How To Clean PS4: The Easy Way Out!

    Everyone loves their PlayStation just like they love their cars. Like our home and cars, PlayStation 4 also needs cleaning from time to time. It is absolutely necessary to keep your PlayStation healthy. A big chunk of dust can cause overheating, and in the end, it can damage your PS4. That’s why you should know how to clean PS4 properly. It will make your PS4 last much longer than your expectations.

    Do you know how your PS4 becomes dusty in the first place? If not, then you are in the right place.

    How does the PS4 become dusty internally?

    Your PS4 has an inbuilt fan to cool down the internal equipment of the play station. It pulls cool air from outside, and dust comes in with that air. This is how the dust starts to build-up in that area and can block airflow. If you left the dust as it is, then it can trap the heat and cause overheating. It can reduce the working efficiency of the PS4 and make it slow. Eventually, it damages the internal parts of the PS4 and reduces the self-life of your PS4.

    Here we will give you information related to how to clean PS4. Before that, you need to know how often you should clean your PS4 and what equipment will you need to clean your PS4.

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    How frequently should we clean our PS4?

    How to Clean PS4

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    The frequency of cleaning your PS4 depends on few facts. Here we will mention all those things. Also, we will discuss how you can avoid excessive dust build-up in your PS4.

    1. The environment is important – Environment is an important factor in the dust build-up. If your PS4 is in a dusty area, for example, there is a lot of pollution outside your house, and then naturally, your PS4 will attract more dust with the fan. Moreover, you should keep the inside clean too. For example, a carpet can hold a lot of dust, hair, dead skin cells, etc. So, make sure to clean your carpets regularly to avoid dust build-up into your PS4.
    2. Does your pet shed a lot? – If you have a pet cat or dog or just a pet with hairs and shedding problems, then your PS4 can get dirty more often. In that case, you really need to know how to clean PS4 and also have to clean it often to prevent it from clogging.
    3. Smoking near PS4 –Smoking near PS4 is another main reason for the dust build-up. If you avoid smoking near your PlayStation, the less amount of gunk will build-up into it.

    These are the few basic facts for why the PS4 gets dirty and how often you should clean it. If you can control these facts, as we mentioned here, then you will have to clean your PS4 less frequently. Usually, people clean their PS4 once every 6 months. Those who have more reasons for dust build up, they can clean it every 3 months, and if you avoid those, you might have to clean it once a year only.

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    How would you know that your PS4 needs cleaning?

    The easiest way is to check it, and if you see a lot of dust, start cleaning. However, it is not possible all the time, and people can forget. You could look for the signs your PlayStation gives you once it’s dirty. For example, your PS4 will start working slower than usual, and it’s the most important sign. Also, it might make weird sounds and get overheated as the fan is clogged up with dust.


    Things to keep in mind before you know how to clean PS4

    There are few things which you keep in mind before you start to clean your PS4 finally to prevent it from any damage.

    1. Make sure that all the cables are removed before you start cleaning, for example, USB cable, audio cables, video cables, and most importantly, the power cable.
    2. Move your PS4 to an open area if it has a lot of dust to avoid any mess inside your home.
    3. Get your dust mask ready to avoid dust inhaling.
    4. Keep a vacuum near you if you are cleaning your PS4 in a closed place to clean the surroundings quickly.

    How to clean PS4: The Guide


    Here is the guide on how to clean PS4. To begin with, what you must know about how to clean PS4 is that you will have to start the cleaning process from outside and then eventually clean inside of your PS4.

    1. After unplugging all the cords take a good amount of compressed air and blow it throughout of console. Repeat this air-blowing step everywhere until the excess dust is cleaned.
    2. Now clean the shiny side of your console with a microfiber cloth to prevent the dust from getting into the sensitive sensor. Do the same with the matte side of the console.
    3. Now after cleaning the outside, remove the case carefully to clean the inside.
    4. Clean the inside first with compressed air as we did with the outside. Here also it will help to clean the surface dust first so that you can clean the rest peacefully.
    5. Keep a safe distance from the internal components like the motherboard, processor, memory, expansion cards, etc.
    6. Now clean all the inside equipment carefully. Wipe out the equipment carefully with the microfiber cloth. You can use your cotton swab and alcohol to clean the parts like fan blades. Make sure to clean everything gently to avoid any crack.
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    Now that you know how to clean PS4 you can check your PS4 and if it has a lot of dust, then clean it with the process which we mentioned here. This is not a very hard task, but you have to be careful to avoid any damage. The regular cleaning of your PS4 will increase its lifespan and also speed up the functions than before. You will be impressed with yourself after cleaning your PS4 because after cleaning it can look brand new.

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