How To Pass A Hair Drug Test? Is It Easy? 3 Facts To Find Out Easily

    How To Pass A Hair Drug Test?: Is It Easy? 3 Facts To Find Out Easily

    how to pass a hair drug test

    More often than not, employees or workers that have been abusing drugs and other similar things tend to look for ways on how to pass a hair drug test. Now that is not an ethical or legal thing to do but sometimes people might be desperate for a second chance.

    If they are desperate for a second chance and genuinely very sorry about abusing drugs and similar stuff then you might consider helping them out by telling them about ways on how to pass a hair drug test without being caught. Although you should remember that not all methods are fail-safe.

    If by some miracle you never knew or found out that consuming drugs that are strictly not for medical purposes is bad for your health, bad for your relationships with family and friends, and bad for the society as a whole because its members behave irresponsibly and try to be a bad example for others.

    If you truly want to quit drugs and restart your life in a new direction, it would be a great idea to either to the organizations that help people recover and quit the consumption of drugs. If you can do that, it would be great for your future and you will only thank yourself for making that decision.

    If you somehow are not able to gather up the courage to go do it yourself, you should tell your friends and family and ask them to help you. Anyone who truly cares for you would never want to see you succumb to anything foul and would help you recover from it in any way they can.

    We will discuss how to pass a hair drug test in this article. Well, these hair drug tests are normally carried out in companies and organizations. So, we will be talking about it in that reference in this article. To start with, we will first see how these drug tests are done.


    How Do Companies Conduct The Drug Tests?

    It is critical that you understand how and why companies conduct rug tests before you understand how to pass a hair drug test. Drug tests are basically conducted to ensure the welfare of the company and its employees as a whole.

    There are various methods to conduct a drug test. The most popular ones are the urine drug test and the hair drug test that the companies conduct. There are other ways too like oral fluid testing, synthetics testing, evidential breath alcohol testing, etc.

    Most of these methods either do not tell you about the past drug abuse, are expensive, or are just not accurate enough to be used by employers. Because you want to know how to pass a hair drug test, I am going to explain to you the basics of the most popular drug testing methods.


    Urine Drug Test

    how to pass a hair drug test

    This might not be useful when answering the question of how to pass a hair drug test but it is essential that you know about it too in case you ever have to give a urine sample for a drug test to be conducted.

    The urine drug test is the most common drug testing method. This drug test is carried out by employers in different scenarios. These scenarios might include carrying it out before a person is getting employed, it can be carried out after an accident. Or it could be carried out randomly without any prior notice even to find out substance abusers within the company.

    Urinalysis is a method that has the green light for federally mandated testing. You can also consider urine drug testing as the least invasive type of drug testing. This is also the most accepted legal form of drug testing carried out by employers all over the US.

    The urine drug tests are popular because they show whether the metabolites are there in the urine or not. These are things that are left behind by the drugs in the body of a person for some time even when the hangover from the drug has gone. So that could mean that the person has consumed drugs at some point but they have not necessarily done it recently.

    These drug tests can show whether a person has consumed things like marijuana, cocaine, PCP, opiates, etc. I know you came here to find out how to pass a hair drug test but this is a piece of bonus information you are getting so why not take it? And be assured, you will get tips on how to pass a hair drug test in this article, you just have to stick with me for a bit.

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    Hair Drug Test

    how to pass a hair drug test

    This is what you have been waiting to know about ever since you opened this article, haven’t you? To get information on how to pass a hair drug test? Well, let us first understand how the hair drug tests work before we get into how to pass a hair drug test.

    A hair drug test is the best way to figure out how much drug has a person been consuming or rather, how often they have been doing it. So if you wanted to know how to pass a hair drug test, you should know that it is not going to be easy to trick or cheat on this test at all.

    These drug tests can detect a history of drug abuse of up to 3 months. So if you are thinking about how to pass a hair drug test and come up with the idea of quitting drugs a few days before the test, then my friend, you are going to get caught. If you need a fail-safe solution on how to pass a hair drug test then keep reading.

    Hair drug tests can also determine when the drug was administered in your body, how long it was administered for and when/if it was stopped being consumed by you. For carrying out a hair drug test, you will have to give a small amount of your hair and it will not invade your privacy in any way.

    This testing method is considered a great option like the urine drug test in carrying out drug tests that are done while hiring a person or in random drug tests. This type of test can determine the use of marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines as well as a lot more type of drugs.


    Popular Ways Of Cheating In Hair Drug Tests That Do Not Work

    Now that you know what a hair drug test is and why companies carry them out, it is time we discussed some of the popular ways on how to pass a hair drug test and the reason why these tricks will not work and you will end up getting caught.

    When you search on the internet about ways on how you can pass a hair drug test, you will find a lot of articles telling you to shave your head or use a wig and other such things. We are going to tell you why you should not use these methods because they are not going to succeed.


    Shaving Your Head

    how to pass a hair drug test

    Now some of you might think that you can just shave your head on the day of the hair drug test. If you have no hair, how will they conduct the test? If you are thinking this, then you are so very wrong my friend.

    For one, shaving your head on the day of the hair drug test might ring the wrong bells in any person’s mind. Secondly, the hair does not need to be taken from your head for the test to be conducted. Your body hair can work just as well for this test to be carried out.

    Now if your body hair gets taken for the test, it is going to be worse than if you had given your hair from the head and that is because the hair on your body grows a lot slower than the hair on your head, and hence, it will show a much longer history of drug abuse.

    So if you searched the internet for ways on how to pass a hair drug test and found this solution, either the author of the article was not doing a whole lot of research before they published it or they were just lying.

    Now what some people might do is shave all their body hair and remove every last single hair from their body, that will save you from a hair drug test but it can create other problems for you. For instance, everyone will be suspicious of why you did that, and in case you do not have any hair on your body, your blood or urine samples could get taken to carry out drug tests.

    So if you are looking for ways on how to pass a hair drug test, this is definitely not the way to go.


    Getting Your Hair Bleached

    how to pass a hair drug test

    Bleaching the hair is another way that people find when searching for tips on how to pass a hair drug test. Bleaching your hair will remove some of the toxins from the hair and thus it will remove some of the metabolites from your hair but the percentage of metabolites removed is just 40% to 80%.

    That means that if a hair drug test is conducted on bleached hair, there would still be 20-60% of metabolites available to give your drug abuse away. So if for that very reason, you bleach your hair regularly, it will remove any traces of drug abuse even if the drugs were consumed recently.

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    But what your problem here will be that your body hair can still be taken to carry out the drug test and that will just be bad for you. If not the bodily hair, then your blood or urine could be taken to carry out the drug tests.

    So if this was your secret weapon on how to pass a hair drug test, think again my friend, you are just going to get caught.


    Using Wigs

    how to pass a hair drug test

    Another popular tip that people on the internet give on how to pass a hair drug test is that they tell you to use wigs. More often than not, it is very easy to spot a wig. Wigs do not necessarily fit on your head perfectly. They might not match your original hair color and can be distinguishable from your facial hair.

    They can also slip or fall in awkward circumstances. Another disadvantage of using a wig is that most of the wigs are not actual human hair. So these wigs might trick a person but they will definitely not trick a spectrometer used for carrying out these tests.

    If you are rich enough, you might go for a wig that will tick all the boxes, be real, look real, would not fall off your head, and match your body fair perfectly. Even if you do all these things, you being safe would not be guaranteed because when a hair is being taken for this test, a witness should be present there and they will definitely detect the false hair on your head.

    So this is another method on how to pass a hair drug test that you should not try out when giving your hair sample.


    Swapping The Hair Sample

    how to pass a hair drug test

    Some people might be desperate enough to try to swap their hair samples with some other person’s or in some rare cases, use their twin on the day the hair sample is collected. You might be very smart and work it all out before the test but that is not going to fool the people carrying out the test.

    The whole process of carrying out these tests is well protected and well thought out like using a witness when collecting the hair sample so if you found this trick on the internet on how to pass a hair drug test, it is not going to work and you will get caught.


    Using Special Medications/Shampoos To Remove Metabolite Traces

    how to pass a hair drug test

    One of the most popular tricks on how to pass a hair drug test on the internet is the trick of using some sort of specially made medicine or shampoo that will wash away all the toxins present in your hair.

    That might sound like the perfect solution to your problem but what you must understand is that this is not something that will work. The manufacturers or sellers of these products feed on the fear of the people who are going to give these drug tests and make them spend a huge amount of money.

    What you should know is that they are fraud and there is no proven method or medicine or shampoo that gives these kinds of results. You might even see some users praising these products and saying that they passed using them.

    Now they might be false reviews or they might be true, if they are true reviews then it might have happened because they might have not just consumed enough drugs to show on a drug test or it might have been less than the limit that has been set for these tests.

    So what you should keep in your mind is that the internet can sometimes be misleading and if you find such tips on how to pass a hair drug test, then know that they are just false.


    Are You Doomed? Is There Even A Genuine Way To Pass This Test?

    how to pass a hair drug test

    So the big question is, is there any genuine answer to the question; how to pass a hair drug test? The simple answer to that question is no. There is no certain trick or tip available as of yet on how to pass a hair drug test. If you find some way on how to pass a hair drug test by some miracle, please let us know too.

    Cheating in a hair drug test is impossible as of now or you can say that at least the internet does not have any perfect solution to this particular problem. Hair drug tests are testing the insides of the structure of your hair, not the outer layer of hair.

    That is the reason fooling this testing method is almost impossible. Hair grows on your body when the nutrients present in your blood are carried to the hairs and that is the reason why the metabolites present in your bloodstream will show up in your hair when the hair drug test is done.

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    I know that my answer to the question; how to pass a hair drug test may not been what you were be expecting. However, I don’t mean to mislead you in any way and build up unnecessary hopes for you folks.

    So if you will excuse my lameness, the answer to how to pass a hair drug test is to stop consuming drugs altogether. That should be done at least 3 months prior to any hair drug test being carried out. Also, while we are at it, I think you should know why these drug tests are important and how it affects an individual and their surroundings.


    Why Do Companies And Organizations Conduct Drug Tests?

    Now that you know the answer to how to pass a hair drug test, you should know why the companies or organizations conduct these tests for their employees at regular intervals. The very simple answer to that question would be that they are concerned about the health of their employees and want the best for them.

    You should believe me when I say that the companies are genuinely worried about their employees based on the way some of you might get treated in your companies by your superiors. But trust me, what I am saying is absolutely true, although it might not always be true in the sense that you are imagining.

    how to pass a hair drug test

    Drug Tests Conducted In Companies

    There is a personal gain hidden behind the company’s ideas for conducting these tests. You see, if the company is making sure that its employees are not abusing drugs or any other substance that is harmful to them then will benefit the company in the long run.

    You might ask how that is possible and you want to just get to the topic of how to pass hair drug tests but it is essential that you understand this. When the employees of any company are healthy both physically and mentally, then the employees would work to the best of their abilities as well.

    When you are feeling great about yourself, you feel motivated to do your work on time and do it as best as you can. Now, if you can maintain that mentality every day of the year, then imagine the kind of work you will do for your company and how you will help them get better outcomes annually.

    There is another reason for the companies to be conducting these drug tests and it might be the most important reason as well in the case of certain employers. The government has certain guidelines in place when it comes to the consumption of drugs at the workplace.

    If any company is found employing employees that are abusing substances then the company would be held accountable for it and they might even get sued for it. That is the reason any company would conduct a drug test and keep its business safe and prosperous.

    When a company carries out a drug test, you can be sure that their reputation would be good as they care about their business and their employees both and do not want any issues arising just because they did not follow the guidelines.

    how to pass a hair drug test

    Drug Tests Are Also Done To Ensure The Safety Of All Employees

    Another reason for carrying out drug tests is that it keeps the other employees safe too. If you are abusing drugs then there are chances that you might be putting your co-workers in danger based on the type of work being carried out in any organization.

    If your company is not something where you can put other people in danger due to your carelessness then there are chances that you are affecting the working environment of the company as your drug abuse might cause drastic effects on the working of your team as well.

    It can affect co-operation, bring the team morale down and reduce the whole productivity. That is something that no company would want hence they conduct these drug tests. If by a miracle you have realized that you do not want to be the reason for causing trouble to yourself and want to know how to pass a hair drug test then you know the answer to that question now.


    Conclusion | How To Pass A Hair Drug Test?

    So if you were looking for ways on how to pass a hair drug test, I am extremely sorry to disappoint you but it is better to tell you the truth than have you try various methods that are not even going to work and waste your time and money and give you false hope while doing all that.

    If you are genuinely sorry about your drug abuse then there still could be hope for you yet. Drug abuse has never ended well and I’m sure you are well aware of that fact. So, you will just have to try to stop consuming drugs and start trying to live a better life.

    If you can do that, then there would be no need for you to search the internet for things like ‘How to pass a hair drug test?’. If you can understand what is best for you and stop consuming drugs, then your life is guaranteed to get better.

    I hope that this article has helped you. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this discussion of how to pass a hair drug test, feel free to drop them in the comments section.

    Till then, Stay Healthy!


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