How To Disable Chromecast – 5 Easy Steps For The Novice

    how to disable chromecast

    Wish to learn How to disable Chromecast in simple steps? Mirroring and streaming on the big screen from your devices was a dream come true in 2013 when Google launched Chromecast. It was a joy because it made life easy and entertainment a thrill with the ease of watching everything on the big screen from your devices.

    What’s more, you could use your device as a remote control when you stream the content from your phone or tablet on the big screen. Enjoy home entertainment with streaming content of your choice from any device. You can enjoy movies, videos, T.V. shows, games, music, pictures, and anything on the internet on the big screen with a Chromecast device plugged in.

    What Is Chromecast

    how to disable chromecast

    Chromecast is a device that comes with a USB cable. You can attach it to the T.V’s HDMI port to stream videos, Netflix, Youtube, etc., from various devices and watch it on T.V This is a streaming media device developed by Google to let you stream data on your device and watch it on the big screen.

    Alternatives to Chromecast like firestick T.V., etc., are available in the market. This streaming device comes with inbuilt features and applications. Mirror everything from your devices on the big screen. This is useful when you play games, watch videos, showcase presentations, etc. How to disable Chromecast is a simple and easy-to-understand guide.

    Though mirroring is as adequate with Chromecast as the Apple T.V., most inbuilt apps make this a reliable streaming media device. Most devices work with Chromecast, such as Android, iOS, Apple, Windows, Chrome O.S. It works with a few Linux flavors such as Ubuntu, Suse, Mint, etc.

    If you have switched to Linux-based O.S, you need a bit of research on how to connect; and if you are a Linux user, you know how to do it pretty darn well. Keeping my love for Linux aside, let’s move on to other features that help you connect and disable Chromecast on your device.

    This device is excellent for event managers who want to display content on the big screen streaming from any device. It is convenient to perform these tasks and create better visuals for an event without technical expertise. Are you planning a party at home? It is easy to entertain guests with this tiny device plugged into the T.V.

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    But, you know what? There are disadvantages to keeping the icon enabled. You do not want to cast to a device you are using but isn’t yours. Say you are at your friend’s place, and you enabled it. But you do not want to cast any content to this device. So it makes sense to disable this icon.

    Also, hackers can hack into any content you are streaming and mirror it. That’s the hassle you do not want to deal with. So, disable it when not in use. Once you disable it, you can relaunch it whenever you want to use it.

    Do you want others to control your Chromecast device? No right? Disable when not in use, and do not let this OCD control any of your apps, devices, and a whole world of widgets. But for now, let’s stick to disabling Chromecast.

    How to Disable Chromecast On Various Platforms

    Do you know what wi-fi does? It builds connections to every device connected to the internet without playing favorites. So generous. What happens when the Cast icon stays enabled? Say you are connected to the wi-fi at home, and you cast a video or any content; anyone connected to the same wi-fi gets the notification on their devices.

    That way, you let anyone connected to your wi-fi network use the controls such as pause, stop, etc., for the content you cast using this device. This can be annoying, right? Maybe nobody wants to see it or have other things to do. So the best thing to do is to disable it. It’s like peace for all, and you enjoy watching what you have to without distracting or annoying anyone.

    • Go to Chromecast settings.
    • Disable the settings “Let others control your cast media” in Device Settings
    • Change individual settings on devices by disabling “Media controls for cast devices” in the Cast Media Controls in Google Settings of Android devices.

    How to diable Chromecast on Google Chrome

    how to disable chromecast

    Suppose Chromecast is already set up on your device. In that case, you can use these simple steps to know how to disable Chromecast in the Chrome browser.

    • Open Chrome browser
    • Type chrome://flags in the address bar and hit Enter.
    • Search for “load media” in the search bar.
    • Change the option to “Disabled” on the following – Load Media Router Component Extension and Cast Media Router Provider.
    • The ‘Relaunch’ button helps you re-enable these services if you want to start casting again.
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    How to disable Chromecast on Android

    how to disable chromecast

    There is no ‘disable’ button or option on Android, but you can follow a few steps to stop casting.

    • Click on the Cast icon.
    • Go to Google Home> Settings> select Stop Mirroring.

    You can unplug the device or remove the device from Google Apps to altogether remove the device.

    How to disable Chromecast on Microsoft Edge

    This is not as easy as disabling Cast on Google Chrome. You need to deploy and know how to use local policy, Regedit, to implement them, change values choosing the correct local URL or path. Now that is as layman as I could get giving you a heads up on disabling Chromecast in Microsoft Edge. Here are two methods. They might look geeky, but stay optimistic; you can do it without any hassle with this easy guide.

    Here is a walkthrough of two ways to do it. Unless you have some DLL files missing or Regedit throws errors, it should be done in a single go. You don’t have to get into the detail of a local policy, active directory, or permissions; you only need to follow these steps like gospel, and it gets done!

    How to disable Chromecast- First Method

    how to disable chromecast
    how to disable chromecast

    This is easy. Trust me, and if you understand the flow, you get the whiff of doing it quickly. A local group policy is like creating instructions for special permission or setting to edit and implement locally.

    This means this setting remains the same every time you reboot your device with the user account. You need to have admin permissions to make these changes. If you have logged in from a guest account or one with limited permissions, you might not be able to make these changes. It’s easy to know how to disable Chromecast with these easy-to-implement steps.

    If you are using Windows 10, this is not as simple as using the previous versions of Windows O.S. Connect to the internet, go to the Microsoft site. Your Microsoft account must be synced to make local policy changes. Unlike the previous versions, you didn’t need to be connected to a Microsoft site to make policy changes.

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    If you haven’t synced your Microsoft account on Windows 10, sync it before implementing these steps.

    • Connect to the internet and go to this site to download Get Policy files by selecting the version of your Microsoft Edge browser in the dropdown menu.
    • Download the Winrar file and extract it to a folder.
    • Open the extracted folder and go to this path – MicrosoftEdgePolicyTemplates\windows\admx
    • Copy these two files – msedge.admx and msedge.adml to the designation folder on this path – C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions
    • Open the Run dialog box by pressing the keys Win+R together.
    • Type gpedit.msc in the Run dialog box and press Enter.
    • It opens the Local Group Policy Editor window.
    • On the left-hand side, select Microsoft Edge> Cast folder.
    • When you click on the Cast folder, on the right panel, you will find “Enable Google Cast” under Settings.
    • When you double-click “Enable Google Cast,” it opens another window.
    • Select Disable by clicking on the circle option on that window and clicking Ok/Apply to save changes.

    This changes the local policy on Chromecast for Microsoft Edge. You can navigate through the Local Policy Window, choose the same options and click on Enabled whenever you want to enable it again. There! Easy? Right! Phew!

    How to disable Chromecast- Second Method

    how to disable chromecast
    how to disable chromecast

    Using Regedit, which is short for registry editor, is simple. It is easy to make edits and changes in the settings using Regedit. Make sure you have a backup of the registry. Else use the roll back to a previous time option in the ‘system configuration’ using the ‘system restore’ option to restore settings.

    • Open Regedit by pressing Win+R to open the Run dialog box.
    • Type Regedit in small letters and press enter
    • It opens the Registry window
    • Click on the following path in the left panel – HKEY\LOCAL MACHINE\software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge.
    • Right-click on the Edge folder to create new values
    • Right click>select New>click Key
    • On the right panel right, click and select new>DWORD(32-bit)value and type the value “EnableMediaRouter.”
    • Double click on the “EnableMediaRouter” to open a new dialog box. It has an option to enter a numeric under the Value. Change the Value to 0 and click Ok to disable Google Cast.
    • If you want to enable, choose the same path on Regedit and delete the value “EnableMediaRouter” to enable Cast.


    There are umpteen ways to know how to disable Chromecast on various devices and platforms. These are the basics of how the device functions and disable it on various apps, platforms, and devices. Stay connected or not; it is easy to enable, disable, set up, and remove this device from any app or platform.

    That was- How to disable Chromecast in a few easy steps!


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