Best Blue Lagoon Cocktail Recipe 2022 [Pro Tips and Ingredients]

    Well, summer is on its way, and the excruciating warmth will accompany the same. In such a situation, who wouldn’t love a good refreshing drink? The blue lagoon cocktail is one of my favorites and has been appreciated by everyone across the globe. This refreshing drink is a fantastic mixture of blue lagoon, vodka, and lemonade. However, there’s always more to the story, and a blue lagoon cocktail can be prepared in more than one way for us. I have friends who don’t like alcohol, and it gets tiring to take care of them.

    Blue lagoon cocktail

    Whatsoever, we can finally rely on a drink that is well-associated with both mocktail and cocktail. Apart from being refreshing, the blue lagoon cocktail also brings in a colorful experience for us. Therefore, without wasting much time, let’s jump into knowing more about the drink.

    Blue Lagoon Cocktail – History

    There is nothing more exciting than knowing where the drink originated from. While many claim to be the drink’s originals, there is a distinctive touch. With so many stories revolving around the cocktail, it gets challenging to pick one. However, we have researched enough to find a permanent answer to the question. We have finally found one person who should be considered the original with all the speculation around.

    Andy Mac Elon from the legendary New York Harry Bar has given a blue lagoon cocktail its unique texture and flavor that many couldn’t achieve. On the other hand, Andy Mac Elon is often recognized as the son of the legendary bartender Harry Mac Elon. Many bartenders even relate the drink to White Lady, Side Kara, and Monkey Gland. All of these are some of the famous drinks appreciated in the central region of the United States. Therefore, if you haven’t tried it yet, it is your opportunity to do so.

    Best blue lagoon cocktail recipe 2022

    Even though Andy is famous for the blue lagoon cocktail, he couldn’t surpass his father when it comes to popularity. With so much in the league, it is impossible to have a game with just one cocktail in creation. But things have been different for Andy as the cocktail has been appreciated widely in different countries.

    There is still a dispute about the time when the drink was put out. The legendary Salvatore Calabrese considers the drink invented in the 1960s; however, some European markets consider 1972, the year of origination. One thing that nobody disputes about is the location where it originated, i.e., Harry’s New York Bar.

    Blue Lagoon Cocktail Recipe

    We have probably covered every little detail known by the internet about the blue lagoon cocktail, and thus, it’s time to discuss the secret recipe that Andy revealed a few years back. However, the story has a twist as Andy never revealed the true recipe. Andy Mac Elon always made sure to keep the original recipe to himself and thus, sent out different recipes every time someone questioned him about the same.

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    Whatsoever, we think we have found the solution to your question. Blue Lagoon cocktail is something that everybody enjoys with utmost pleasure. There is no way on Earth that we are going to disappoint our audience.

    With our e with many triesxperts working day in and day out on the recipe, things have become pretty much easy for everyone in the town. All you need to do is visit to get the exciting recipe covered by Krishna Saraogi. Well, only a misanthrope knows the good act of kindness.

    To begin with, the blue lagoon cocktail contains Vodka as the base alcohol and Monin blue curanao liqueur (well known as the sweetener), and lemonade. However, this is where the twist comes in. While most of us are made to use lemonade for the cocktail, it is necessary to squeeze out fresh lemon juice to get the right taste and thinner quality.

    However, if you are still unsure what is the best thinner for your blue lagoon cocktail, check the list below.

    • Sprite or 7up
    • Lemon juice with soda
    • Homemade Lemonade for the night

    Before beginning with the blue lagoon cocktail recipe, one must be firm with the lemonade as no one wants to explore the raw ingredients. Preparing lemonade is a sugar game, lemon peel essential oil and lemon juice. While all of these are available at home, it is crucial to understand the process we have to create the best lemonade out there. To begin with, one will need three large lemons. Cut the lemon into equal halves and squeeze the juice into a bowl.

    Now, peel off the skin from the white base and cut the same into a ring shape. Sprinkle sugar on the same and add warm water (about 500mls). With a periodic gap, stir the mixture and let it cool down. After that, add lemon juice to the same.

    Well, this is all that you need to do to prepare the base for lemonade. Now, one can enjoy the same by diluting it using carbonated water. Exclusive pubs in the town use siphon to enrich the drink with gas making it a completely new experience to live for.

    Preparing the blue lagoon cocktail won’t be a tough job. Therefore, let’s jump to the same. These are the following items you will need for the blue lagoon cocktail.

    • Vodka – 45 ml
    • Liqueur Monin blue cura or blue lagoon syrup – 20 ml
    • Lemonade

    To begin with, take a highball glass, fill it with ice, and leave it to cool. While in another glass, pour the vodka and the sweetener as mentioned above. Mix it well and add the homemade lemonade depending on how much you wish to dilute it. Once you have done the same, stir it properly. Now, remove the ice cubes from the glass, pour the drink, and garnish with an orange wedge.

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    This drink is well-known for the pleasant bitterness that it accompanies in the aftertaste. However, with so many years in the making, bartenders have learned experiment art. Every bar today has a different touch to its blue lagoon cocktail. Many even prefer to switch the lemons with oranges giving it a distinctive taste of oranges and blue lagoon at the same time.

    While on the other hand, many bartenders love to replace the vodka base with something more substantial like rum or gin. Well, if you have been exploring the same for so long, you are free to try out your own blue lagoon cocktail recipe. Don’t forget to share the same in the comment below if you ever do so.

    Blue Lagoon Cocktail – Pro Tips

    blue lagoon cocktail

    Well, who wouldn’t wish to be one of the best bartenders in the town? This is quite possible as several schools are out there preparing students for the same. However, what is the solution for the people who wants the best blue lagoon cocktail at their place?

    It is straightforward; you can use the pro tips provided below as it will open up several doors for you that you didn’t even know existed.

    • One of the best ways to get a pub-ready drink is to have king-size ice molds for your drink. Apart from it, one wouldn’t want their drink to dilute as quickly as any other mocktails. Therefore, the best way is to find ice that doesn’t dilute quickly. To ensure the same, one must use boiling water in the ice molds so that there is no air in the water, making it last longer in the drink.
    • Nothing harms the drink if you put it in the shaker. A better solution is elbow grease, which blends the ingredients like never before. Therefore, if you have a shaker at your place, avoid stirring the drink.
    • Preparing a professional drink is all about finding perfection in the small things. While the blue lagoon cocktail provides a smooth and sweet experience, it wouldn’t harm you to add a slight bitterness. The best way to do it is by adding bitterness to the rim of the glass. This can be well done by using a bitter lime and gently rubbing it around the rim. One can even add salt to the rim, garnishing the drink like never before.
    • As mentioned before, cocktails are best served when cold, and no temperature can be colder when drinking. One of the best ways to provide a cool experience is by putting the glassware in the refrigerator an hour before the drink is supposed to be served.
    • Expired items are a big NO. While blue lagoon syrup can be easily identified, it might be a little difficult for you to judge the lemonade. Therefore, take a sip of diluted lemonade and check for the bitterness. If the solution is too bitter, avoid using it. You wouldn’t want to have a bad experience because you didn’t choose the right ingredients.
    • Even if you are preparing a drink for yourself, it is always best to garnish your heart out on it. There is no harm in adding different flavors and aromas to your cocktail with every new try. While people use wheels, twists, peels, and wedges, you are free to find out a new solution for yourself. One of my suggestions is to mix rum with vodka to get a different kick.
    • One of the rookie mistakes is not using the shaker properly. Therefore, seal it properly after you add all the ingredients to it. Also, don’t add ice to the shaker. You wouldn’t want to dilute the solution too much.
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. Which country has the drink originated from?

    Well, the question remains unanswered. Different websites claim different countries, and therefore, finding the right one is tricky. However, with extensive research, we have finally concluded. While Andy Mac Elon is appreciated for the drink, the blue color originated in Mexico, and the blue lagoon is named after an Aztec princess.

    Q2. How much alcohol does the blue lagoon cocktail contains?

    One is free to explore the base as per their choice. However, based on the original recipe, one should add 45ml of vodka to the drink, making it a perfect experience for the consumers. Don’t dilute the drink too much, or it will lose both its sweetness and bitterness. Apart from it, one can always substitute vodka with rum or gin to explore the new sides.

    Q3. Is the blue lagoon flavor artificial?

    While many expect years of research to be gone in the drink, it is a natural accident that caused the blue lagoon taste to appear. A geothermal plant well-known as Svartsengi helped form the foundation of the blue lagoon drink. The dissolved minerals in the water gave the flavor a distinctive taste and appearance, making it one of the best drinks in town.

    Q4. What glass should be used for the blue lagoon cocktail?

    If we observe correctly, every blue lagoon cocktail is served in a highball glass due to the dilution via lemonade. One can always explore the drink by mixing different quantities of liquids.


    The blue lagoon cocktail is probably the most special. With this article, every minor detail has been covered related to the same. However, it’s never late to try some new sides with the drink. Sleck provides an all-exclusive experience for individuals with its content. Check out the chicken rice paper roll recipe, which will be the perfect side for your blue lagoon cocktail.


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