How to fold baby clothes? 3+ best ways explained

    If you’re getting ready to have a new baby, you may wonder how to fold baby clothes. Baby clothes are small and often difficult to fold due to their shape. Perhaps you’ve used a traditional folding method for a while and are still getting messy drawers and wrinkled outfits. If this sounds normal, you might want to try a new method for folding baby clothes, such as KonMari.

    how ro fold baby clothes
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    You can use the KonMari method of folding clothes to fold baby onesies, pants, dresses, and even your baby’s teeny-tiny socks. Keep your baby’s clothes wrinkle-free and organized with step-by-step instructions on how to fold baby clothes.

    The KonMari folding method for baby clothes conserves space while reducing wrinkles. Filing baby clothes into drawers rather than stacking them allows you to find items without disturbing the other clothes. Wondering how to fold baby clothes in other ways? Other popular baby clothing organization methods include traditional folding, the No-Fold method, rolling, and hanging clothes.

    How to fold baby clothes? Various Folding Methods: KonMari vs. Traditional

    You’ll likely get various responses if you question any number of moms about how they fold their baby clothes. Some moms go all-out “KonMari” and have their child’s dressing area perfectly organized. Others may perform a quick fold-over to complete the task.

    Let’s go over these techniques and compare them before we show you how to fold baby clothes.

    How to fold baby clothes? The KonMari system

    If you’ve been actively researching how to fold baby clothes, you’ve probably heard of the KonMari method. Marie Kondo created this technique, focusing on an organization that “sparks joy.” Six rules govern this method: 

    • Commit to the idea of cleaning.
    • Consider how you would like to live.
    • Before organizing, finish discarding items.
    • Organize by category rather than by location.
    • Follow the correct sequence.
    • Check to see if an item makes you happy.

    In the case of clothing, the KonMari method employs a folding technique that allows the folded garment to stand upright. This method, also known as “filing,” makes them more accessible and organized.

    Many parents (and people in general) prefer this folding style to the traditional method. This is because they can see everything they own. The folding process is slightly different when folding baby clothes rather than your own.

    How to fold baby clothes

    How to fold baby clothes? Traditional system

    This is most likely the folding method you’re used to, in which clothes are stacked in separate drawers. Some parents believe this to be superior to the KonMari method.

    However, it becomes impractical to pick up other clothing just to find what you want. It can be inconvenient if you can’t find the right shirt to wear without tearing your drawers apart.

    Many parents prefer the KonMari method because it makes clothing much more accessible. Furthermore, seeing everything at once keeps your child from outgrowing something before they can wear it.

    However, the traditional method can still work if you have higher-up shelves like those in a closet. Instead of standing the clothing straight up, stack it on those shelves so you can see each piece.

    How to fold baby clothes
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    How to fold baby clothes? The KonMari system vs. Traditional system

    In a few ways, the KonMari folding method differs from traditional clothing folding methods. This includes both how your clothes are folded and how they are organized in your dresser drawers.

    The KonMari folding method folds clothes in a way that saves space and reduces wrinkles. KonMari often necessitates more folds than the traditional method of folding baby clothes. The additional folding can help reduce wrinkles that would otherwise occur with a traditional folding method and make it easier to fit more clothing in a small space.

    How to fold baby clothes

    How you organize your baby clothes in the drawer after you’ve folded them is equally important. Rather than stacking the folded clothes, they are filed into the dresser drawer. This means you’ll be able to see everything in the drawer at once. It also makes it simpler to remove an item without disturbing anything else.

    How to fold baby clothes? Folding Baby Clothes the KonMari Way

    You can use the KonMari method of organization to clean up your entire home, including folding baby clothes. When you fold clothes the Marie Kondo way, you save space, reduce wrinkles, and make it easier to find everything.

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    Before you begin, you should empty your baby’s dresser drawers. This may seem overwhelming initially, but you’ll thank yourself later when everything is neatly folded, and your drawers are no longer cluttered. And once you’ve gotten past the initial stage of organization, keeping it up will be much easier.

    How to fold baby clothes

    When it comes time to fold your baby’s clothes, lay each item flat on a clean surface. The KonMari method involves more folds than other folding techniques, and each item will become a small square that can stand independently. This allows you to “file” each item into the drawer.

    Marie Kondo’s filing method means you’ll spend less time looking for outfits and make less of a mess. So, while this technique may take more time folding clothes, it will save you time getting ready each day.

    When folding the KonMari way, there are a few general guidelines to follow:

    • Make a clean, flat surface available: This will make folding much easier because you’ll have more room to spread out and do it properly.
    • Flatten the garment: Flat-it as you fold it to avoid a bulky end product; it may also help to wrinkle.
    • The finished product should be self-contained: Clothing folded using KonMari is folded into thirds for this reason. Because you will store it vertically, the stand-up test will ensure it will fit perfectly in the drawer.
    • Leave a hairsbreadth or two of space at the top: This will help the product stand independently.
    • The organization is essential: The goal of folding in this manner is to create a more organized drawer. Marie Kondo suggests purchasing drawer dividers or small boxes to store items such as socks and underwear. This will prevent them from becoming mixed up or, worse, lost.
    How to fold baby clothes

    How to fold baby clothes? Folding Onesies using KonMari

    You probably have a lot of onesies, and your child goes through them quickly. Folding them according to the KonMari method will keep them organized and easy to find in the drawer. Follow these steps to fold onesies using the KonMari folding technique:

    Step One: Smooth any wrinkles by laying the onesie flat on a clean surface.

    Step Two: Fold the onesie in half lengthwise to stack the sleeves.

    Step Three: Tuck the sleeves in so that the edges are straight.

    Step Four: Fold the onesie horizontally in half, bottom to top.

    Step Five: Fold it into thirds after that. You may require to do more or fewer folds, depending on the size.

    How to fold baby clothes
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    When folding the onesie, you should have a compact square or rectangle. Check that the folded onesie can stand independently with the folded side up. Then put it in the drawer, and you’re finished!

    How to fold baby clothes? Folding long-sleeved baby Onesies using KonMari

    Folding long-sleeved onesies are essentially the same as folding a regular onesie, with one additional step. You simply need to ensure that the sleeves are folded to create uniform edges. Using KonMari, here’s how to fold long-sleeved onesies:

    Step One: Smooth the sleeves and any wrinkles by laying the onesie flat on a clean surface.

    Step Two: Fold in half vertically, stacking the sleeves together.

    Step Three: Then, fold both sleeves across the onesie’s body.

    Step Four: Fold your sleeves in toward your body. Fold the sleeves around the body of the onesie an additional one or two times. Everything should fit into a neat rectangle shape.

    Step Five: Fold the onesie in half horizontally, bringing the bottom to the top.

    Step Six: Fold horizontally into thirds. Depending on the size of the onesie, you may need to adjust the number of folds.

    How to fold baby clothes
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    You should be endowed with a compact square or rectangle that can stand upright on its own, just like the short-sleeved onesies. Tuck it up and put it in the drawer.

    How to fold baby clothes? Folding baby pants and shorts using KonMari

    Using the KonMari method, baby pants and shorts are folded like adult pants. This method is probably not much different from how you already fold your pants. You’ll simply fold them into a compact shape that can stand independently. Using KonMari, here’s how to fold baby pants and shorts:

    Step One: Place the pants on a clean surface.

    Step Two: Fold them vertically in half, with the pant legs touching.

    How to fold baby clothes
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    Step Three: Tuck in any excess fabric, particularly near the bottom or crotch of the pants. Make a roughly uniform rectangle, but don’t worry if the legs are tapered.

    Step Four: Fold the pants in the middle so that the base of the pant meets the waistband.

    Step Five: Fold long pants into thirds from bottom to top. You can fold shorts in half easily. Depending on the size, you may need to adjust the number of folds for either.

    File the compact rectangle or square into the drawer, folded side up.

    How to fold baby clothes? Folding baby dresses using KonMari

    Baby dresses are especially prone to wrinkles when folded and placed in a dresser drawer, but the KonMari folding technique aims to reduce this. It’s extremely important to lay the dress as flat as possible before you begin to help prevent wrinkles in your baby’s dresses. Here’s how to fold baby dresses the KonMari way:

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    Step One: Place the gown flat on a clean surface. Because the bottom of the dress is likely to be wider than the top, make sure to spread it out. This will help to reduce wrinkling.

    Step Two: Tuck the sides of the dress (including the sleeves) one-third toward the center. You should be left with a nice, straight rectangle.

    Step Three: Then, about one-third of the way up, fold the bottom of the dress up toward the top.

    Step Four: Fold up one more time horizontally. Depending on the size of the dress, you may need to fold it more or less to fit.

    How to fold baby clothes
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    When you’re finished folding, you should have a rectangle or square the same size as the other baby clothes you’ve folded. If the size isn’t right, try more folds in the final two steps. Then you can put it away without worrying about wrinkles!

    How to fold baby clothes? Folding baby socks and underwear using KonMari

    How to fold baby clothes
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    The KonMari method for folding baby socks and underwear is simple and will help keep your baby’s sock drawer tidy. Consider purchasing drawer dividers to keep things organized, especially if you have socks, underwear, and accessories in the same drawer.

    One of the advantages of the KonMari method of folding socks is that the elastic is not stretched out. Here’s how to go about it:

    Step One: Stack a pair of socks, one on top of the other, on a clean surface.

    Step Two: Socks should be folded in half from bottom to top.

    How to fold baby clothes
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    And there you have it! Put them in the drawer or organizer just like any other piece of clothing.

    Folding toddler underwear is as simple as folding socks with KonMari. Here’s how to go about it:

    Step One: Simply place a clean pair of underwear on a clean surface.

    Step Two: Make a rectangle with even edges by folding the bottom to the waistband.

    Step Three: Fold in half twice vertically.

    How to fold baby clothes
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    Once the underwear has been folded into a compact square or rectangle shape, see if it can stand independently. Put them in the drawer.

    How to fold baby clothes? Folding baby shirts using KonMari

    Step One: When folding a shirt, begin by folding one side of the shirt over. 

    Step Two: Fold the shirt sleeve back over the folded panel you just made. Then repeat with the opposite side.

    Step Three: Ensure to flatten the shirt to smooth any wrinkles before folding it in half with a small gap at the end. Finally, fold the shirt into thirds, and it’s ready to be stored.

    Step Four: You can fold hooded sweatshirts similarly. The only extra phase is to fold the hood after the arms are folded.

    How to fold baby clothes
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    How to fold baby clothes? Folding Baby Clothes the No-fold Way

    If you’re tired of folding laundry and want to try something new, consider organizing your baby’s clothes using the No-Fold method. Yes, you read that correctly – many parents have discovered a way to avoid folding their children’s laundry entirely. And, given that the average mom spends nearly 18 hours per week on housework, you might consider this time-saving strategy.

    How to fold baby clothes

    To organize your baby’s clothes using the No-Fold method, you should use bins rather than a dresser. Because you won’t be stuffing everything into a small drawer, this helps to reduce wrinkles. You’ll also need to remove clothing from the dryer as soon as possible, giving each item a quick shake before tossing it into the laundry basket.

    Because 100% cotton wrinkles more, the No-Fold method is best if your child wears a lot of synthetic fabrics and cotton blends. This method will take up a little more space and may even necessitate a reduction in your child’s wardrobe.

    How to fold baby clothes for traveling?

    When packing clothes in a hurry, you may simply lay them flat inside the bag. However, this method causes more stress, especially when looking for something. When you lay your clothes flat, you must pull them out and scan them one by one to get what you need. That is why understanding how to fold baby clothes for travel is critical. 

    Folding baby clothes correctly allows you to put items inside the bag or suitcase. Folding clothes also prevents wrinkles, which saves time ironing them. But how to fold baby clothes for traveling? Check the pointers below to know in detail. 

    How to fold baby clothes
    • Consider Your Location

    Before learning how to fold baby clothes for travel, you must think about your destination. Knowing your destination will help you choose clothes to wear based on the weather or the situation of the place; if you’re unsure, look up how to save space on your luggage online. This will effectively assist you in determining whether the clothes you should fold are thick or thin.

    • Create a Checklist
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    How to fold baby clothes for travel? A checklist will help you figure out the best way to fold baby clothes. You already know what clothes to pack for your child once you know where you’re going. Of course, if the location is humid, you should list the clothes made of thin, breathable fabric that he will wear from the first to the last day. 

    If you’re going somewhere cold, your list should include sweaters, leggings, pants, and so on. A checklist will assist you in deciding and estimating how many clothes you will need to prepare and fold for your trip.

    How to fold baby clothes
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    • Pair Them

    How to fold baby clothes for travel? If you want to know how to fold baby clothes, you must first pair their clothes. Choose the outfit’s top, bottom, undies, socks, and other accessories. Combining them will save you time on your actual trip. This will help you avoid the rush of deciding whether the top or bottom looks better. 

    If you haven’t decided yet, you can look for inspiration for your child’s OOTD online. You can also try placing the clothes on a flat surface and seeing if the top and bottom go together.

    • Folding or rolling

    How to fold baby clothes for travel? Folding and rolling are two ways to fold baby clothes for travel. If you choose to fold them, fold the top or bottom in half vertically. Depending on the length, repeat the folding in half process two to three times. 

    If the top has sleeves, fold them before folding the top in half again. If you want to roll it, first lay it flat. Then fold it in half vertically. If you notice that it has sleeves, face one sleeve to the other or arm to arm. Then fold them in half and begin rolling from the bottom.

    • Make use of Ziploc bags.

    How to fold baby clothes for travel? Use zip-lock bags! Putting the clothes inside a ziplock bag will protect them from dirt and keep them paired from top to bottom. This keeps you from digging and matching. 

    Ziplock bags will be used to store the soiled and stinky clothes. Aside from that, it can help you compress the clothes by sucking out the air with a vacuum. The clothes will take up less area in your luggage if you use this method.

    How to fold baby clothes

    Packing baby items should be methodical, especially if you don’t want them to fall out of the bag. But now that you know how to fold baby clothes for travel, you won’t have to worry about space or rushing. You can now plan your next adventure with your child while wearing his adorable outfit!

    How to fold baby clothes? Extra hacks for folding

    As much as parents love the KonMari method, we understand that some people prefer a different approach. What about the items that are simply impossible to fold?

    • Shirt/onesie roll-up: The roll-up method is another effective way to fold baby clothes. Simply fold the sleeves and roll the garment into a cylinder for shirts and onesies.
    • Pant roll-up: Roll up your pants by folding them in half and tucking them in at the crotch. After that, roll the pant legs up into a cylinder.
    • Baby bib roll-up: Baby bibs can be difficult to fold. Some people pile them on top of each other. You can, however, roll these up by folding the neck strap down and rolling to the end.
    How to fold baby clothes
    • Hanger bags for bulky items: To save cupboard space, you can get hanger bags for bulky items like coats and snowsuits. These will compress the fabric, making it more space-efficient for storage.
    • Use over-the-door storage: Over-the-door storage is ideal for storing items such as socks, mittens, and hats. Use this for any item that is difficult to fold.
    How to fold baby clothes
    • Hanger dividers: Consider getting hanger dividers to make it easier to find things in your baby’s closet. To make things easier to organize, sort them by size, season, or type of garment.
    How to fold baby clothes

    How to fold baby clothes? Keeping baby accessories organized in drawers

    If you have a baby, chances are you have at least one dresser drawer full of accessories, socks, blankets, and pacifiers. This can make it challenging to locate what you need when you need it. The KonMari method divides accessories by item type and size using drawer organizers, a process Marie Kondo refers to as Hikidashi.

    How to fold baby clothes

    Because you are likely to have a mix of items in one drawer, Hikidashi works well if you have numerous sizes of drawer organizers. For example, folding blankets and burp cloths can go in a large divider box, while small items like headbands and pacifiers can go in small boxes. Keep similar items together to avoid a tangled mess of items in one box.

    Final Words

    When you become a parent, your baby’s needs take precedence over your own. From the food they eat to the necessities and, most importantly, the clothes they wear. Let’s be honest: you used to despise folding clothes before discovering KonMari. But it’s now the one chore everyone looks forward to each week. That may sound ridiculous, but it’s true.

    It may appear intimidating initially, but it’s not nearly as frightening once you try it. Laundry does not have to be difficult, even if you use a different folding method. The key is to find the technique that best suits your personality.

    How to fold baby clothes
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    You’ll find it much easier to get baby clothes ready at a moment’s notice now that you know how to fold them if you’re still looking for ways to save space, look into some of the many storage solutions on the market.

    Don’t forget to label everything to avoid confusion! You can have a perfectly organized baby clothes closet and learn how to fold baby clothes in no time with a little effort.


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