How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To PC – The Best Guide

    You may have just bought a brand new pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones, but do you know what exactly does that means and are you aware of how to get them connected to your pc or computer? While you might feel petrified by the processes, let us know that it is quite simple and straightforward to leap into the wireless cosmos. Therefore just go with this article on ‘how to connect Bluetooth headphones to PC’.

    Ensure your computer has Bluetooth connectivity

    how to connect bluetooth headphones to pc

    How to connect Bluetooth headphones to PC? First and foremost, be sure the Windows PC or Mac you desire to use has built-in Bluetooth technology. Subject to which platform you’re using, check out the proper instruction below to go through the hassle-free process. If you have Bluetooth on your system, just do not fret, as we’ll bespeak that minor obstruction.

    Verify Bluetooth on windows PC


    If you’ve got a Windows PC, we’d like to ascertain an application referred to as Device Manager to see if your computer has Bluetooth installed. You’ll undergo this process as follows.
    1. Choose Start.

    1. Type “Device Manager” into the search box.
    2. Pick Device Manager.
    3. Expand the Network Adapters.
    4. Within the expanded list, search for anything containing Bluetooth. If the list shows a tool with the word Bluetooth in its name, you’ve got a Bluetooth adapter on your machine.
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    Verify Bluetooth on Mac

    If you’ve got a Mac, choose System Preferences from the Apple menu and choose Bluetooth. If it’s Bluetooth, the preferences will include options to enable Bluetooth and make your device instantly discoverable.


    How to connect Bluetooth headphones to PC when you have no Bluetooth device installed on your PC


    How to connect Bluetooth headphones to PC? Don’t worry much if you do not have a Bluetooth device installed already on your PC. While the latest computers have already included this feature, it’s easy to get it by visiting your favorite technology retailer and buying a Bluetooth dongle. This is often a tiny-sized device that plugs into one among your computer’s available USB ports. Once you put it in your machine, then you can go ahead.

    How to connect Bluetooth headphones to PC


    The process for fixing your Bluetooth headphones is comparatively straightforward, but again, it varies hinged on whether you’ve got a Mac or Windows PC. At a step within the process, you’ll get to put your headphones into ‘Discovery Mode.’ Each set of headphones complete this process differently, so you will require a reference for your headphone to go through the processing.

    1. Make sure your headphones are in Discovery Mode consistent with the manufacturer’s instructions.
    2. Choose Start and enter “Bluetooth” into the search box to mention Bluetooth and Other device settings.
    3. Pick Printers and Scanners in Windows 10 or Devices and Printers in Windows 7 or Windows 8.
    4. Choose Bluetooth and Other Devices within the left pane of the Scanners and Printers. Select Add Bluetooth or Other Device.
    5. Permit the PC a flash to seek out your device and choose it from the list.
    6. After a couple of moments, your Windows PC should provide you with a message the pairing is successful.
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    Setting up Bluetooth headphones on Mac


    On a Mac computer, choose System Preferences from the Apple menu bar, and then click Bluetooth. Wait while your Mac searches for your device. Choose Pair while the headphones get visible in Bluetooth preferences.
    Whenever you switch on your headphones and are in range, they’re going to automatically hook up with your computer. This pairing process must be completed just only at the first setup.

    Fix issues related to Bluetooth


    If you discover your headphones haven’t paired correctly with your laptop, we recommend going through this article on ‘how to connect Bluetooth headphones to PC’ and starting again from the beginning of the setup process. Turn your headphones off, and make certain to review the included manual so you could make confirmation on how to put that device correctly into discovery mode correctly.

    If you have confirmed your headphones are within the proper mode and your computer still fails to detect them, plan to restart your computer. If the matter persists, contact the headphone manufacturer for further assistance.

    Procedure to add Bluetooth on windows PC


    If you’ve done the steps above and didn’t see any sign of Bluetooth, meaning unfortunately, your PC isn’t Bluetooth capable at all. Regardless, you’ll still enjoy the convenience of this wireless technology by utilizing either of the two external hardware:

    • Bluetooth card
      • Bluetooth dongle

    Bluetooth cards are more ideal for PCs than laptops because the first is usually used for high-volume transfers.

    Unlike the dongle, which takes up one among your USB ports, the Bluetooth card is installed in one among the PCI slots from the motherboard. You would possibly worry that it takes up space at your PCI, but it also frees up one among your USB ports, making room for other peripherals.

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    Bottom Line

    The Bluetooth technology aims to make life more convenient and comfy by making what would preferably be a troublesome way of working around gadgets flexibly and easily. Therefore, Bluetooth should be able to connect during a breeze.
    With a glitch-free connection between your PC and wireless headphones, you’ll enjoy quality audio during a moment, whether you’re utilizing it for your remote work.

    Hope this article on ‘how to connect Bluetooth headphones to PC’ helped you enjoy your Bluetooth headphones alongside your PC to the fullest. Just be aware of not misuse your headphones to protect yourself from any permanent hearing damage.

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