Pornography And Depression: What is the Exact Link Between Both?

    Pornography and depression, is there any link between these both? Well, now it’s time to find out. Stick to the end of this article, you will have strong knowledge on this topic for sure.

    Nowadays, in our society, it is a very common thought that porn consumption can lead to depression. But if we see according to the researches, there is not enough evidence to support this case.

    Yet, pornography may not cause you depression, but it can still have the potential to affect you in different ways.

    Everyone has a very different experience with porn. It depends on an individual’s personality and perception of pornography too For example, many people enjoy watching porn occasionally, and on the other hand, many people may fall into porn addiction. The people who experience guilty or shame after consuming porn, their chances of facing stress and anxiety or any other mental health issues get higher.

    Now without any further delay, let’s get started with the topic.

    Is There a Direct Link Between Pornography And Depression?

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    A straightforward answer to this question is no because there is not any research that indicates there is a direct relation between pornography and depression.

    Loneliness could be the bigger concern. A study which was published in 2007 in the journal of sexual addiction and compulsivity shows that the people who consume pornography more frequently are likely to feel more lonely.

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    Another research which was published in 2018, used a sample of 1,638 people and got to know that the perception and the use of porn were related to depression. So, in simple words, we can say that it is not an act of only viewing porn but how an individual is reacting to this activity.

    Researchers have found that lots of people experience the feeling of guilt, shame, and distress during watching pornography and all these feelings can be the reason for the overall disturbance in emotional health.

    What If We Flip The Case – Can Depression Lead To More Consumption Of Porn?

    Well, it is slightly tricky to confess that a depressed person tends to watch more porn. It has shown that people have more symptoms of depression when they consume porn if they have believed that porn is morally wrong.

    There was a study published in 2017 and the result showed that people who are consuming porn and believe that it is morally wrong may they will experience more overwhelming feelings such as guilt and shame and of course it will affect the overall emotional state as I mentioned above.

    The researchers discovered that for those who don’t consider porn morally wrong, only those consume porn most frequently were having more symptoms of depression. So, we can see that these studies are suggesting that depressed people especially men consume more porn mainly when they do not perceive porn as immoral.

    Have You Ever Wondered That Who Really Consume Pornography?

    The consumption of pornography is very popular among adults. There are some studies show that 70% to 90% of people watch porn in their lifetime. And most of them haven’t faced any type of negative results.

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    Here is a different profile of pornography consumers based on the study of Bőthe which was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine:

    • People who watch porn very less often (68% to 78%)
    • People who consume porn frequently without any incident (19% to 29%)
    • People who consume porn frequently and it has converted into a problem (3% to 8%)

    Here is a thing that you must notice, watching porn has become a problem for a very less percentage of people if we compare them to the general consumers of porn.

    The most disturbing factor is the number of children is getting exposed to pornography. There is a study in the journal pediatrics which shows that 42% of children and teens between the age of 10 to 17 have consumed pornography content and 27% of them were consuming porn intentionally. The problem with consuming porn at this age is that it can leave a long-lasting impact on how an individual thinks about how sex should feel and look. It may also impact the perception of body images and power dynamics.

    How Do You Find Out The Problematic Signs Of The Porn Usage

    Here are a few signs that indicate that the way you are using porn is quite problematic:

    • Depressive symptoms
    • Having lower self-esteem
    • Getting uncomfortable feeling about porn.
    • Relationship strain
    • Getting less satisfaction of psychological wants linked to social belonging, sense of competence, and overall autonomy.
    • Getting insecure because of the body image
    • High level of hypersexuality.

    Are You Addicted To Porn And Worried About It?

    The feeling of being addicted to porn is when you experience the sense of not being in the control and that is one of the most major reasons that make people feel depressed because of pornography, according to scholars.

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    See, if you are consuming pornography content based on your psychological craving instead of occasionally fun then you might have to visit someone professional for help.

    If your partner’s consumption of pornography is interfering in your relationship and keeping you away from real intimacy then you should also go for professional help.

    Where To Get Help If You Are Concerned About Your Consumption Of Pornography And Depression?

    If you have found that your consumption of pornography is making you feel depressed or you are just looking up for assistance to address your dependency upon the porn, here are some of the best options which might be a perfect fit for you:

    1. Therapy might be a great option to get started if you think you have a problem with the consumption of pornography.
    2. Local sexual health support groups can also be a good fit for you.
    3. You can also go for online and text-based therapy.
    4. If you are not able to find in-person local assistance, don’t worry, there are online support groups that can help you out.


    Because there is not enough evidence available showing that pornography can lead to depression, it merely remains a myth. It is spread for discouraging the consumption of pornography because it is viewed as immoral in our society and not knowing how to use pornography healthy can also be a big reason.

    Still, we can’t deny that some people experience depression because of the usage of porn. If you are noticing depressive symptoms, feeling bad about yourself, your relationship or the real-life enjoyment is vanishing from your life, then you should definitely take a break from porn.

    So, this was the complete article on Pornography and depression. I hope you have got enough valuable knowledge here. If you have any queries, leave them in the comment section.

    Thanks for reading!

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