Google Nest – The Wonder Device For Your Home

    Smart homes embrace smart technologies. Google has made our lives easier as voice assistants have made it within our phones as well as our homes. The Google Nest is one of the very latest launches from the house of Google and it is sure to draw some attention.

    If you are using an Android smartphone, then there are chances that you are already using Google Assistant. But if you are a lover of standalone systems, Google Nest is the perfect device for your convenience.

    Google Nest is basically a Google Assistant-powered speaker which is the successor of Google Home and offers additional and improved specifications. Here are the technical specifications of Google Nest before you plan to buy one.

    Coming to the dimensions, the height is 175 mm with a width of 124 mm and depth of 78 mm. It comes with a power cable of 1.5 mm and the device weighs up to 1.2 kg without the adaptor. It is available in two color variants – Chalk and Charcoal.

    The enclosure is built of 70% recycled plastic. It uses 802.11b/g/n/ac (2.4 GHz/5 GHz) Wi-Fi for connectivity and Bluetooth® 5.0 with Chromecast built-in. It has a DC power jack with an external adaptor of 30 W, 24 V. It has a 75 mm woofer and 19 mm tweeter, 3 far-field microphones, and also a two-stage mic mute switch.

    The Google Nest comes with capacitive touch control sensors and has a Quad-Core A53 1.8 GHz processor with a High-performance ML hardware engine. It supports Android and iOS.

    The complete package includes the Google Nest Audio, power adaptor, cable, and required user manual. The wireless music streaming is superb via Bluetooth. The device is also compatible with Smart TV systems due to the built-in Chromecast.

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    Google Nest

    Let’s switch over to the services provided by Google Nest. Right from waking up from your bed till you go back to sleep, the device keeps you informed and entertained throughout the day. It makes your lives comfortable and easier by helping you organize things, accessing media, managing tasks, and planning your everyday schedule.

    Along with that, the Google Nest can help you to share your speakers and displays with your family and friends by linking your Google account and making the device information personalized. You can play music from your favorite artists, genre, album, mood, or playlists. It makes it easy to get the news at your fingertips. You can even listen to soothing music over radio and podcasts. Play your saved music playlist via Bluetooth. Read an audiobook from Google playbooks on your speaker.

    You can also watch any TV Shows or movies and stream content with TV having Chromecast built-in. YouTube videos can also be played and even you can enjoy a slideshow of your personalized images saved in Google Photos. Now playing audios from your phone has also become easier with the help of this Google Nest. Weather forecast news can also be received with the Google Assistant feature in Google Nest.

    The Google Nest Mini

    Do you love planning your day’s entire schedule? Google Nest will make your task easier by designing curated daily snippets that include important updates and notifications about weather, calendar, commute, reminders, and news. You can ask about the traffic and travel times while driving, walking, or biking. It can act as a local guide as well.

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    The weather forecasts for your entire week are also easier to make with the help of Google Nest. You can get the details of any upcoming events and schedules from Google Calendar.

    The Google Nest: Super smart assistant

    Are you a person who loves things to be organized? Google Nest can help you with the creation of your shopping list. You can order everyday essentials and purchase items on your shopping list with the Google Assistant on your speaker or display.

    You can ask Google Nest to search and help you to make your favorite recipes using step-by-step cooking instructions. It can help you with making calls, sending messages to friends and family, and working on shortcuts and reminders. Control your Smart TVs, security cameras, and doorbells with the help of this device. Have fun and play games when you feel bored.

    Temperature regulation with the Google w

    Google Nest acts as your forever tech friend which makes your life interesting, comfortable, and easier to live. With the improvised AI capabilities, it makes technology-driven innovation easier.

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