac?

    how to turn on Airdrop on Mac

    Method – 3

    By following these steps you would have no issues while turning on the Airdrop by Mac. Even though it is a really simple and most accessible sharing option still Apple doesn’t surface quite well on the Mac.

    The following steps would help you inactivation of Airdrop:-

    1. Open mac you would find an app named ‘Finder’ tap and click on that.
    2. Slide down in your favourites section you would find an option to select ‘Airdrop’ on the left side of the window.
    3. Choose the most suitable discoverability option at the bottom of the window.
    4. Be very precautious since selecting ‘Everyone’ from the list would give access to any Apple device from your vicinity.
    5. Be utterly careful while accepting the files and sharing the files.

    As activating and using Airdrop is different from any other device, the transfer of sending files is unique too.

    How to Transfer files from Mac to iPhone?

    Method – 4:

    The process of sending files via AirDrop on iOS and iPadOS is a bit different way Here’s how it’s done:

    1. Among the various option of file, image, webpage or any other option choose the option you would like to share.
    2. An option called ‘share sheet’ would appear at the bottom of the screen. It is a box icon with an upward-facing arrow.
    3. Select ‘Airdrop’ from the available options.
    4. Whichever device you want to send the file would appear at the top row if the Airdrop is active then only you would be able to send files.

    Location of Airdrop Files on Mac, iPhone

    You can find Airdrop files on the download folder in Mac, the delivery is pretty much direct on Mac.

    In IOS devices the files get saved along with your photos, in the photos app. By forwarding a website from Mac to iPhone or iPad would open directly on the default browser. If you want to transfer files and document them you can directly locate them in the Files app.

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    If you consist of multiple cloud storage services, like Google Drive and iCloud, you can allow the save option via the popup menu.

    If you have your AirDrop set to “Contacts Only,” it will only have an option to accept AirDrop files from people in your contacts list only. It’s possible your device isn’t using an account listed under any contact.

    If your work phone was using a work email as its account – but that email isn’t listed in your contacts card in the Settings option– your Mac won’t be able to identify it as a contact. This can also be an issue with new devices.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1 How to access the discoverability of Mac using Airdrop?

    1. Go to the menu bar option in the finder app and then check the ‘Allow me to be discovered by’ setting which is in the airdrop window.
    2. All iPhone,iPad and mac have a similar setting.
    3. Choose the Apple menu from System preferences then click to access security and privacy.

    Q2 Why often my Airdrop gets locked in my Mac?

    Firstly get this assurance that there are no restrictions set on your Mac. To ease the process use screentime on your Mac support. And turn on the Do not disturb option on your mac. If either of these is on, try disabling the settings to test AirDrop once more and you would see it won’t get locked anymore.

    Q3 Is it possible to decline Airdrop?

    1. Open the settings option on your phone.
    2. Choose the ‘General’ option and tap to select airdrop.
    3. Change the transition setting from “Everyone” to “Contacts Only” or “Receiving off.


    The ability to quickly and easily send yourself a file while using Airdrop doesn’t look less than using a magic wand. It’s demanded and used all over the world by iPhone and Mac users. Since it’s an incredible way to send and receive files.

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    Although Apple’s iCloud has become more reliable since syncs functions slowly across devices. AirDrop is better across the board – but it’s not a perfect option. Since you may get caught up in a myriad of settings, duplicate files, and missing backups.


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