How to Convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone – 5 Amazing Steps

    An iPhone saves the picture in HEIC/HEIF form. This format of the file is quite an old version of JPEG or JPG form. For example, it requires only half of your storage and it provides you with 16-bit colours which are completely against the 8-bit colours offered by JPG. Although after two years HEIC is not much compatible with limited cross-platform. Hence it is very important to know how to convert heic to jpg on iPhone so that you can use them on almost every app, online service as well as and operating system according to your preference.

    Many people learn the significance of JPG very hard. While he was uploading the shot of the test picture on the iPhone to its testing portal, the website immediately froze since it does not support HEIC. Then the only option left for him was to retake the test after a few weeks.

    Why has the HEIC format been made by Apple?

    A codec has been released by Microsoft which is regarded as HEIF Image Extensions which would allow the users to view as well as open all the HEIC files. After installing it all the HEIC images would be visible on your PC/computer just like any other kind of image file.

    The codec can only be used by the users of Windows 10 so the users who are running an older version of the operating system then have to use different apps for converting the pictures. Although some of the users find it extremely irritating to deal with HEIC files they have a use. They can perfectly optimise the size of the images while maintaining the quality of the image.

    So if your pictures are in the HEIC format it is guaranteed that they won’t be damaged and the quality of the image would be intact.

    Why is HEIC to JPG conversion important on the iPhone?

    The HEIC to JPEG conversion is important in an iPhone to share pictures with non-iOS device users such as Windows desktops or Android smartphones. Since the older versions of such operating systems do not support HEIC quality of the image format, you are required extra third party tools for viewing those pictures. Although before sharing if you convert HEIC to JPEG on iPhone then you can view it normally.

    With the help of this article, you will know three ways about how to convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone:-

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    #1. Steps to convert HEIC photos to JPEG with the help of the Files app

    With the help of the Files app, you can rapidly convert your images from HEIC to JPG. All you are required to do is to copy the picture from your images app and paste them into your files app. Later if you want you might again save them from your files app to the images app. And at this time the format of the image would be JPEG.

    Here are the steps you can follow to convert HEIC to JPG:-

    1. Open your images app to select either one or several HEIC images.
    2. The images should be the ones you have shot with your iPhone camera.
    3. Click on the share icon and select the copy photo.
    4. Open your files app to choose the Cloud drive or on my iPhone etc.
    5. Open the converted picture in your files app and click on the share icon.
    6. Now you would be easily able to save your picture to save JPEG to your images app or you can also share the JPEG picture with the help of other apps as well as services.
    how to convert heic to jpg on iphone | Sleck
    Source – iMore

    The iCloud drive as well as other third party locations would oppose the storage and require data for uploading as well as storing the images. Hence it is recommended to select the ‘On My iPhone’ option. You can also tap the three dots which are inside the circle to make a new folder. Then you have to long-press and click on the paste. Your image would automatically convert to JPEG.

    #2. How to automatically convert the image from HEIC to JPG while transferring to the photos using Mac or PC

    The first step is to transfer them to a Mac computer with the help of an automatic transfer setting that would transform it into a compatible format when it is being transferred. After doing this your images would be immediately converted from HEIF to JPG. The picture would be downloaded to the Mac. After that, you can easily share it with anyone either through email or by uploading it to a cloud storage device such as Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

    Here are some of the steps you can follow:

    1. Open the iPhone and go to the settings and select the images and click on the Automatic to transfer the images from Mac or PC.
    2. You should install iCloud photos on your PC so that the conversion from HEIC to JPG format is possible.
    3. Your device would remember all the settings if you have signed into iCloud and your device is connected to the internet connection.
    4. Through this setting, your images would be automatically converted from HEIC to JPG.
    How to convert HEIC image format to JPEG on iPhone, Windows and Mac
    Source – Tipsmake

    This method is regarded as a set and forgets its approach for conversion of HEIC to JPG format on iPhone devices. Also because the images on the Mac would be in JPG format you won’t have access to the original HEIC files if you recycle them on the iPhone. That’s why it is recommended to keep the HEIC format while you are transferring the image to Mac.

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    #3. Steps to convert images from HEIC to JPG with the help of a third-party app

    There are numerous third-party apps available on the app store through which you can easily convert your images from HEIC to JPG format.

    Here are some of the steps to guide you:

    1. You have to download the HEIC to JPG app from the app store to launch it.
    2. Click on to select the images and you can choose single or multiple pictures.
    3. You have to click on the share as JPG which is at the top-right.
    4. Click on the option to save the image.
    How to Convert Image Files from HEIC to JPG
    Source – Alphr

    After following such steps you can easily convert your image from HEIC to JPG format.

    #4. Steps to convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone with the help of PDFelement

    PDFelement is one of the common rapid growing PDF applications for macOS. It boasts all the features of the Acrobat DC without facing any difficulties which adobe users often get. The PDFelement for the interface of Mac is quite convenient for navigation and conversion of HEIF to JPG in a simple manner in the iPhone.

    Some of the steps which would help you are as follows:

    1. Go to the create tool. After you have installed the application you should launch PDFelement.
    2. At the top, you should tap on the file menu. Select create and tap on the PDF from the file option.
    3. Click on the select option to import the HEIC file.
    4. This would open the Finder window. After selecting the HEIC file you have to tap on ‘Open’.
    5. The file will open as a PDF which can either be saved in PDF form or can be converted to JPG.
    6. For converting the image from HEIC to JPG click on the file option and tap on the export and the image to convert it into JPG. Save your file.
    3 Methods to Convert iPhone HEIC to JPG | SLeck
    Source – Wondershare PDFelement

    After conversion, you can share the JPG file with anyone either through email or the cloud. Most of the users prefer this method since the conversion is possible within a few clicks. Moreover, this method keeps the original file as it is, the JPG file constitutes all the metadata that was in your HEIC file.

    Check out all the new features of iOS 14 at Apple.

    #5. How to know if the picture is in HEIC or JPG form on the iPhone

    If you don’t want to take pictures in HEIC format on your iPhone then you can easily switch it to your preferred format. You have to choose between the compatible and high-efficiency format based on your requirement.

    Here are some of the steps you can follow:

    1. Visit the app store to download the free Exif Wizard app.
    2. After launching it, open the album to select one or multiple images.
    3. To see the extension of HEIC or JPEG, you have to scroll to the bottom at the end of the file name.
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    How to Switch From HEIC to JPG on iPhone
    Source – Guiding Tech

    The format of your file is changed within just a few clicks.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. How to convert HEIC to JPEG windows?

    A: Through CopyTrans HEIC you can simply right click your HEIC file which is in the File Explorer. Then you have to tap on ‘Convert to JPG’ to rapidly and easily convert it into a JPG format. After tapping on the option you would get a JPG version of the picture. The image would be automatically saved in the same folder where your HEIC file is present.

    Q2. Why are the images on the iPhone are HEIC instead of JPEG?

    A: After the iOS 11 version has been released, the JPEG format of the file has been replaced by the HEIC file format. The JPEG format is the standard kind of image format with which many of us are acquainted with. Although HEIC files consume very little space in the storage since they are smaller in size. They also have a better quality of the image. At the time of creating live photos, you are using the HEIC format.

    Q3. How to stop the iPhone from taking pictures in HEIC format?

    A: You have to open the Camera page to click on the ‘Formats’ option for setting up the formats of the photo while you are clicking pictures and transferring it to the PC. If you want to disable the HEIC picture format you have to click on the ‘Most Compatible’ from the ‘High Efficiency’ option under the section of Camera Capture.

    Q4. Is it safe to remove HEIC files?

    A: Most people find it difficult to delete the HEIC file since the file has been imported from a different program. And that file could only be deleted by that particular program. However, windows can remove this file as a temporary file. If the format of the file is temporary then it would work as a deleted file from the system.

    Q5. What is better HEIC or JPEG?

    A: HEIC is one of the superior formats in comparison to any other format. The size of the image is extremely lower with no compensation in the quality of the image. Although some people deal with compatibility issues. But it can be resolved. It’s quite easy to convert your files from HEIC format to JPEG when you require it.


    Starting with the iOS 11 version, Apple shifted to High-Efficiency Image Coding which is also known as the HEIC format of the image on the iPhone. The biggest benefit of the HEIC format is the capability to store pictures in the half the size of what JPG format would take with nearly no compromise in the quality of the image.

    Although two years have passed by, the cross-platform city of HEIC is still not that much. Many times it is reported by the students that they are not successful in their AP exams since the website does not support the HEIC format of the image.

    Although Apple has provided several ways for the user to automatically convert the format of the file from HEIC to JPEG format. Since most people prefer JPG photos for different purposes and they feel the need to convert their image from HEIC image to JPEG on Mac, PC, iPhone.

    High-Efficiency Image File format or HEIC is considered to be the proprietary version of Apple. This new form of the file is created with their image in a better way in terms of less space with no compromise in the picture quality. This is how to convert heic to jpg on iPhone.

    To know about more such amazing methods, check out this article on Discord.


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