Bell Palsy’s Home Treatment – 11 Best Remedies To Follow

    Bell Palsy’s Home Treatment

    Every 1 person out of 5000 is affected with bell palsy, which makes it crucial to know about bell palsy’s home treatment and prevention techniques. Let’s see what are some of the most useful home remedies or natural methods one can use to prevent or get rid of bell palsy conditions.

    This relatively common neurological disease and disorder can cause one side of your face to weak or become paralyzed. Some common signs and symptoms, in the beginning, include drooping on one side of your face, impaired speech, and drooling along with some other associated symptoms with strokes.

    It is considered to have been caused by certain viral infections. Bell Palsy’s Home Treatments may include taking some antiviral medications or corticosteroids. In rare cases, you may also undergo surgery to correct your face’s posture. Often. the symptoms occurring get resolved within few weeks or a month but in very rare cases they may be present for long-term that require surgical procedures.

    Bell palsy’s home treatment or natural treatment usually focuses on combatting stress, triggering a response in the nerve that is damaged, or fighting the viruses that are still active to cause the condition. However, if you have seen someone in your home already having this virus, make sure you consume all the necessary things that can amplify the working of your immune system so that no one else goes through the same condition.

    What Is Bell Palsy?

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    In order to learn Bell Palsy’s home treatments, you need to have basic information about bell palsy’s syndrome and its symptoms. Bell palsy is a condition in which total or partial paralysis or weakness of facial nerves is observed.

    It might develop all of a sudden without knowing or it may occur more gradually over a time period of 24 hours or 48 hours. If you think about the noticeable signs, the first possible signs include crooked smiles or slurred speech as the nerve which gets attacked by the virus is responsible for controlling facial expressions and features like taste, eyes, hearing, etc.

    For some people, it may arrive with the onset of ringing sensations or facial numbness. And for some people, it might come with weepy eyes, sensitivity to sounds, pain behind the ear, headaches, change in taste, etc.

    It is also referred to as facial palsy. One should know that researchers are not very certain about the cause of bell palsy but it is linked to a number of viral infections like Epstein Barr, herpes simplex, and many others,

    Symptoms of bell palsy usually begin to resolve within one to three weeks, but most people often take 6 months to recover fully from this condition. In very rare cases it has been observed that symptoms do not go at all and they remain for a lifetime.

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    Signs And Symptoms

    Like many other symptoms and signs of this condition named bell, palsy is quite similar to symptoms of strokes so it is imperative to seek medical attention immediately to avoid any life-threatening condition later on.

    Also, some people often experience odd and Novocain-like paralysis and numbness on their lips, eye, or lips- similar to what you get when you leave the dentist’s chair. In addition to this, some common symptoms are:

    • The onset of paralysis or weakness occurs on one side f your face suddenly or over 48 hours.
    • Facial dropping on the corner of your mouth
    • Changes and drooling in saliva produced
    • Headaches
    • Increased sound sensitivity
    • Pain around the jaw
    • decreased taste ability
    • pain behind one’s ear
    • Inability to close the eyelid due to partial paralysis
    • changes in the number of tears

    Causes Of Bell Palsy

    While causes are not fully identified when it comes to bell palsy’s condition, however many professionals agree that they are quite similar to strokes so the causes are also the same, since it is a viral infection, the following virus may be the reason:

    • Coxsackievirus- it is a mouth and foot disease.
    • Influenza B
    • Rubella or German measles
    • Respiratory illness
    • Cytomegalovirus
    • Epstein-Barr or mononucleosis
    • Herpes zoster- shingles and chickenpox
    • Herpex Simplex- genital herpes and cold sores

    This syndrome or condition can strike at any age Genetics and ethnicity have not been found to be the reason or they do not increase the risk of bell palsy except for those people who have recurrent episodes of this condition. Additional risk factors are:

    • Environmental toxins
    • Recent trauma
    • High blood pressure
    • sarcoidosis
    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Myasthenia Gravis
    • Respiratory illness, cold, and flu
    • Diabetes
    • Pregnancy, mainly during the third trimester

    Let’s see what is bell palsy’s home treatment to get this condition cured or prevent it in the future.

    Bell Palsy’s Home Treatment

    If you have symptoms of bell palsy, the medical team might ask a number of questions so that they can come to a conclusion on what treatment should be provided. You have to be prepared to answer all the questions about medications you take, recent illnesses, family experience with this condition, foreign travel, etc. The physicians may have CT, MRI, or EMG tests run so that they can confirm damage in nerves and rule out different causes of paralysis or weakness.

    Once the condition is diagnosed, they may prescribe some crucial drugs that are antiviral in nature or corticosteroids. Physical therapies are also prescribed in some cases. Previously, doctors recommended decompression surgery, however, this surgery might even lead to hearing loss permanently and have some other side effects that cannot be reversed once done. For a person who is having recurrent episodes of bell palsy, plastic surgery is recommended so that facial serves can be corrected.

    Sometimes this leads to an inability to blink in people. If you are not able to blink due to paralysis, you may be susceptible to corneal abrasions and damage to the retinal nerves. This can damage your nerves permanently.

    Your physical can also provide artificial eyewear or protective eyewear along with eye patches and lubricating ointment for protection. Use all these products as prescribed and make sure you report soreness, pain, redness, or discharge from the eyes if any,

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    Bell Palsy’s home treatment may include many natural remedies that you can use. Some natural ways to deal with this condition include:

    1. Eye Care

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    If your eyes are not closing, it is important that you take care of them as your doctor has prescribed to you. Wearing protective glasses during the daytime and using hydrating drops along with eye patches at night can help prevent damage.

    2. Moist Heat

    Many people often find that using warm cloth can help them immensely to resolve pain and discomfort. If you wish to promote restful sleep and relieve tension, you can always add any of your favorite essentials oils for anxiety-like rose, lavender, ylang-ylang, or chamomile. Make sure to repeat the warm compresses whenever the pain appears again and relax.

    3. Massage

    Whenever you go for treatment, ask your therapist to teach you massage techniques so that you can perform them at home by yourself. many patients have found this to be immensely useful for easing discomfort. In addition to this, you can also for referral to receive a licensed massage therapist having prior experience. There are many possible benefits you can receive including reduction of inflammation, stress, soreness, and anxiety. It also improves the working of the immune system and its functions.

    4. Acupuncture

    It is another great Bell palsy home treatment that works well for most people. As per Mayo Clinic, it helps to stimulate our nerves and muscles thus providing relief. You will be amazed to know that many patients get benefited from acupuncture just after a single treatment. The sooner you begin your sessions on acupuncture, the sooner you will be able to learn various techniques involved in it and practice them at home.

    5. Use Of Vitamin B12

    It is generally associated with reduction of inflammation and nerve growth so it will be more effective for bell palsy’s home treatment as compared to steroids. This was concluded through a study back in 1995. Patients in this study were allowed to have methylcobalamin or vitamin B12 steroids or they were given injections of this vitamin. It was observed that the patients that took steroids for their recovery took 10 weeks to recover whereas people injected with vitamin B12 took only 2 weeks to recover completely.

    Also, you can enjoy food items having plenty of vitamin B12 in them like beef liver, grass-fed beef, wild-caught fish, sardines, eggs, cottage cheese, etc along with consuming high-quality supplements of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 injections always work better because they are directly injected inside the damaged nerves which makes them heal faster. You can either consume vitamin B12 supplements and rich food at home or take injections after consulting with your physician, they will help you find out and have a better understanding of whether you are fit for this type of treatment or not.

    6. Vitamin B6

    Another vitamin that is involved in bell palsy’s home treatment is vitamin B6. It is connected with the healthy functioning of the nervous system and eyes. This vitamin is soluble in water so taking it as supplements is not usually recommended. It is better that you take this vitamin through food items that are rich in vitamin B6 like free-range turkey breast, blackstrap molasses, grass-beef fed, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, chickpeas, etc.

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    7. Zinc

    Zinc is found in every cell present in our body. It is a trace element that should be taken as a part of bell palsy’s home treatment. It has been considered one of the best trace minerals or elements responsible for healing wounds and boosting the working of the immune system. Zinc is also associated with the healthy functioning of the thyroid and is a proven treatment for certain respiratory illnesses, colds, and viruses.

    You can always add food rich in zinc to your diet like pumpkin seeds, lamb, grass-fed beef, cashews, chickpeas, etc. These will help you heal your nerves quicker from the virus causing it or the underlying condition that is responsible for symptoms.

    8. Meditation

    You can practice guided meditation at home along with relaxation techniques to ease the discomfort. Yoga, deep breathing exercises, and regular workouts can help you exacerbate all the symptoms present. There are many instances that suggest chronic stress as the cause of recurrent episodes of bell palsy. You need to manage the stress using meditation and relaxation techniques to avoid bell palsy.

    9. Castor Oil Compresses

    Bell palsy’s home treatment must include using castor oil. It is used for centuries to support the lymphatic system, improve circulation, and prevent the growth of the virus, bacteria, fungi, etc. You can perform castor oil compresses at home to enhance the flow of blood on the area affected with bell palsy.

    Cover using a warm dampened washcloth and leave it as it is for 20 to 30 minutes. Perform the same procedure twice a day for good results.

    10. Exercises For Bell Palsy

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    You can always look for better options to relieve the symptoms. Try to contact a physical therapist as they can teach you how to perform facial exercises as per the nerves damaged. Simple exercises for your face include raising the eyebrows, opening your mouth wide, smiling, frowning, winking, and blinking your eyes. All these exercises can help you promote the healing of your nerves. For best results, try to perform these exercises several times a day at your home.

    11. Antiviral herbs

    You can use antiviral herbs like elderberry and echinacea that help boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, and helps fight viral infections. Elderberry has also been proven beneficial for reducing the duration of cold, improving flu symptoms, and helps fight respiratory systems.

    These antiviral herbs have the ability to fight the virus and help treat bell palsy at home in short durations.

    You can also go for biofeedback therapy that helps promote the functioning of facial muscles thus improving the symptoms of bell palsy.

    The Bottom Line

    It is studies that most cases of bell palsy usually resolve within few weeks or a month. However, serious complications are also possible in several cases that need to be addressed. Total paralysis of the face can also occur with bell palsy which may cause irreversible damage to the nerves of the face.

    If you face even one or two symptoms, in the beginning, it is crucial that you seek medical attention as soon as possible to avoid nerve damage. The doctors will help you find the best treatment possible in your case. You can follow the home remedies given above along with your regular treatment to heal yourself quickly.


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