Off-season: what is different about autumn facial skincare?

    Autumn is the season of beauty, according to dermatologists and cosmetologists. After all, this is the best time for skin care procedures – from home masks to salon manipulations, such as injections of dermal fillers. In addition, autumn is the off-season, separating heat and cold. Currently, the condition of the skin is changing and rebuilding to a new stage.

    Dryness or, conversely, oily sheen, rash, or pallor may appear. The reason is the fluctuations in humidity and temperature. Therefore, autumn skin care implies its own personal set of products.

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    Autumn skincare – hide tonics

    This, of course, is not about all tonics without exception … It’s time to postpone products with a high alcohol content until next summer or abandon them forever. Now they, instead of getting rid of excessive oiliness, can overdry the skin. Carefully read the composition – it is advisable to replace cleansing lotions, and tonics with alcohol with foams, milk, and oils for washing with mild action.

    Gently moisturizing tonics on probiotics, with Centella, squalene, acids are also great for the cold season. They can be used in autumn and even in winter.

    It’s time to add regular peels to your autumn skincare routine, as well as acid-based skin care products that will help get rid of age spots, brighten, refresh, and even out skin tone.

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    Autumn Skin Care: Facial Acids Come First

    It is in the fall that you should update your cosmetic bag with products containing acids. Lactic fruit acid for the skin – the best means for rejuvenation in the fall. They will gently exfoliate the keratinized layer of the skin, remove spots and bumps that have appeared from exposure to the sun and outdoors, and will also help fight rashes.

    The sun’s rays are becoming less aggressive, and in the fall, you can safely add products with a whitening effect to your skin care.

    If in the summer the use of such products is contraindicated – the probability of getting burned and exacerbating the problem of uneven complexion is too high, then in the fall the acid for the skin will have a very positive effect.

    It is good if skin care in the autumn includes products containing retinol, gluconolactone, hydroquinone, BHA, and AHA acid to prepare the skin for winter.

    All AHA acids or Alpha hydroxy acids fight well with superficial wrinkles, rashes, post-acne, and improve complexion. So, they are perfect for mature and aging skin, to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and skin aging.

    1. Hyaluronic acid is an excellent choice for oily as well as dehydrated skin that loses elasticity.
    2. Low-concentration lactic acid is suitable for dry and sensitive skin.
    3. Salicylic acid – for skin with rashes and acne.

    However, don’t experiment on your own. The wrong dosage can severely damage the skin and even leave deep, hard-to-heal burns. Savings and “experiments from the network” in this case are not appropriate. Acids are active, and in high concentrations – aggressive hazardous agents.

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    In the beauty industry, there is a huge selection of ready-made products created by professionals for certain tasks, skin types and passed expert checks before reaching the consumer.

    If you are looking for a cleanser with a detox effect, masks based on bamboo charcoal have proven themselves to be excellent. This mask cleanses, mattifies, tightens pores, illuminates, refreshes, evens out tone, and smoothes wrinkles. It can be alternated with hydro-gel masks with various extracts and hyaluronic acid.

    Skin care in the autumn – do not forget about protection

    Indeed, in the fall, solar activity dropped significantly. However, autumn skin care should also include SPF products. Especially if you use peels, brightening creams, and masks with vitamins A and E. Especially if your skin is prone to pigmentation, getting rid of spots is much more difficult than getting it.

    Features of autumn facial skin care: vessels “under the gun”

    Skin in autumn requires special attention. It is good to add masks, and serums with hyaluronic acid to the usual set of care to moisturize the deep layers of the skin. This will help prevent foreclosure, dryness, and flaking. The skin will be especially grateful if nourishing creams are added to moisturizers in autumn skin care.

    Features of autumn facial skin care also involve the protection of capillaries. Unfortunately, the problem of dilated capillaries – the same red cobweb or stars on the face – is exacerbated in the cold season.

    If your skin suffers from these undesirable changes that spoil the appearance in autumn, it is better to take care of a protective cream with the so-called cold effect in advance, and also include anti-couperosis products in the autumn skin care. Despite the fact that the real cold usually begins at the end of autumn, it is better to prepare the skin and take care of its protection from the first months.

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    Enjoy the benefits of each season, and please loved ones with your radiant selfies on social media pages, without hiding your face under a scarf or behind a collar. And let autumn be full of bright colors and impressions.


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