How To Make Lip Gloss Using 4 Amazing Ways At Home!

    How To Make Lip Gloss

    One should know how to make lip gloss at home if really interested in natural products. When you prepare your won lip gloss, you can easily customize it to give it a perfect color or scent as per your likings. You may also add glitters if you enjoy a few sparkles. You might most of the ingredients sued in how to make lip gloss at home itself, if not, they are readily available in nearby markets.

    You can use vaseline fr making a simple lip gloss with just 2 ingredients, beeswax for a firm lip gloss, and coconut oil for a lip gloss having hydrating properties. Lip glosses are really fun and easy to prepare, you can prepare enough at a time to share with all your pals.

    Here are few types of lip glosses to make, using simple steps, you can easily learn how to make lip gloss at home. Let’s get started.

    How to make lip gloss at home

    1. Vaseline Based Lip Gloss At Home

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    To learn how to make lip gloss using vaseline, you will need 2 tbsp of vaseline (mandatory), essential oils (optional), lipstick for adding colors (optional), blush, or beetroot powder for color (optional), and glitter for shine (optional).

    Follow these steps and know-how to make lip gloss using vaseline.

    1. Take a microwave-safe bowl and spoon out 30 mL or 2 tbsp of baseline in it. You may also use 2 separate bowls to prepare 2 different shades of lip gloss or use the same bowl to prepare multiple shades of glosses. You can use a really small bowl instead of using a large one which becomes hard to clear later on. A small bowl will be able to hold the quantity needed at one. If you do not have vaseline right now, go for petroleum jelly instead, both work completely fine.
    2. Add a tbsp of lipstick for color to the bowl of vaseline you have. Lipstick is a great way for giving your lip gloss a tint of your favorite hue. It totally depends on you how much lipstick you wish to use, if you want a dark gloss, pour more lipstick inside of it. You just have to cut a small piece from the lipstick tube and add it to the vaseline bowl. In absence of lipstick or you do not want to use it, some other alternatives include blush or eyeshadow of your favorite color. These can give a good color too.
    3. You may also use few drops of your favorite essential oil in the mix or a pinch of glitter to give it a perfect shine. This helps you create a customized lip gloss, so use everything according to your choice.
    4. Microwave the mixture thus prepared it for 10 to 30 seconds only. Put this bowl inside a microwave and set the timer for 10 seconds initially. Open it and check if all the ingredients have completely melted, if not, again microwave for a further 10 seconds and check. Also, do not touch the bowl when it is too hot and handle it carefully. In absence of a microwave, a double boiler on the stove can also be useful for the ingredients to completely melt.
    5. Now using a disposable spoon, stir the lipstick and vaseline mixture together. Simple stirring all the ingredients for 10 seconds can be good to make sure all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. This is important because you do not want blotchy sections in the lip gloss. If you do not own disposable spoons at the moment, it is completely fine. They are only preferred to make cleanups easier but a regular spoon also does the work properly, you just have to wash it later on.
    6. Transfer the gloss prepared into a container of lip balm. There are many things to use like squeezable lip gloss tubes, chapstick tubes, tins, tubes with wands, or any container you currently have. Just make sure whatever you are using, has a lid. Move the gloss inside the preferred container soon after it melts. Also, make sure it is mixed properly. The warmer your container is, the easier it is to be applied.
    7. Let the lip gloss prepared cool down for nearly 20 minutes before applying it to your lips. Leave the gloss on the counter or put it inside the fridge so that it cools faster. Once the lip gloss has cooled down completely, it would have a perfect consistency and won’t be runny anymore. You may wear it. These lip glosses are great for keeping on your desk or purse and make great gifts too for naturalists.
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    2. How to make lip gloss using Coconut oil

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    If you wish to know how to make lip gloss out of count oil, you will need essential oils, glitter, beetroot, lipstick, cocoa butter, and coconut oil as the main ingredients. Some of these are optional and you may add them if you wish to.

    Want to know how to make a lip gloss with moisturizing coconut? Here are all the steps you can follow and prepare the lip gloss of your choice.

    1. Melt the coconut oil along with cocoa butter in a microwave. You can take 2 tbsp or 30 mL of coconut oil same as vaseline jelly and 1 tbsp of cocoa butter into a microwave-safe bowl mainly small in size. Microwave all the ingredients for 10seconds until you receive a complete liquid consistency. Know that all the ingredients will melt within 30 seconds so do not keep them for long.
    2. Now squeeze a vitamin E capsule into this bowl by cutting off its tip ad extracting the liquid inside of it. Dispose of the capsules left. Vitamin E is a great ingredient to add because it helps protect your lips from sun damage while also softening and hydrating them at the same time.
    3. Add any essential oil or lipstick if you wish to prepare a scented or colored lip gloss. Know that 1 to 2 drops of the essential oil will be enough to add a scene. A teaspoon of lists can be sliced and added to the gloss for a colored tint. There are few options sued in place of lipstick like beetroot powder, a blush, or eyeshadow for colors.
    4. Stir all the ingredients until they combine thoroughly. Again, use a disposable spoon if you have one right now. Stir for 10s seconds to make sure they are evenly mixed with no clumps. It is easy to mix when the mixtures are warm so do it instantly after you melted the cocoa butter and coconut oil instead of cooling them down.
    5. Transfer the lip gloss thus formed into a useful container and it cools down for 20 minutes or so. The melting point of coconut oil is really low, so putting them into a lip balm tube would not be a good idea as it may even melt out the container of that kind. You can get lidded tins in a smaller size, they are readily available for less than a dollar.
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    3. How to make lip gloss with Beeswax

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    Wish to know how to make lip gloss using beeswax? The ingredients needed are blush, beetroot, cocoa butter, grape seed oil, vitamin E capsules, Beeswax (cosmetic grade), and essential oils. Some of these ingredients are optional, you will know once you go through the procedure.

    Here is what you need to do if you wish to know how to make lip gloss using beeswax.

    1. First of all, prepare the beeswax by grating it for it to melt faster. You can get beeswax pastilles online or small squares of beeswax for this purpose. If you bring pastilles, you will not have to grate them. If you buy squares, you will have to do extra work by grating them over a small bowl so that they can combine easily with all other ingredients. Grate enough to prepare 30 mL or 2 tbsp of cosmetic-grade beeswax. Know that if you want a more firm lip gloss, you will need more beeswax. Beeswax is great for hydrating your lips and softening any fine lines.
    2. This recipe will help you prepare 12 to 14 lip gloss tubes, this is great for people who want to stock up these glosses or give them as gifts. If you wish to make a smaller version for just 1 or 2 tubes, reduce the quantity needed for each time.
    3. Measure all the ingredients into a measuring cup. Measure out nearly 4 tbsp of olive oil or grapeseed oil, 2 tbsp cocoa butter, 2 tbsp coconut oil. You can use shea butter instead of cocoa butter in the mix along with grated beeswax. Mix 3 capsules of vitamin E also in the mixture. Using a glass measuring cup makes it easy to pour the gloss prepared later on. If you do not have one right now, using plain glass will be fine too. Make sure to not include the actual capsule of vitamin E, just the liquid inside of it.
    4. Use a double boiler on the stove or a microwave. If you use the double stove, use a large enough pot to hold the glass measuring cup. Fill this pot with water for about 2 to 3 inches. Put it on the stove and heat it to medium level and then keep it aside with all the needed ingredients inside the pot.
    5. Make sure not even a single drop of water enters the measuring cup as it may ruin all the ingredients and would not let them mix properly. If you do not have a stove, a microwave will just do fine. Just remain careful and let the ingredients inside it for 10 to 15 seconds only to avoid burning. Stir it after 10s seconds to check.
    6. Keep stirring the ingredients periodically until all the ingredients have thoroughly mixed. This can be done using a silicone spatula for scarping the downsides of the measuring cup so that no ingredients are left behind on the measuring cup. Once no lumps are left and it has mixed evenly, it’s done!
    7. Try to use disposables to avid cleaning the ingredients later on.
    8. Pour the mixture prepared into lip gloss tubes while it is still firm. The gloss prepared is easier to pour when it is hot or warm. Once it cools down, the flow will be difficult. Rather than using chapstick tubes or tins, use actual lip gloss containers. This helps create a gloss rather than lip balms as the consistency formed will be runnier compared to balms. Use a funnel if you face trouble getting the lip gloss into tubes or any container.
    9. Let the lip gloss cool inside the tube for 20 minutes before you start applying it. This cooling time is necessary to allow it to firm up a bit so it becomes less runny. Once it has cooled down, apply it to your lips. Use a fridge for after cooling if you are in a hurry.
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    4. Adding glitter, color, or scent in lip gloss

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    Once you know how to make lip gloss, you may add glitter or colors to make it as pretty and useful as the one you get ready from stores. Follow the steps to achieve this:

    1. Make the lip gloss scented using 3 to 4 drops of essential oil. After your mixture melts properly, use a few drops of essential oils before adding them to a container. Stir the drops thoroughly for a fine consistency. You may try these scents like peppermint for a brain and fresh scent, Lavender for a soothing scent, and lime or orange for a citrus burst scent.
    2. Use blush and beetroot powder for a stunning shade of color to your lip gloss. Simple scape 2.5 mL of any blush powder of your favorite color and add it to gloss after it melts. Stir them until mixed thoroughly. Know that the more powder or lipstick you use, the darker your lip gloss becomes. Find your favorite color or tint by mixing them properly.
    3. Add a teaspoon of lipstick of your choice to create a unique shade. A little extra lipstick will give your gloss a deeper shade. Red, purple, pink, or any other color will give your gloss a perfect finish.
    4. If you love glitters, you may also create a sparkly gloss by adding some glitter to the mixture prepared. Start by adding only 2 grams of glitter at first to melted lip gloss and see if it is enough to give you your desired results, if not, add more! Mix them thoroughly and pour the gloss into a tube or any other containers.
    5. Avoid using craft glitter. It is only for coming in contact with your skin and not good for ingesting accidentally. It may turn out to be very harmful.
    6. Also, make sure you do not use too much glitter as it may change the consistency of that gloss making it grainy.

    These were some ways using which you can learn how to make lip gloss at home easily using few ingredients only.


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