How To Cut Boy’s Hair In Easy Steps And 10 Cool Haircuts For Boys

    how to cut a boy's haircut

    How to cut boy’s hair in easy steps for the self-learned hairstylist. This is one of the roles you have to play, especially, during the times of lockdown when salons are not open. It is easy to trim and experiment with hairstyles when you have perfected the basics.

    If they have been pampered at the salons for quite some time, then you have a tough time getting to sit still as you tie the apron and role-play the best hairstylist you can be. You need to take some precautions before getting started.

    The rule of thumb is to not avoid cutting hair when it’s dry. Give them a feeling like they are at the salon. Turn on their favorite playlist, movie, or television program to make them comfortable. This is to ensure they do not move their head when you are cutting hair.

    Give them a pep talk if they are nervous about you cutting their hair. Get a few things ready like the comb, detangle spray, hairdryer, scissors, a few types of brushes. You could get some homework done on the types of brushes suitable for boy’s hair and the hair type. If they have curly hair or dry, messy hair, you could have accessories that make it easy for you to handle hair before you start cutting.

    Things To Do Before The Haircut

    If you are cutting your boy’s hair for the first time, you need to know a few basics; such as which accessories to have, the right comb, the standard procedure to cut hair, etc. How short do you want the hair to be? How long are the tresses? How to cut boy’s hair in any hair length? Have a plan of which style you choose to cut your boy’s hair that makes them happy.

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    Remember, they have favorites. Your kid is going to be upset with you if they do not like the haircut you give them. So, try cutting hair on a wig, if you know your boy is infamous for throwing tantrums. Doing so could save a lot of trouble.

    Cutting your boy’s hair is also a way to bond with him. He might be proud and show off your styling skills to his friends. Using clippers is easy to cut and style using large and small size guards as you cut and style hair.

    • Towel
    • Old newspapers
    • Comb
    • Brushes
    • Trimming kit with clippers
    • Haircutting scissors
    • Spray bottle filled with water

    How To Cut Boy’s Hair – Basics

    how to cut boy's hair

    When you have all the tools ready, spray hair with water and start cutting near the nape of the neck until you reach the sides and the ear. The back of the head is the first area to start with. Hold hair with fingers at 45 degrees angle when cutting at the back of the head and 90 degrees angle when you cut hair on the crown area.

    • Spray hair with water
    • Comb the hair straight
    • Start from the back of the head from the neckline
    • Hold the hair at 45 degrees angle in between the index finger and middle finger
    • Start cutting the hair to the length of your choice with scissors
    • Work up to the ear area
    • Gently hold the ear down with one hand
    • Cut the hair close to the ear like you are cutting a pattern along the hairline
    • Complete both sides of the ear area
    • Now cut the hair on the top section holding the hair at 90 degrees angle
    • Cut the front portion of the bangs and give it an uneven texturing by holding the scissors at a 45 degrees angle to cut front hair so it does not look like a bob cut.
    • If you want to give a layering style, hold the hair the same way and give wispy or uneven cuts at the ends instead of giving straight cuts.
    • For blending use clippers along with the comb and blend the top of the hair into an even cut.

    You can do this using hair cutting scissors or clippers with different guards for cutting, trimming, and styling. This is how you cut boy’s hair in easy steps.

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    How To Cut Boy’s Hair – 10 Cool Haircuts Ideas

    Once you are good with the basics, you could head on styling your boy’s hair with fades, layers, mohawks, pompadours, etc. Fading blended with other hairstyling is in vogue for boys going to school, making them look smarter and confident.

    How To Cut Boy’s Hair – Fading Style With Haircuts

    finetoshine mybabydoo

    Fading is a style that will never be démodé. A great style to keep the tresses of your toddler in place. Easy to maintain and looks good on all outfits. Great for schools with a strict dress code. For toddlers as well as younger boys, fading style looks good with most of the hair cuts.

    Hairstyles For The Rebellious Kid

    how to cut boy's hair

    Don’t settle with the standard haircut that is neatly styled. Nope, this is not going to work for your indigo child who has ideas of his own. Don’t try to fit him in. Encourage individuality and nurture his personality and independent spirit. Unless there is a strict dress code, let him flaunt his individuality and style with these haircut ideas.

    Hairstyles For The Focused Kid

    how to cut boy's hair

    Nope, kiddo you ain’t boring because you love to do your homework, get good grades, and you are your teacher’s favorite. It takes discipline to do that, and you rock at the solid focus you showcase at a tender age. Kudos to that! Maybe you love science and math and have found your passion early on.

    Hairstyles For The Extroverted Kids

    how to cut boy's hair

    You cannot settle these kinds even with a dash of cajoling to get trimmer hair cuts. Nope, they will do it their way. Maybe run to a stylist to know what’s good for them. They are not going to let you touch their ‘precious’ hair!! You could convince them with a layered style if you have to give them a haircut.

    Hairstyles For Mischievous Kids

    how to cut boy's hair

    You never have a moment of boredom with them because they are always up to something. Being strict is not going to work. Use strategy to get them to listen to you. Anything else, might just fail unless you are Nanny McFee(remember that movie?) where she trains mischievous kids to be disciplined!

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    Hairstyles For The Mamma’s Boys

    how to cut boy's hair

    A resignation to independent thinking. It might offend a few, but it’s true. The unshaken bond is admirable. Choose a hairstyle that is straight-laced with no sign of trendy textures or styles. This is easy and your kid would be happy to get a haircut at home from his mommy!

    Hairstyles For The Geeky Boys

    how to cut boy's hair

    Fades, side cuts, and a strict no to pompadours, long bohemian hair, hmm…what about a ponytail? They might not be ready for that yet. Textured hairstyles with neatly trimmed sidelocks in the hair of any length are apt for this kid. But, you need to look at the face shape and skin contour too! Use intuition, imagination, and viola! If you love to blend style with your genius, try the tapered fohawks!

    Hairstyles For The Child Prodigy

    how to cut boy's hair

    Give them the trendiest hirsute to flaunt and feel on top of the world already. Does he love Justin Beiber, or a band member of rock music, bring it on, Geronimo! The superstar feels better when they are allowed to express their style without putting a leash on it.

    They could choose a style to create a shock value and get heads turned, don’t stop them! Let them have their way in the styling department, and they are going to bond better with you as a parent. They love themselves and the mirror. With a blend of buzz, crew cuts, blending styles, it boosts their happiness a few notches to get the right style!

    Hairstyles For Kids Who Love Sports

    how to cut boy's hair

    This is a no-fuss zone. Fades, undercuts, taper fades, and more. Short hairstyles are what this kid would prefer. Long hair isn’t their thing; happiness for you if you are a conforming parent, who loves the rules! How to cut boy’s hair for sports look? This is a good idea to do it in simple and easy steps.

    Hairstyles For Creative Kids

    how to cut boy's hair

    Angular fringes, long hair, curls with fades and layers, there is a galore of haircuts for the creative kid who loves to explore. Chopped bangs, classy crop cuts with a dash of quiff! Brush it back or give it a slick back, keeping in mind the face shape, choose the best haircut for your kid, to bring that bright smile to their face. How to cut boy’s hair is a cakewalk for long hair.


    How to cut boy’s hair is easy when you learn the basics. You could experiment with other cutting and styling techniques and give your boys the best haircut. Being their stylist is a joy and a way to bond with them. A new skill you can learn during the pandemic times when salons are shut and you need to keep your boy’s hair neat and trim!


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