How to Clean Shrimp at Home: 4 Easy Steps to Follow

    Learn How to Clean Shrimp at Home in Easy Steps

    how to clean shrimp

    “How to clean shrimp”- probably, this is one of the most-asked questions by the foodies and amateur chefs. Most of them do not like the dark-colored borderline beneath the shrimps. To give a lovely texture to the shrimp dishes, people often tend to clean and devein the shrimps before or sometimes in the middle of cooking.

    You may be one of them. The texture matters to you. But you do not have an idea how to clean shrimp. “Should I remove the tail?”, “Do not worry. Your shrimp curry or shrimp fry is going to be the world’s best delicacy. You will be praised for your superb culinary skills. We will discuss every detail here.

    Let’s know how to clean shrimp and devein them easily.

    How to Clean Shrimp: The Steps Explained

    Save around 20 minutes from your day for the task of cleaning around 1 pound of shrimp! If they are small ones, you may have to put more effort. Here are the steps of how to clean shrimp.

    how to clean shrimp
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    Tools and Ingredients Needed:

    • a kitchen knife or a pair of shears
    • water

    Step 1: Thaw them into regular water if the shrimps are frozen. If they are freshly bought from the market, skip the step.

    Step 2: Make a shallow cut at the middle of the shrimps’ bodies from head to tail. Well, you can start from the tail too and reach the head.

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    Step 3: Carefully pick the black or dark-green vein and remove it.

    If you want to cook the shrimps with shells, these steps are enough for you. But, if your dish asks no-shell shrimps, follow the following steps.

    Step 4: Twist the tails and peel off the whole shell along with the legs. Want to know how to clean shrimp without removing the tail? Break the shell from the tail and remove it, keeping the tail intact on the tract.

    how to clean shrimp
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    So, this is how to clean shrimp. The process is easy. Isn’t it? We hope you are now ready to cook your dish with them. You must keep in mind certain things before you opt for cooking any shrimp dish. Let’s know them.

    Essential Facts to Know about How to Clean Shrimp and Cook them:

    • Deveining is not necessary- You can devein and clean them if you want. Many chefs and culinary experts do that to ensure a good taste and delicate texture. But, let us remind you that it is not necessary. Eating the veins and shells is not unhygienic. You can eat them if you want.
    • Yes, the vein can contain poops- You may find it disgusting to think about eating the veins as it seems to carry the poops of the shrimps. Many of you may want to clarify if the veins actually contain poop or not. Yes, they contain, but they are not harmful to you.
    • Shrimps are of different sizes: You are here to learn how to clean shrimp. Then, you must have a good idea about the different sizes of shrimps. Your cleaning process may take more time if the sizes are small, and for the big ones, you can be quick. Different sizes of shrimps come with different names. They are colossal shrimp, extra colossal shrimp, extra-jumbo shrimp, large jumbo shrimp, etc.
    • You can clean them after cooking: Dishes like stir-fries, shrimp Fajitas, shrimp pasta, etc. need clean shrimps. On the other hand, shrimp salads, seafood pasta salads, and so on do not require clean shrimp before cooking. You can clean them after the process.
    • You can eat the shells: If your jaw is strong enough, give it a try. Eating shells is one of the interesting tasks to do for seafood lovers.
    • You can leave the tail: If you plan to prepare Shrimp Scampi or shrimp cocktails, leave the tail for a fine outlook of the dish.
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    how to clean shrimp
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    How to Clean Shrimp: Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the easiest way to clean shrimp?

    Start with the head and reach the tail with your knife. Gently, remove the vein and peel off the shells.

    Does shrimp need to be cleaned?

    The shrimp does not need to be cleaned as the vein is just a digestive tract. But, if you are concerned about the texture, you may need to remove the veins.

    Do you clean shrimp with vinegar?

    Although it is not essential, you can toss them with a little vinegar as it gives a fine taste to the shrimps when cooked.

    how to clean shrimp

    Can you eat cleaner shrimp?

    Yes, you can eat cleaner shrimp as they are not poisonous. But, make sure that your taste permits that.

    What do cleaner shrimps like to eat?

    Saltwater cleaner shrimps are carnivores. So, they usually eat meaty seafood. Parasites, worms, insects, etc., are in their diet.

    Do you need to rinse shrimp?

    You now know how to clean shrimp. After cleaning, you should rinse shrimps under cold water so that loose shells go away from their skins. Although you can store them for up to 24 hours after cleaning them, it is best to cook them right after cleaning.

    What happens when you eat shrimp poop?

    Nothing happens! Poop is not harmful to the human body. You can eat the digestive tract where the poop is stored if taste permits.

    What happens if you don’t clean the shrimp?

    It does not affect your health if you do not devein the shrimps. The only factor that may bother you is the bad taste of the dish. Well, avoid eating shrimp raw. It may disturb your health.

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    Do shrimp have two veins to clean?

    Yes. One is the white vein, and another one is the main vein. The white vein lies underside of the shrimps. And on the other hand, the main vein runs across the body. It is known as “sand vein,” where the body wastage like sand remains.

    Wrapping it Up

    We have mentioned them all here, from how to clean shrimp to some of the most-discussed questions. We hope you have got your doubts cleared and enjoyed the write-ups. So, what is your planning with the cleaned shrimp today? Let us know. We would love to see how you prepared the delicious delicacies with clean and good-looking shrimps.

    how to clean shrimp
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    Happy cooking!

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