How To Open A Coconut In 4 Easy Ways

    how to open a coconutCoconut has healing powers and comes with multiple health and beauty benefits. You can know how to open a coconut in five ways and enjoy the fruit. A sacred fruit in Asian countries and your trusty sidekick that takes care of your physical health and beauty needs. Portuguese sailors called the fruit ‘coco’ because it has three holes that looks like a grinning face. The English added the word ‘nut’ later. That’s how the fruit gets its name.

    The coconut water is a healthy and natural drink as it contains dietary fiber, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. The coir of coconut is used in making mattresses, ropes, baskets, etc.

    The meat, which is the white part of the coconut is used to make oil, in cooking recipes, making soaps, and other cosmetic products. In Thailand, monkeys are trained to harvest coconuts. Cracking a coconut open is not easy but can be done in five different ways.

    How To Open A Coconut

    how to open a coconut

    When opening a coconut, you have to drain the water and learn how to extract the meat from the core which is hard. You can make use of the coconut shells as bowls removing the coir and painting them. DIY bowls, knick-knacks is what you make from these shells instead of throwing them away. They are hard and can serve multiple uses.

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    How To Open A Coconut With Tools

    how to open a coconut

    You can use a variety of tools to make holes in the eyes of the coconut to drain the water. Use a drill, a knife, screwdriver to make holes inside the coconut. Remove the coir from the coconut using knife to loosen them and peel them away with hands.

    If you want to remove the water without cracking the shell, you can use this method. After poking the hole, turn it down on a glass to collect water. This water is nutritious and delicious. It can be used in cooking and smoothies.

    • Place it inside a bag
    • Use a hammer or a mallet to crack open the shell with little force
    • Scrap the meat with a spoon or a handheld grater
    • You can use a hard surface to bang it open but that might not be appropriate
    • If you have a handheld saw use it to get two perfect even shells
    • You can also use a rolling pin and board to crack open a coconut using the same method. Just put it in a bag, place it on a rolling board and hit it with a rolling pin
    • You can leave it inside the freezer overnight and use a hammer to crack it open to get the entire meat out effortlessly

    How To Open A Coconut With Oven

    how to open a coconut

    • Preheat the oven to 375 degrees, ensure it is warm enough
    • Remove the coir from the coconut
    • Drain water from the eyes of the coconut using the above method
    • Place it on a baking sheet
    • Bake the coconut for 10 minutes or more until you see a crack
    • You can also microwave coconut for 3-5 minutes unless you see a crack
    • Remove it from the oven, wrap it in a towel and let it cool for 2-3 minutes
    • Use a mallet or hammer with little force to crack the hard shell
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    This method lets you separate the hard shell from the meat. Use a scrapper to remove the thin covering on the meat. You get the entire meat without having to cut it in two halves with this method.

    How To Open A Coconut With Stone Pestle And Motor

    how to open a coconut
    • Remove the outer coir from the coconut and drain water
    • Place it inside a large or medium size pestle and motor
    • Use the stone pestle to crack open the shell
    • Separate the meat from the shell with a knife

    How To Open A Green Coconut

    how to open a coconut
    • Use a chefs knife or a cleaver to open the top part of the green coconut
    • Drill a hole using a drill or a coconut opener available in the market
    • You can use a chefs knife to cut the center piece to drain water
    • Collect water in a glass
    • Use a cleaver to remove the green shell and get the meat of the coconut
    • Or use a spoon to scrap the meat of the coconut after draining water

    Benefits Of Coconut Water And Coconut Meat

    how to open a coconut
    • Boosts immunity, and acts as an anti-ageing agent
    • Abdominal fats leads to various diseases. It helps in treating the dangerous abdominal fat
    • Burns fat and boosts energy levels. A reason it is considered an energy drink
    • It has anti-cancerous properties
    • Keeps you hydrated
    • Takes care of bones, oral hygiene, and skin
    • Reverses tanning of skin
    • Helps in weight loss


    Coconut is a miracle fruit. Learn how to open a coconut in 5 ways and enjoy the umpteen health benefits of this tropical fruit. Use it in making yummy recipes and enjoy your summers. It has all the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins the body needs to fight chronic diseases and infections boosting your energy levels and immunity.

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