Fox Eye Makeup – Best Makeup Lesson To Learn

    Lining the inner corners of the eyes and winging out the ends creates the fox eye effect.

    This look provides the appearance of a facelift and makes your eyes appear snatched, and it’s easy to do in six easy steps.

    We all believe the common proverb, “Eyes are the windows to the soul,” whether we say it out loud or not. That is why MUAs and fashionistas go to great lengths to get the perfect eye look. Is it possible to say the same thing about lip and cheek makeup? Certainly not! That is the reason probably why we see the most variety in eye makeup looks.

    Beauty influencers and makeup lovers create looks that give birth to new trends, demonstrating the incredible transformational power of cosmetics.

    The ones worth reproducing, on the other hand, take the internet by storm. The pros of living in this digital age are undeniable!

    The fox eye makeup look is an eye makeup trend that has been sweeping the beauty industry in recent months. We’ve seen some of the most beautiful fox-eye looks on social media courtesy of celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

    What does the fox eye makeup look like?

    fox eye makeup

    We asked MUA Shalini Shilpa to explain the fox eye makeup in more detail for those unfamiliar with the latest trend. Creating lining in the inner side corners of your eyes and winging out the ends creates the fox-eye look. Makeup artists use smudged and blurred eyeliner instead of the traditional straight lines. The fox-eye creates the illusion of a facelift by snatching your eyeballs. The long and round look of almond/round-shaped eyes, which mimics the ga fox’seous eye shape.

    If you want to join the fox eye makeup trend and wear it on your next fashion outing, start taking down notes. It is an all-rounder beauty guide that will answer all of your burning questions regarding the latest trend of fox eye makeup. So, without further wait, let’s get into how to do fox eye makeup.

    Makeup tutorial for a fox eye makeup with step-by-step instructions

    Here's How to Get the Trending Fox Eye Makeup Look for Beginners | IAmDodos - TW Magazine Website

    What is needed

    • Shades for the base and transition
    • Improve the form of the foundation
    • Boost the radiance
    • It’s eyeliner time!
    • Mascara and lashes
    • Clean and concealer

    Band transition shade

    The first step in fox eye makeup is to choose a base and transition shade.

    Begin by drawing a line where your eye fold begins with a light brown or beige eyeshadow hue on a fluffy blending brush (smallest size). Apply the eyeshadow to your crease and extend it up to your temples.

    Laying out the foundation shape

    Step two is to improve the shape of the foundation. Ensure there are no harsh or straight lines, and maintain the overall shape when mixing up and blending the edges of the line you made with your eyeliner.

    Time to add a little bit of the S element, Shine

    Step three is to add some glitz and glam.

    Apply a sparkling eyeshadow to the middle of your lids with your finger and smooth it out with a brush. You can also use a highlighter to draw attention to your tear ducts. If you want a matte finish, however, skip this step.

    Applying the eyeliner

    Now step four is to apply eyeliner.

    Line your eyelids with a dark brown eyeliner pencil. Don’t forget to flick a small line down the lash line of your contact lenses to create a winged liner appearance. Then, for an extra-long shape, line the inner corners of your eyes. Blend the edges of the liner using a fluffy blending brush once it’s finished. For this, black eyeliner can also work wonderfully.

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    Mascara and Lashes to spark up your fox eye makeup

    Apply mascara and curl your lashes.

    If you want to use false eyelashes, you can do so at this point. If you don’t want to wear falsies, just use a few coats of mascara to curl your lashes.

    The final finish

    Then finally, apply concealer and wipe clean to give a final look to your fox eye makeup.

    Sharpen the edge of the eye with your liner and eyeshadow with concealer to emphasize the upturned extended form of the liner and eye shadow. Alternatively, you can use compact powder.

    Some tips and must-knows

    Why the 'fox eye' beauty trend is being slammed as racially insensitive - CNN Style

    Additional advice for a perfect fox eye makeup

    • To amp up the effect, try wearing blue or grey contact lenses.
    • With this eye look, go for neutral lip color.
    • Well, coming to the industry-blown fox eye makeup trend, you should keep the inner region of your eye as simple as possible.
    • Use lighter colors near the inner corner of your eye if you’re going for an eyeshadow look with your fox eye.
    • The contour of your brows can also aid in enhancing the fox eye shape. Higher arches will help create a lifted impression, but don’t feel obligated to adjust your brows to keep up with the trend.
    • Wearing thick eyelashes isn’t a good idea.
    • With a fox-eye appearance, feathered brows look great.

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    5-Step Easy Fox Eye Makeup Tutorial

    HOW TO GET THE FOX EYE MAKEUP LOOK? – pillowbeauty

    If you follow the beauty world on social media, you’ve probably heard about the fox eye makeup craze. The fox eye style is all about altering your eye shape for a lifted look, emphasizing the outer corners for a smoldering effect, as popularised by Bella Hadid, Megan Fox, and Kendall Jenner. Overall, the ultimate result is almost identical to a slight facelift, yet it’s all done using cosmetics!

    First step – Create by making a thin line starting at the lash line, slightly inward from your outer corner, with a brown eyeshadow hue on an angled liner brush. Make a 45-degree upward movement toward the tail of your brow. At the end of the line, you want it to taper.

    Second step – Blend the line’s edges somewhat while keeping the overall shape.

    Third step – Apply a smaller and thinner line on top of the brown with a black eyeshadow hue.

    Fourth step – For a smooth transition from the black to the brown color, blend at the edges of the black line.

    Optional step – You may also add a thin line to your inner corner of the eye. Sharpen the edge of your look with the liner by cleaning up with concealer along the bottom to accentuate the upward part of the contour. This method will lit up your eyes.

    Tips on the fox eye makeup look by Victoria model’s makeup artist!

    Please accept apologies in advance to admirers of the classic cat-eye because fox-eye makeup is about to take over your life.

    With only a little bit of liner and lash work, this style seeks to extend and brighten eyes, inspired by the wide, upturned eyes of the animal it’s named after.

    Erin Parsons, the makeup artist behind many of Victoria’s most famous looks, has deconstructed the trend in her way. The style is much easy to produce than it appears, and only a few crucial things are required:

    • A black liquid eyeliner pen
    • A white eyeliner pencil
    • Micellar water
    • A couple of pointed Q-tips

    Parsons begins her look by drawing a unique, inward-facing triangle in the inner corner of her eyes with Maybelline New York’s HyperEasy Liquid Liner. Parsons emphasizes the liner thin application tip, making it look like this is a breeze to achieve.

    Don does not worry if you don’t get the thin lines on the first try. Micellar water and Q-tips are there to save you. It happens if you make a mistake; maybe it’s a smudge of eyeliner. Simply use a Q-tip and micellar water. Then it’s only a matter of cleaning things up.

    Work your way carefully to the outer corner of your eyes, where you’ll create a map for your color liner wing that’s much lower than on a typical cat-eye. You’re going to start at the outside of your eye and pull outward. However, you’re going to go extremely low because you’re going to connect [the lines] on the bottom.

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    Then, to refine and make the lines even bolder, draw over all of the liners you’ve already used. Simply fills in the gaps and brightens the waterline with a white Tattoo Studio Eyeliner Pencil.

    It’s as simple as that! That’s how everything appears to be. Don’t worry if you’re not sure when to connect the inner and outer corners. This is the aspect of the style that offers you allure, according to Parsons.

    What is your opinion? Do you see how the outer and inner corners are all that’s left? Parsons explains that you keep everything else open, which elongates the eye without requiring a lot of makeup. If there is ever a time to just sit at home and perfect your eyeliner abilities, this is the moment. So grab your favorite fine-tip eyeliner pen and borrow a leaf from this cosmetic artist’s book.

    Here’s How to Do the Trending Fox Eye Makeup Look

    Kevin Luong Makeup Workshops

    While appealing, the fox eye makeup trend isn’t entirely new. After all, the winged liner has been a part of makeup looks since Cleopatra’s time and grew in popularity in the 1960s. So, what makes it more fashionable now? Maybe it’s because it’s paired with a straight brow.

    When opposed to the flawlessly arched style that beauty professionals used to perform, straight brows make us seem younger. It’s also tough to go against your brow’s natural form. There are videos of ladies shaving off the ends of their brows solely to achieve the brow shape on sites like TikTok and Instagram, for example. But do we need to go to that length to achieve the desired effect? We don’t have to, thanks to some cosmetic wizardry.

    The straight, slanted eyebrow, which tilts upwards to your temples, is a fundamental feature of the fox eye makeup style. This gives the impression that your face is tighter, toned, and lifted. However, what brow product should you use? Well, It’s a question of personal choice. Choose what makes you feel awesome and confident.

    An eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder, or black gel will suffice if you like a more natural look. However, if you want it to stand out, you should use an eyebrow pomade. If you detect any hairs poking through, cover them with concealer and highlight your brow bone slightly.

    When you’re happy with how your brows appear, move on to your eyes and make them look more feline. If you’re fortunate enough to have almond-shaped eyes, you’re halfway there. This process will need considerable care for people with rounder eye forms. According to some guides, pulling your hair back tightly strains the skin around your eyes. We don’t suggest it since the tight pressure might damage your hairline and make the delicate skin around your eyes more taught, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. Instead, apply light brown makeup to lengthen your lashes.

    Don’t forget to bring your wing liner! After all, it’s a must-have for any cat-eye look. As the last step in the contouring of your eyes, you can apply black eyeshadow powder. Use a black liquid liner if you want the look to seem more somewhat more dramatic. Your eyes will be elongated with a thin wing and some tightening in the inner corner. In preparation for the following step, you might also use a pencil eyeliner to line your top lash line.

    Because the focus of this look is on the eyes, your lashes must be on point. It can be achieved fox eye makeup in a variety of ways. On the outer second part of your eye, you can use a lot of mascara. To determine how voluminous your lashes should be, look at the thickness of your eyeliner.

    Using artificial eyelashes is another alternative. For a fast application, choose one that is longer and thicker on the outside edge. You may also use single liners on the outside portion of your lashes, gently applying them. If you don’t have both of them, move your ordinary falsies a bit further away from the inner corner of your eye. This opens up the scene and emphasizes the feline stare you’re going for.

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    Though the fox eye makeup style emphasizes your eyes and brows, you can take it a step further by contouring your entire face. To create carved and toned cheekbones, use cheek contouring. Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, who popularized this style recently, sport it. If you feel that contouring isn’t your thing? Well, no worries, a little bronzer would suffice. Apply it to your cheekbones and temples, then set it with a translucent setting powder beneath. Note that to make your skin glow, don’t forget to use a natural-looking blush and highlighter.

    The dispute revolving around fox eye makeup

    Many people mocked Asian descent while pulling on the corner of their eyes. It was an insidious racial insult thrown around meanly. For the Japanese, things are looking up.

    It is yet, owing to a new aesthetic fad called fox eyes to make up look. Browsing through social media photos in recent months has brought old memories flooding back.

    People worldwide have been modeling the look on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, using cosmetics and other techniques to mimic the raised, so-called “almond-shaped” eyes of superstars like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Megan Foxx.

    Fox-eye makeup videos demonstrate how to get a winged look by combining eye shadow, eyeliner, and artificial eyelashes. Shaving the tail end of the brows and redrawing them to seem straighter and angled upwards are two suggestions. Others have recommended using tape to elevate the eyes or pulling hair back into a high ponytail. According to some cosmetic artists who created the style, emphasizing eyes to seem slanted or extended in form produces a more sensuous impression.

    Using Asian eyes as a starting point

    Cultural appropriation is defined by Kelly H. Chong, a sociology professor at the University of Kansas, as the unrecognized or improper adoption of one group’s ideas, practices, rituals, and cultural identity markers by members of another group with more extraordinary privilege or power.

    “The dominant group’s cultural influences legitimate it as a fashionable, stylish ‘trend,’ exoticizing and eroticizing it in the process,” Chong noted in an e-mail interview. She claims that the phrase “almond eyes,” which is used to describe the form of fox eyes, has been used to describe the shape of Asian eyes for a long time.

    She recalls Hollywood’s tumultuous history with the appropriation of Asian eye shapes. Makeup artist Cecil Holland employed procedures akin to today’s fox eyes to turn White performers into evil Asian figures like Fu Manchu in the early 1930s. Mickey Rooney, who played Holly Golightly’s strongly accented Japanese neighbor in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” popularised “the buck-toothed, slit-eyed Asian male image.

    Fox-eye makeup videos demonstrate how to get a winged look by combining eye shadow, eyeliner, and artificial eyelashes. Shaving the tail end of the brows and redrawing them to seem straighter and angled upwards are two suggestions. Others have recommended using tape to elevate the eyes or pulling hair back into a high ponytail. According to some cosmetic artists who created the style, emphasizing eyes to seem slanted or extended in form produces a more sensuous impression.

    FAQs on fox eye makeup look

    How do you create a fox-eye look?

    To summarise what the fox eye makeup look comprises, it entails lining your inner corners, winging out the ends, and slightly blurring and smudging your eyeliner and color of the eyeshadow. The fox-eye also creates the impression that the face and eyes are being drawn up and back.

    What distinguishes Fox-eye from Cat-eye?

    Please accept my apologies in advance to admirers of the classic cat-eye because fox-eye makeup is about to take over your life. With only a little bit of liner and lash work, this style seeks to extend and brighten eyes, inspired by the wide, upturned eyes of the animal it’s named after.

    What is fox-eye makeup, and how does it work?

    The latest beauty craze uses eyeliner, concealer, fake lashes, and other cosmetics to create the extended effect of almond-shaped eyes, which look like a fox. It is not difficult to get this amazing fox eye makeup look.

    For a fox-eye, what can I do?

    Use concealer to refine the edge of your liner and eyeshadow, or use compact powder to accentuate the upturned curve.

    What color are the eyes of a fox?

    Their eyes are usually blue or bright yellow, although they can also be grey or brown. The most distinguishing feature of these foxes is their distinctive pale blue coloring, which only adds to the fox’s attractiveness.

    How long does it take for a Fox eye lift to work?

    The duration of the non-surgical Snatched Fox eye effect procedure. The effects usually last anywhere from six months to two years. The length of the fox eye makeup course is determined by several criteria, including the patient’s age, skin quality, the number and type of treatments prescribed, and their lifestyle and metabolism.

    What is the distinction between cat-eye and fox eye makeup?

    Please accept my apologies in advance to aficionados of the classic cat-eye because fox eye makeup will take over your life. With only a tiny amount of liner and lash work, this style attempts to lengthen and brighten eyes, inspired by the vast, upturned eyes of the animal it’s named after.


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