Find Out How to Turn Off Auto Update on Android: a Few Easy Steps!

    Auto Update On Android is preferred by some, disliked by some while ignored by many. With increasing users of smartphone we can say that the gadget has changed our life like magic! It has made our everyday life and tasks super easy. From entertainment to an important task, we all now depend on a smartphone.

    It’s true that something like auto update on Android might be irritating, or even expensive, smartphones make our life easy and we must not forget to give some credit to apps or applications. Simply because the entire task we can do on phones is actually through applications.

    We have different apps for different purposes, for example, for grocery, for fashion, for entertainment, for gaming, for payment – each and everything has a specific app for their specific task.

    But the things are not as easy as it looks. For proper functions, we have to update apps from time to time. With our busy schedule, we can forget about app updates. So almost all the major functioning apps have now shifted to the auto-update system. If your default setting is ON then an app can update on its own.

    The problem is nowadays updates have been more frequent than you can properly spell the word UPDATE. Yes, we all know it’s because of all the issues and bug fixing to improve the performance of an app. But if you fortunately or unfortunately left the auto-update button on not only in WI-FI, then it could be an issue for you because before updating a particular app, it won’t take your permission.

    • It will consume a large amount of data, maybe which you saved for your other tasks and entertainment purpose. Auto-update can consume all those data, and in the end, you have to spend a huge amount of money over your connection.
    • If apps keep updating automatically, then your phone will be on running mode too. It will reduce the battery of the phone, which can disturb you in your activity.
    • The unwanted change auto -pdate gives you are not good all the time. You want to update an app so that it could run better and give better performance. Sometimes all the things update gives is bug fixing, bug fixing, and more bug fixing, which is often irritating, and at the end of those all bug fixes, you find yourself having to use the old version of that app.
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    So, it is better we turn off the auto-update and keep things in our control. We can also choose the option of auto-update only in WI-FI. Now we are going to discuss about the main process on,


    How To Stop Auto Update On Android

    STEP 1. – Open Google Play app on your android phone.

    STEP 2. – Tap on the icon on the left, which has three horizontal lines or the hamburger icon.

    STEP 3. – Tap on the settings.

    STEP 4. – Tap on the auto-update option.

    STEP 5. – To stop the auto-updating of the apps you have to click ON for ‘Do Not Auto Update’ apps.



    If you want your apps to only auto update on WI-FI connection then you have to choose the option auto update apps over WI-FI only on that same popup.

    In this whole procedure, your android device also gives you the opportunity of choosing specific apps you want for auto update. Here is the procedure for this option:

    STEP 1. – Open Google Play.

    STEP 2. – Choose the icon with three vertical dots on top right.

    STEP 3. – Check the option of auto update.

    STEP 4. – Choose the app you want to stay on auto update and turn the rest off or put them on WI-FI only option.

    Auto Update On Android

    If you are running low in battery, doing all these steps could not be possible. So, you can take a short cut for it. Just disable the whole Google play and enable it whenever you want. This way you can not only save battery but also can save space, mobile data, and of course your precious time.

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