Naya Rivera Net Worth – 5 Outstanding Facts

    Naya Marie Rivera is one of the emerging actresses in America. Apart from being an actress, she is also a model and a singer. After beginning her career as a child actress as well as a model she worked in numerous television commercials. When she was four years old she played the role of Hilary Winston in The Royal Family on the short-lived sitcom which was released in the year 1991-1992. Her utter hard work and dedication are some of the common reasons behind Naya Rivera net worth.

    She was nominated for the Young Artist Award. After numerous recurring television roles, as a teenager, she was invited as a guest. In 2009, she received a breakthrough role on the Fox television popular series named Glee as a lesbian cheerleader. The series continued between 2009-2015.

    She was respected with various awards for her wonderful role which includes the ALMA award as well as the SAG award. She also received two Grammy Awards as well as one Brit award nomination.

    5 Reasons Behind Naya Rivera Net Worth 2021

    #1. Skilled actress

    During the beginning of their career, she made an appearance in different series, films, television serials and music videos. In the entire 1990s, she made an appearance in different black sitcoms like ‘Live Shot’, ‘Jersey’, ‘Family matters’ and ‘The Fresh Prince of BelAir’.

    At the end of the decades, she became very successful and she gained a lot of fame as well as attention from the media. According to the sources, she earned around $100,000 per year. Naya Marie Rivera net worth is in the millions.

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    Her first debut on the big screen was in the early 2000s. In 2002 she made an appearance in the first film which was an adventure comedy named ‘The Master of Disguise.’ From 2002 to 200y she starred in ‘The Bernie Mac Show’ as Donna. It was one of the popular series of that time. After several years after she gained a lot of fame, she was widely recognised in the film industry. She played the first recurring role in a famous television series. After joining Glee which is a Fox fan favourite she became a main member of the cast.

    Due to her amazing work, Naya Marie Rivera net worth kept increasing. She earned around $30,000 each month. In 2013 she purchased a home in Los Angeles worth $2.6 million. In July 2008 this home was sold for $3.55 million. When it was sold, she paid around $2.7 million for the home in Los Angeles. Further in January 2021 for $2.7 million the home was listed for sale.

    #2. Activist and philanthropist

    After Glee, she made an appearance in various acclaimed productions. Although some of her memorable performances are in “Mad Families”, “Devious Maids”, “At the Devil’s Door” and “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” During the peak of her acting career, as an experienced solo musician artist, she signed Columbia records in 2011. The record label dropped her since she got two ALMA awards, as well as her debut single, got released that year.

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    Naya Rivera Net Worth | Sleck
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    Meanwhile, she was highly praised for her acting skills as well her dedicated work as an activist as well as a philanthropist. She was a loyal supporter of the LGBTQ community, immigrants and different rights for women. She stood for all such causes. In the entertainment business, she stood against racism and casteism. Her effortless work as a singer as well as a lead actress made her immensely successful. People were extremely fond of her skills.

    As soon as she started singing on different shows, she became a singer in real life too. She first starred on 2Cellos and in 2012 she made an appearance in “Supermassive Black Hole.” Her collaboration with Big Sean for the debut single ‘Sorry’ proved to be a massive hit.

    The music made a place in various music charts in the United States, Ireland as well as the United Kingdom. She made an appearance in different singles as well as albums as a popular featured singer on “Glee”. The immense praise from the audience, as well as international recognition, brought her various awards like Teen Choice Awards, ALMA, Screen Actors Guild, Grammy as well as Brit.

    #3. Emerging gay icon

    With her versatile acting roles in different projects, she was recognised as one of prominent, profound as well as successful examples of queer Latinx as well as Afro-Latino representation on prime time television. During such a short period, she is successful in managing the shape of the landscape and being a part of remarkable change.

    She was also recognised as a gay icon as well as a true icon for all the brown and black girls. She was against racism and she always made sure to raise her voice against such issues.

    Naya Rivera as a Gay Icon "| Sleck
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    In 2011 it was announced by the President of GLAAD that the storyline of her as Santana was something which was never told on the prime time television show especially by an LGBTQ teen of colour. During her lifetime various scholarly works were curated whose main concern was the depiction of Sanatana who stood against numerous non-stereotypical stories such as race as well as sexuality.

    On primetime television, she played the role of Lesbian in 2013. She was honoured for her complex as well as flawless representation. Her remarkable contributions to the industry created a significant memory. Her impact on the audience was groundbreaking.

    Through her strong character, she has left a powerful legacy behind. The characters which she has played are full of solidarity as well as diversity. All the roles she has played throughout her career educated the public about some or other things.

    #4. Strong Family background

    Rivers was born and brought up in California city. In those times Valencia is considered to be one of the four unincorporated communities which merged for the formation of Santa Clarita city in December 1987. For most of her life, she lived around Los Angeles.

    Her descent was mostly Puerto Rican, African American and German. In 2010 when the word “Afro-Latinx” became popular she was identified as one of its kind. Her father Yolanda Previtire was a real estate agent. Her mother George Rivera was previously a model but she has also worked in numerous IT jobs which includes positions at Universal Music Publishing Group as well as at Disney.

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    Naya River Strong Family Background | Sleck
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    They both married in 1986 and the divorce took place in 1996. Clara White who was her maternal grandmother was an abortion counsellor who figured the civil rights movement which took place in March. She has been a part of various protests. She was recognised as a social activist.

    Rivera was not proficient at Spanish in childhood but when she started growing up she understood as well as learnt the language. She was the elder of all three children. Mychal Rivera is her younger brother who has been an NFL tight Mikayla Rivera, who is her younger sister, is a model.

    When her parents got married the financial condition of her family was not stable. At times they were living without any difficulty, sometimes they were dealing with financial problems. All of such helped in shaping Rivera’s strong character.

    #5. Celebrity spokesperson

    During the peak of her career, she made an appearance on the covers of different types of magazines which includes some famous magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Glow Prestige, Fit Pregnancy, Maxim, Cosmo for Latinas, The Hollywood Reporter as well as Galore.

    She made a place in the various lists of all the trending magazines worldwide. She was ranked in the Maxim Hot 100 list in the year 2010, 2011 as well as 2012. In 2011 and 2012 she made a consistent place at the number on the Hot 100 list of She achieved the third tank in 2013.

    Naya Rivera Net Worth | Sleck
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    In 2012 her name was taken for the fifty most beautiful people list by People en Español. She also made a place on FHM’s 100 lists of the sexiest women at number 39. In May 2013 she posed for a nude scene for an issue regarding Allure magazine. In September 2012 her name was taken for The Hollywood Reporter 35 under 35 for entertainment in Latinos. She also made an appearance in the third episode of the series of MTV, ‘This is how I made it in October 2012.

    She became a celebrity spokesperson for popular brand Proactiv in December 2011. She was described as the rarest as well as a young starlet celebrity who possesses greater humility by the Complex in 2013. In March 2017 she became a brand ambassador of NIOXIN which is a hair loss solution brand.

    By the age of 21, she established herself as an actress, model, singer, activist through her utter hard work and dedication. That’s why Naya Rivera’s net worth is in the millions. Her appearance on Glee is counted as one of her biggest achievements. If inspirational stories are your call, then check out this article on Dame Dash’s journey.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

    Q1. Where was Naya Rivera’s body founded?

    A: The confirmation from the police came that the body of Naya Rivera was found in the lake of California. After five days, her body was found by the police floating in the lake which was around 30 feet deep. The devastating death of Rivera is the latest tragedy which is faced by the Glee family. On July 8 while playing the role of Santana Lopez she was missing from the show along with her young son on Lake Piru which is a reservoir situated around 50 miles north of Los Angeles.

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    Q2. Did Naya Rivera make an appearance on Family matters?

    A: As a child actor she made numerous appearances in some of the famous shows such as Family matter and Baywatch. In multiple episodes of Family matters, she played the role of a young Gwendolyn. In 2002 she made an appearance in the episode of Even Stevens which comes on the Disney channel. She played the role of Charlene whose role was to confront Shia LaBeouf’s Louis after getting gum in her hair.

    Q3. How did Naya Rivera manage to save her son?

    A: According to Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub a pontoon boat was taken on rent by Naya Rivera on the 8th of July on the lake at the dock which was left by her at around 1 pm. Josey his son informed the office that he along with his mother had gone swimming and the incident took place.

    Q4. Was the life jacket worn by Naya Rivera?

    A: When she was drowning she yelled for assistance by raising her arm according to the investigation done by the police officials. At the time when the boat was rented by her, she neglected the offer of wearing a life jacket as said by the employee of the rented boat.

    Q5. Was Ryan hit by Naya?

    A: After two years of wedding, a divorce was filed against Ryan from Naya in November 2016. Although they got separated after a month. In November 2017, after Ryan put up an allegation on Naya regarding domestic violence she was arrested immediately. Ryan said he was hit by her in the head as well as a face during an altercation over the child.


    In 2011 she signed a contract as a solo musical artist to Columbia records. Although a studio album was never released she still got many opportunities. In 2013 her famous ‘Sorry’ single album was released. As a musician, she was nominated for the two ALMA awards.

    In 2014 she did her debut in the horror film named At the Devil’s door on the big screen which was released in the year 2014. She got this role before she played a supporting role in Mad Families in 2017.

    She also took a stand for major social issues like the rights of the LGBTQ community and many such charitable causes. She was such a powerful character who never took the side of any wrong throughout her life.

    In the entertainment industry, she addressed issues like racism. Throughout her career, she received a lot of attention from the media because of her remarkable works. In 2016 she published Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up which was a memoir written by her.

    As a performer, she has played so many different roles. Each role is performed by her with utter dedication. It felt as if she owns the role which she plays. On television, she was recognised as a vanguard of Afro-Latino as well as a representation of the queer community. Naya Rivera gave up her life saving her son. Check out more about it at CNN.

    She was such a bold and powerful personality who has left such a remarkable legacy behind her be it any field right from acting, singing, model to an activist who never failed to stand up for a social cause.


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