Want Know How To Save A Google Doc? 3 Easy Methods For You

    The Google-based word file is generally called a Google Doc. Without having a Google account, your viewers can check and edit your shared files. You can create a Google Doc on your computer and your smartphone as well through the mobile App. After gaining an idea on how to save a Google Doc, you can also work on the same as other people. The smartest way to share a Document with others is Google Doc only.

    Due to a number of benefits of Google Doc, most people around the world prefers to work on Google Doc instead of the office word Document. The Google Doc allows people to collaborate, track, export, auto saves their files from anywhere on this earth. You can easily work on online or offline mode as well. It uses to store a huge quantity of Documents without reserving any space in your system. Without any doubts, it provides you the most up-to-date version.

    The most noticeable advantage of Google Doc is the voice typing option. You can click on toggle voice typing. A window will open immediately appears on the screen with a microphone with it. Now you can edit or format the text effortlessly. How to save a Google Doc? This is the most asked question by the Google Doc user nowadays. Hopefully, this article will provide you the opportunity to answer this question.

    Some benefits of Google Doc

    • People can remove and put a header to their Documents.
    • You can share your file with anybody at any distance.
    • You can work on it via an offline mode as well.
    • It is having a plethora of options for spreadsheet users.
    • You do not need to close your working file for the further research.
    • In the chrome browser, you can literally type your voice.
    • It has different fonts for you, same as the ordinary word Document.
    • It hides your spelling errors smarty without your concern.
    • Most noticeable is that it has various editing tools to edit your final file.
    • The word tracker helps you to maintain the word count for your content.
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    Apart from these above-mentioned benefits of Google Doc use to attract people towards it with the help of various kinds of features. After going through this article, you will get to know how to save a Google Doc.

    How to save a Google Doc: Method 1:

    Saving a Google Doc is an easy task. By following these few steps, you will be able to do the task with ease.

    Step 1: By visiting the Google website, open Google Docs.

    Step 2: Enter your mail id and password if needed.

    Step 3: If you want to open a created Document, click on the particular file.

    Step 4: If you want a new page to write, click on Blank to start the writing task.

    how to save a Google doc

    Step 5: Select a suitable title for your content with the help of the Title option on the upper-left side.

    Step 6: Finally, when you are done with adding the entire crucial information wait for a while. A group of words, “All changes saved in Drive”, will appear on your screen within a moment. Now you are done with the work of saving the specific Document.

    Step 7: If you want your file to be saved in some other folder, you need to click on that particular folder icon.

    Step 8: Select the specific folder from the list.

    Step 9: At the end, click on the ‘Move Here’ option to complete the task carefully.


    You can now understand that how to save a Google Doc perfectly. Now you are going to be introduced to another method to save your Google Doc in another pathway.

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    How to save a Google Doc: Method 2:

    These simple steps will definitely help you to learn the saving procedure of a Google Doc.

    Step 1: At first, you need to visit the Google link before.

    Step 2: Login by entering your mail id and password.

    Step 3: Open a new Document or any early-created Document.

    Step 4: Add your required information to that particular file.

    Step 5: Click on the File option. A drop-down list will appear then.

    Step 6: From that list, choose the option named Download as.

    Step 7: Choose an appropriate format from the given list.

    Step 8: Within a few moments, the file will be downloaded in your desire format automatically.


    This is how you can save your Google Doc in any format. After this, another way of saving the Google Doc will be shown to you.

    How to a save Google Doc: Method 3:

    In this method, you will get accumulate the knowledge on saving a shared Google Doc. The below-mentioned steps should be followed by you to do the task.

    Step 1: Firstly, log into your Google account by entering your mail id and password.

    Step 2: You will soon find the shared file. Select the same once.

    Step 3: Click on the File option at the top-left.

    Step 4: Click on the Make a copy option.

    Step 5: A new pop-up window will appear. Type a proper name for your file.

    Step 6: At last, click on the Ok option.


    Your file will be saved immediately to your own account. The Google Doc Document will give you permission to edit the file as well. Each and all the above-mentioned methods are as simple as that.

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    As the Google Doc can be accessed from both computers and smartphones, the Google Doc user will never want to use the Microsoft word Documents again. With the help of the Wi-Fi connection, you can easily transfer your file from your phone to your computer and can work again on the same file. Besides, you do not need to close your file every time while doing the research work. The auto-saving feature is a blessing to each and every word Document user ever. It keeps saving your content while you are working on it.

    Anyone can share the Google Doc with people from different corners of the world. Most surprisingly, those people can also edit the same file after downloading. The Google Doc is a word processor with various options in it to edit, create and share documents accurately. This article may clear all your doubts on how to save a Google Doc.

    Though the Google Doc is having a number of advanced features in it, when it comes to presentation tasks, Google Docs cannot perform really well. In this case, power is the best performer ever. Google Doc does not provide us different kinds of themes, charts, slides, and many more necessary tools. However, if you are working specifically with editors, or your content is edited by your seniors, then Google Doc is the best choice for you.

    Want to be confident about using Google Doc? You can learn the features and the tricks to use Google Doc with ease. Take a look at the blog on How To Change Margins in Google Doc: 5 Easy Steps to Follow.


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