How to make Homemade Butter Tarts: Simple Recipe to Try at Home

    Homemade Butter Tarts: Easy Recipe Step-by-step

    When it comes to delicious Canadian cuisine, the very first thing that came into our mind is butter tart. Yes! The tasty, fantastic-looking butter tart is considered to be one of the most interesting Canadian cuisines. The firm pastry and the consistent filling inside it make it a popular dish worldwide. However, the type of the pastry and the filling vary as per the different countries worldwide.

    Many often confuse the butter tart with the butter pie. No, they are not at all the same. Butter pie is a different dish consisting of a savory pie that originated in England. On the other hand, with all its sweet flavors, the butter tart belongs to the dessert community.

    homemade butter tarts
    Delicious butter tarts

    What butter tart actually is? Butter Tart is a mouth-watering Canadian cuisine comprising a buttery caramel filling inside a flaky pastry shell. The filling usually includes butter, sugar, syrup, egg, etc. Sometimes, nuts, dried fruits are added on top of the filling. If you have a sweet tooth, you will definitely love it.

    The professional bakers nowadays, come up with new, exotic flavors for this butter tart. A wide range of various recipes is also available for this delicious delicacy. Here, we will share how to make homemade butter tart easily. So, let’s follow the recipe.

    How to Make Homemade Butter Tarts: The Recipe

    Butter tarts sound exotic, so is its taste. But, surprisingly, the recipe is pretty simple. You just have to follow certain easy steps accordingly.


    30 unbaked tart shells (You can use flour to prepare tart shells on your own)

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    1 ½ cups packed brown sugar

    2 eggs

    ½ cup butter

    2 tablespoons heavy cream

    2 cups raisins

    1 cup chopped walnuts

    homemade butter tarts

    The Preparation:

    Pre-heat the oven at 170 degrees C (or 325 degrees F).

    To prepare the filling for homemade butter tarts, you have to add the eggs, butter, heavy cream, and other ingredients together.

    First, melt the butter with the brown sugar in a saucepan at medium heat. Add heavy cream to it. Then, let it cool for near about 5 minutes. Now, it is time to add the eggs. Whisk the eggs in it. Then, for the final touch, add raisins and walnuts to the mixture. Stir and mix all of the ingredients well.

    Now, your filling is ready to pour. Place the tart shells on a floury base. Start pouring the buttery filling inside it. Fill every tart shell until they are half-full.

    Now, it’s time for baking. Place the half-filled tart shells inside the oven and bake for 15-20 minutes. Well, here you have to be extremely careful. The butter tarts tend to burn quickly. So, keep a keen watch on the tarts! After they are baked properly, place them on a tray and serve as delicious sweet dishes to your loved ones and the guests.

    How to Make Tart Shells for Homemade Butter Tarts

    Readymade tart shells are good enough. They are easy-to-use and help you to get your tarts ready instantly. But freshly-prepared tart shells have their own essence.

    The ingredients you require to prepare the dough are flour, baking powder, salt, vinegar, egg, and water. First, toss together the flour, baking powder, and salt. Mix them well. Then, add some butter, egg, and a little amount of vinegar. Stir them properly until they are combined together. Add enough water to prepare the dough.

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    Now, the dough is prepared. It is time to shape the tart shells.

    Place the dough on a floured surface. Roll the dough first and then cut as many circles as you can. Make sure that the circles are of the same diameter. The diameter usually is 4″. Then, place the circles into the pan and keep them inside the freezer until the filling is ready.

    How to Store Homemade Butter Tarts

    You can have the tarts instantly after they are baked. Otherwise, you can preserve them for near about 5 days. keep the tarts in airtight containers. For room temperature, you can keep it for 2 days. And, if you keep them in the fridge, they can be stored for 5 days. Anyways, when it is better to freshen up the tarts in the oven for 5-7 minutes at 350 F after 3 days. It helps to re-crisp the tarts.

    Some Useful Tips:

    Now, you have learned how to make homemade butter tarts. Let’s share some useful tips that will help you to make it better.

    • Use softened butter: Yes, we know that hard, cold butter is recommended for pie crust. But softened butter is actually easy to cut and use for filling. It becomes hard again once you keep the filled tart shells inside the freeze.
    • Use the lower third of the oven for baking: Bake the tarts at the position of the lower third inside the oven. It will bring a golden hue to the bottom of the tarts.

    homemade butter tarts

    • Remove tarts from the pan after they are cooled: When baking is done, wait until they are cooled. Place a cooling rack on top of the pan and flip the pan. After that, flip each tart again right-side up.
    • Be gentle with the tarts stuck in the pan: Your tarts may break if you do hurry. If any of your tarts are stuck to the pan, gently loosen it with a fork and remove them.
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    So, now you know how to prepare homemade butter tarts. Spark up the chef inside you and make this delicious cuisine at home. You can serve this mouth-watering dessert with some crispy chocolate chip cookies. Find the recipe here.


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