How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System As Detected By These 4 Screening Tests!

    How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System

    Concerned about how long does CBD stay in your system? CBD or cannabidiol, has become popular among many counties over the last few years especially in the form of a supplement. However, as CBD also contained a trace amount of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD might be detected using some drug screenings or tests.

    In fact, a few types of research conducted recently has shown that drug tests are not able to make out the difference between CBD and THC. This can be especially a topic of concern for people who are looking for jobs that requires them to go through some drug screenings first. In that case, you might constantly worry about how long does CBD stays in your system.

    There is one common misconception that CBD and THC are quite the same, but CBD is a natural supplement whereas THC are metabolites to be detected in the drug screenings.

    There is no simple answer to your question about how long does CBD stay in your system because it depends upon a few factors and not one.

    In this article, you will know more about how long does CBD stay on your system and what factors affect how long it stays.

    How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System

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    Cbd usually stays for 2 to 5 days in your system but this does not apply to everyone who has taken it. This range may or may not vary from person to person. For some people, CBD might even be detected in their system for a few weeks.

    So, how long does CBD stay in your system? Well, there are many variables to think about when you are looking for the right answer. To be precise, How long does CBD stay in your system depends on these factors:

    How much CBD you have used

    This is the first factor that comes to your mind. As with many other substances, the higher the dose you take, the more the duration a drug lasts in your body and is detected by screenings.

    How often you have been using it

    Along with the amount you have used, the frequency of amounts will also affect how long does CBD stay in your system. Over time, CBD starts building up in your system when you start using it regularly. This is why it is highly recommended that you try using CBD for one week, in the beginning, to see how the results are. The higher the frequency of usage, the more will be the time it stays in your system.

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    When you use it occasionally, it will not stay for longer and will clear faster out of your system.

    Your Body type

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    You might know that everyone has a different body and capacity, this is the reason why CBD or other substances affect everyone differently. Also, a person’s BMI or body mass index, metabolism, and water content are some of the things that may influence how long does CBD stay in your system.

    Food you eat

    How much food you eat, when you eat, and what you eat also determines how long does CBD stay in your system. If you use CBD on an empty stomach, it will easily be metabolized and eliminated from the body immediately as compared to people who take CBD with a stomach full, which tends to slow the process of digestion.

    Method os usage of CBD

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    There are several ways people take CBD. However, the method you are using also affects everything starting from the onset of its effects to the duration of how long it stays within the body. Different forms of CBD people use include:

    Different forms in which CBD might be used are:

    1. edibles
    2. vaping
    3. oils and tinctures
    4. pills and capsules
    5. creams and lotions

    If you are vaping CBD (which you shouldn’t do right now), it also enters the lungs and starts reflecting the effects quickly but it also leaves your body quickly. Tinctures and oils placed beneath your tongue are absorbed faster into the bloodstream and they linger longer.

    The digestive system will metabolize edible types of CBD which may take a while. Lotions and creams are slow to get inside the body and slower to leave the body.

    Now that you know how long does CBD stay in your system, you will want to know how long it will take for it to show the effects.

    How Long It Takes For The Effects To Be Seen

    How long it will take for the effects to show in or kick in also varies based on the same factors that determine how long does CBD stay in your system. The form you have used, your body composition, the dosage is taken, the food you have eaten etc plays an important role and makes it difficult to determine how quickly the effects will show within your body.

    generally, you will start feeling the effects of CBD inside your body within 15 minutes of using it sublingually or vaping it. Topical and edible forms will take slightly longer for the effects to show, most probably it may take one or two hours.

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    This was about how long does it take for the effects to kick in or show within the body, but how long will the effects last? Let’s see that too.

    Again, all the factors given above will reside in how long CBD stays in your system, generally, you can assume the effects of CBD to last within your body for 2 to 6 hours.

    Will CBD be seen in the drug tests

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    Now, if you have taken a drug test, will it indicate positive or negative for CBD consumption, and let you know for how long does CBD stay in your system. CBD typically would not show up on a drug test but if the product of sbd you have taken has THC, it will show.

    THC is the main active ingredient in marijuana and the one ingredient that is accountable for the “High” effect you have. Many products of CBD contain a trace amount of THC. Depending upon the quality and composition, the drug test or screening might show positive.

    If you’re highly concerned about the levels of THC, be careful on which type of CBD you have taken its products you chose. Here is an instantaneous breakdown:

    1. Full-spectrum CBD- Full spectrum CBD extracts have all the naturally occurring compounds from the type of plant they are obtained from which also includes THC.
    2. Broad-spectrum CBD- This is quite similar to the one given above, but it also involves a process sued to eliminate THC from the final product.
    3. CBD Isolate- This one oy has CBD and no traces of THC within it.

    If you have sued full spectrum CBD, look for the one that says hemp-derived CBD instead of another one that s derived from marijuana. Hemp derives CBD is required legally to have less than 0.3% THC only.

    Using CBD when Breastfeeding

    Consuming CBD when you are breastfeeding is not at all recommended. If you are planning on breastfeeding shortly, do not use CBD for at least a week beforehand.

    The FDA (Food and drug administration) strongly suggests NOT TO use CBD because of lack of research on its effects on breastfeeding babies. However, by far it is known that CBD is transferred in the babies as well when they are breastfeeding.

    CBD also has certain substances like THC that pose some risk to babies through breast milk. Research is still going on this topic but until the researchers determine more about its usage, it is best to avoid CBD when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System As Detected Though Lab Tests?

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    Just because you are to feeling the effects of CD in your system anymore, it does not mean it cannot be detected in the tests. The half-life of CBD is anywhere between 18 to 32 hours. However, in lab tests, it will be detected for much longer.

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    The drug tests screen for THC and not CBD. If you give and pass a drug examination after consuming CBD, it does not certainly mean you have bits of THC in the system. It may simply suggest you’re under the detection level.

    Furthermore, a few tests are more effective in detecting CBD or THC for a longer duration as compared to others. The type of screening test used will also influence whether CBD will be detected within your body or not.

    Let’s examine how long does CBD stay in your system as detected by different tests:

    Urine test

    Urine tests are the most widespread and traditional method of drug tests for employers. The exposure window for THC in the urine tests can differ widely.

    It is based mostly on the dose you received and the frequency of usage. generally, these metabolites may show up in the urine test anywhere within three days to two weeks following the last time you have taken.

    Among daily users, THC metabolites can be detected for nearly 15 days after administration. However, this number might also vary based on dosage.

    Hair Follicle test

    Hair follicle tests are identified for being capable of detecting drugs for an elongated period of time. Hair follicle tests can recognize the THC metabolites in CBD you have taken for as long as 3 months after administration. However, hair follicle tests are likewise very rare for THC and CBD. One reason being they are highly expensive and used for special cases.

    Blood test

    Although blood tests for CBD are not almost as common as other tests like urine tests for masking for CBD and other cannabinoids, they might be used to expose THC metabolites in the body. The cause for which they’re not the favored method of drug test and screening is because of how fast THC is discharged from the bloodstream.

    Usually, THC molecules are only detectable in the plasma for approximately five hours after one has taken them. However, these THC metabolites and CBD may be present for nearly a week.

    Saliva test

    Alike hair tests, saliva tests for detecting CBD or THC are especially rare for work or legal reasons. However, the drug elements in this test could be identified within a few minutes later you have taken it and may last for nearly 36 hours, based on the dose taken and our regularity of usage.

    If you take CBD products in vast amounts, and on a daily basis, it’s potentially possible that saliva tests – as well as the other tests, give above – could discover it for a more lasting duration.

    The Bottom Line

    If you are working hard to break free of cannabis addiction, know that it is not easy but possible. While a few people may insist that you cannot be dependent physically on cannabis-related products, depending physiologically is also disrupting.

    For many people, the first step is foremost difficult which is making decisions on quitting. But you will be very happy that you did it now. It is hard to say exactly for how long does CBD stay in your system since so many factors are involved in it. Plus, everyone has a different response to CBD.

    Also, keep in mind that non-prescription CBD products are not approved by the FDA and may be labeled incorrectly.


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