Know How To Clear Instagram Cache In The Easiest Possible Way

    Instagram is very popular social networking service related to photo and video sharing. It has its own mobile app and also website. Even a desktop app was released not very long ago. As you may know, Instagram is a very accessible and entirely visual platform, and using it is convenient, but it’s not flawless. As a social media platform, Instagram can take up more space than you expect. To make its access much easier, you need to know how to clear Instagram cache.

    Here, you will come to know how to clear Instagram cache so that you don’t use storage space for keeping data that you actually don’t need.

    Method 1: How to clear Instagram cache on Windows

    Windows has many tools that can easily help with the system management, but this time, this is lacking in the ability to easily complete the process of how to clear Instagram cache.

    Still, Windows doesn’t need the help of a third-party app to clear Instagram cache, unlike Mac. It only needs a browser because the Instagram Windows app is connected to your browser.

    Here are the steps of how to clear Instagram cache on Windows:

    1. First, open a browser on your computer.
    2. Then, head to the website of Instagram and log in with your credentials.
    3. On the main page of Instagram, just click on the profile icon, which will look like a vector of a person.
    4. Next, just click on the gear icon.
    5. Then go to Privacy and Security > View Account Data.
    6. Under the section called Search history, select the View all.
    7. Now just click on the Clear Search History. If asked for confirmation, select Yes, I’m sure.
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    how to clear Instagram cache

    This process will not clear the entire cache, but overall, you will have enough space cleared for future use.

    Moreover, the search history is fairly easy to pile up, so you may have to do the process of how to clear Instagram cache more frequently on Windows.

    Method 2: How to clear Instagram cache on Mac

    As we all know, Mac is a bit short on functions that can optimize the system. Hence, your best choice is to outsource those functions by using a third-party tool, and for that, the best choice is FoneDog PowerMyMac. It is a tool that can be viewed as an all-rounder. It has everything a Mac user may need, and of course, that also includes clearing data.

    This software has three modules named the Status, Cleaner, and Toolkit. What we will need is the Cleaner module where the System Junk function is located, which will help you to clear the Instagram cache. Here are the steps on how to clear Instagram cache with the help of PowerMyMac:

    Step 1: System Junk Function

    First of all, launch the FoneDog PowerMyMac program on your Mac computer. There are three tabs that can represent the module. Click on the Cleaner to go to the Cleaner module. There will find eight options. Just select the very first one, called the System Junk.


    Step 2: Scanning the Cache and other System Junks

    On the page System Junk, just click on the red Scan button. This will scan for files that are considered as the system junk, including system cache and application cache, where also your Instagram cache belongs to. This scan will be complete when the circle at the left area becomes Complete.

    Step 3: Select the Items

    Once it is done, the Scan button will be turned to the Stop button earlier will then become a View button. Now, just click View to check the scanned items. Then click on Application from the left sidebar and locate Instagram. After you find it, click on that option.

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    Step 4: Clear the Instagram Cache

    After you are inside the folder of Instagram and have selected the items that you want to erase, click on the Clean button from the bottom-right corner of the window. After that, you need to click on Confirm if asked for confirmation. You may also require to provide a password if asked.

    FoneDog PowerMyMac has multiple numbers of functions for you. And it can also help you to clear Instagram cache. That is why this is one of the most popular the FoneDog products.

    Method 3: How to clear Instagram cache on iPhone

    As problematic as it may be, Apple likes to make things very difficult for its users. That’s why it doesn’t have a visible ClearCache button which you simply need to tap. Instead, you have to go through the process of uninstalling and reinstalling an app to do it.

    Here’s how to clear Instagram cache with this method:

    1. First, open the Settings on your iPhone
    2. Then go to the General
    3. Now, select iPhoneStorage or simply showing Storage.
    4. Now, you need to wait for the apps to load. Once all the apps are there, just locate and select Instagram.
    5. Lastly, just tap on Delete App and confirm your action.

    (Point to be noted: The Offload App is sometimes mistaken as the Clear Cache button for iPhone, but it actually can’t do much than reducing the space of Instagram by a little bit.)

    1. When you have done deleting the app, go to your App Store and install Instagram once again.

    Now before we end this part of our discussion, you need to understand that there is no harm in trying this method.

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    After you reinstall the Instagram app, everything important, including your account, posts, image, and others, will be saved. Only the cache will be lost.

    Method 4: How to clear Instagram cache on Android

    Android has a Clear Cache button within its system. This makes it more convenient and easy as compared to the iPhone for the process of how to clear Instagram cache with Android.

    Here are the detailed methods to clear Instagram cache:

    1. First of all, open the Settings on your phone
    2. Next, head to the Applications

    Note: Your Android device may have a different look. The Applications section may display as the Apps & Notifications, Apps, or you may need to search deeper into More options first.

    1. No matter how you go to the Applications section, you will always find a list of apps. In that list, look for Instagram and select it.
    2. Once you go to the Instagram settings screen, just tap on ClearCache.

    Note: The Clear Cache may show as Clear Data or Cache clear to some devices. If this option isn’t there, you may have to tap on the Storage first.

    This will delete all files in the cache automatically and you will see that a large number of MB will turn into 0 B. In other words, you will be able to successfully clear the Instagram cache.

    The result of clearing the cache on your Android with the assistance of Clear Cache is exactly similar to the result you’ll get while uninstalling and reinstalling an app on your iPhone.


    Without a doubt, there’s no need to tolerating those unwanted Instagram cache. It will slow down the performance of your device and take up lots of space that would be better utilized for other useful and important apps.

    With this guide, you will know how to clear Instagram cache. You should see an improvement in the performance of your device, and who knows, you may even get enough space to install a new app that you’ve been longing for.

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