How to Clean Hair Brushes?

    Hairbrushes trap all sorts of dust and dirt from your hair like a sponge. You need to clean it regularly so that your hair remains good as you go on combing. The products you use, like gels, sprays, conditioners, leave their residue on the comb. Even the dead skin cells that get collected every time you brush your hair might be transferred again to your hair if you don’t clean your hairbrush. Are you worried about how to clean hair brushes? Well, it is straightforward if you follow the exact steps to do it. You should do it frequently to avoid any damage to your hair. To know more about the processes of cleaning hairbrushes, browse the article till the end.


    Why is it necessary to wash your comb?

    Cleaning your comb must become a habit. Every day you drop some hair, and your hairbrush collects specks of dirt from your hair that stays in your hairbrush. If you don’t wash your comb, those unwanted elements can get back to your hair and make it filthy. With time, a lot of undesired particles may settle on the base of your brush. You will induct them into your hair unknowingly. If you are agitated about damp hair and hair fall, you must know how to clean hair brushes! With proper cleaning, you can stop the trespassing of this dirt and soot into your hair. A dirty comb does not look good, and it might take more time for you to brush your hair with the accumulated dust.

    What should be the frequency of washing your hairbrush?

    If you are not aware of how to clean hair brushes, you must learn it below, as washing them constantly is necessary. Though there are no fixed rules, intervals, or time for cleansing your comb, it depends on how fast your comb gets dirty. The filthiness might happen due to the hair products you use. Try to get rid of them as early as possible as they can make the strands of your comb stiff.

    • If you use too many hair products

    Whether it is hair cream, gel, or sprays you use to style your hair regularly, you must cleanse your hairbrush at least once a week. If you are using conditioners and shampoos frequently or are under a hair treatment, you must clean your comb to avoid making your hair filthy.

    • If you have too much hair fall

    Though shedding a few hairs is very natural every day, you must clean the comb regularly if you have hair fall problems or dandruff. Don’t just wash it under running water; remove the hair that sticks to your brush. Make sure there is no more hair accumulated in the bristles of your comb. If you are unaware of how to clean hair brushes, follow this article to know the steps.

    • If you don’t use hair products

    While you are of the group that does not use too many hair cosmetics, you can clean your comb once in two weeks. However, if you oil your hair regularly, don’t forget to cleanse the comb daily to remove the stickiness.

    What do you need to clean the hair brushes?

    If you are worried about how to clean hair brushes, we can say that it’s straightforward. You don’t even require too many items to clean your comb. As you will know about the cleaning methods and things needed, you won’t even worry about doing it. The items that are necessary for cleaning are always available at home. All you need is some time to do it. Check the things you can use to cleanse your comb:

    • Bowls
    • Warm water
    • Baking soda
    • Mild shampoo
    • Old toothbrush
    • Scissors
    • Extra clean comb
    • Paper towels

    Know about the methods of how to clean hair brushes from the steps discussed below. Whether your comb of plastic or wood, we have a solution to all types of hairbrush cleaning.

    How to clean hair brushes?

    Cleaning hairbrushes should be there in your daily or weekly, or bi-weekly routine. You can use various hairbrushes and not worry about cleaning as all sorts of combs can be cleaned by adopting the correct process. Check the methods and steps below to know more about how to clean hair brushes!

    Method 1: The shampoo method

    Cleansing your comb with shampoo is the easiest way to keep your hairbrush clean. Use a mild shampoo and follow the steps enlisted.

    • Perform daily maintenance – Before going to sleep, wash your hairbrush daily to keep it clean. Use a paper towel to remove oil and hair that stays around the bristle of the comb.
    • Shampoo your hairbrush – Now, take a bowl or block the drainage of your basin to turn it into a bowl. Add lukewarm water and a few drops of mild shampoo and stir it well. If you are unaware of how to clean hair brushes, dip the brush in the bowl or basin and scrub it properly to remove oil, dead cells, and other dirt.
    • Dry hairbrush overnight – Once you finish cleaning the comb using shampoo water, wash it under running water and let it dry overnight. You can also use a towel to extract the excess water from your comb.
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    Method 2: The toothbrush method

    No household is bereft of old toothbrushes. They are very helpful in cleaning your comb. If you are agitated about how to clean hair brushes properly, an old toothbrush can be at your help. You can adapt this process for weekly or bi-weekly cleaning of your comb. Follow the steps to know more.


    • Remove the hair – Use your scissors and paper towels to pull out the hair that sticks to your hairbrush. If you don’t remove them initially, it will be a problem while you dip and shake them in water.
    • Dip and shake – Take a bowl and add lukewarm water and soap to it. Mix the solution well and dip your comb in it. Shake it thoroughly in the soap water. Repeat dipping and shaking the hairbrush over and over again. As you dip and shake the comb, the dead cells, dirt, oil, and residue of the hair products you use get easily removed.
    • Use a toothbrush for extra cleaning – As you are new to how to clean hair brushes, dip your comb in the soap, wash it, and use an old toothbrush to scrub and clean the dirt in between bristles. You can also swab the base of the hairbrush using the old toothbrush.
    • Rinse and dry – As you finish scrubbing the dirt out of your comb, wash it under clean water and rinse it properly. Use a towel to remove the water and let it dry.

    Method 3: Baking soda method

    Are you thinking about how to clean hair brushes and disinfect them? Well, baing soda might help you in it. The process is similar to the shampoo method, and it is straightforward also!

    • Pre-cleanse your brush – Take a bowl with lukewarm water and add few drops of mild shampoo to it. Stir the solution well to mix the shampoo in the water. Cleanse your hairbrush in this solution by dipping and shaking it. You can also scrub it to remove dirt when you are agitated about how to clean hair brushes.
    • Soak your brush – When you are done with your cleansing, add baking soda to the shampoo solution. If you see that the water has turned too dirty, change it. Prepare a new soap solution and add baking soda to it. Once the baking soda gets dissolved in water, let your comb soak in it. Leave it for three to five minutes in the bowl.
    • Rinse well and then dry – Take out your comb from the baking soda water and rinse it under normal running water. You can leave your hairbrush to dry, but using a towel to remove the excess water will speed up the drying process.

    Method 4: Rat tail hairbrush method

    Hairbrushes with pointed bristles are the rat tail brushes. You can run them through your comb to clean the padded hairbrush base and the strands also. If you are thinking about how to clean hair brushes in this way, check out the process below.

    • Remove the dirt – Keep your hairbrush horizontally and run the rat tail comb through it. Repeat the procedure, again and again, to clean all the dirt present in your comb. The rat tail hairbrush efficiently moves out the dirt, dead cells, hair from the base, and the strands.
    • Make your mix – Once you have cleaned your hairbrush with the spare comb, take a bowl and mix mild shampoo and lukewarm water solution. If you are not hurrying about how to clean hair brushes, dip your comb in the soapy solution. Let it soak for some time.
    • Scrub away – After three to five minutes of soaking, scrub the comb if you see any dirt still there. Rinse the comb and let it dry.

    Method 5: Paddle brush cleaning method

    You don’t need to worry about how to clean hair brushes if you have a paddle brush. All you would need extra is a pencil or a pen. Check the steps of cleaning your paddle comb below.

    • Step one – With your pen or pencil, slide the accumulated hair in the brush. Go on doing it until the hair starts loosening and comes out. Remove all the hair before washing the comb.
    • Step two – In a big bowl, add lukewarm water and mild shampoo to make a solution and dip your hairbrush into it. Keep it there for some time to soak. Try to scrub and shake it in the water so that all the dirt goes away and you don’t feel agitated about how to clean hair brushes.
    • Step three – Once the accumulated dirt and oil goes off, take out the brush from the water and rinse it.
    • Step four – As you finish rinsing, put the hairbrush in a new bowl with a solution of lukewarm water and baking soda. Dip it there for some time.
    • Step five – Take out your brush from the baking soda water and let it dry.
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    Method 6: Boar bristle hairbrush cleaning method

    While cleaning a boar bristle hairbrush, you must be careful about the water not entering the rubber pad. Learn the straightforward steps of how to clean hair brushes if you have a boar bristle comb.

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    • Step one – Eliminate all the hair by pulling them out with the help of a rat tail comb or scissors. Be careful that you don’t damage the bristles of the brush.
    • Step two – In a bowl of lukewarm water, add a few drops of mild shampoo to make it soapy. Using an old toothbrush or a soft cloth, scrub the hairbrush to remove dead cells and other dirt. Submerge the bristles only by keeping the rubber pad dry. Wetting the rubber cushion can let molds grow on the comb gradually.
    • Step three – Rinse the hairbrush after keeping it in the shampoo water for some time. Once you complete running cold water on it, run your fingers over the strands to remove water.
    • Step four – Put your brush upside down to let the water drain out. You can use a soft cloth also to remove the water. If you feel that water is still there, use a drier to soak the water.

    Methos 7: Plastic and wooden hairbrush cleaning method

    Are you agitated about how to clean hair brushes? Well, whether you have a plastic hair comb or a wooden one, both can be cleaned very easily following some measures. Take a look at how you can clean your plastic and wooden hairbrush.

    • Remove the hair – Whether it is your wooden hairbrush or the plastic one, use your scissors to remove the hair from the base and the strands.
    • For plastic combs – You can submerge them fully into the bowl of shampoo solution if you have plastic combs. Scrub it and cleanse it so that no dirt remains. However, try to keep the padding dry.


    • For wooden combs – if you are worried about how to clean hair brushes made from wood, do not entirely submerge them in the water. The wooden frame, when dampened, can degrade. Dip the bristles only in the soap water and try to keep the rest part dry.

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    Tips to follow all the methods in an effective manner

    Plenty of tips are there that can help you to cleanse your comb. However, you cannot go on reading tips only! Here are some shortlisted tips that you can follow to clean your hairbrushes effectively if you are speculating about how to clean hair brushes.

    • Be careful about the scissors as you remove hair from the comb. Too much pressure can break your bristle.
    • You can use alcohol or vinegar to rub over the comb. It helps in disinfecting the hairbrush properly.
    • To make soapy water, rely on a mild shampoo only. It gives better results and removes all sorts of dirt.

    How to Clean Hair Brushes

    • While you let the hairbrush soak in soapy water, don’t just keep it submerged. Scrub it using a toothbrush to eliminate the dirt and oil properly.
    • Make it your daily habit to remove the hair that accumulates on the bristles of the comb. It becomes a problem if too much hair clogs the teeth of the comb. You will also face difficulties in combing your hair too.
    • Use dry paper towels and rub them on your hairbrush every day to remove oil and dirt to not stress you much during weekly or bi-weekly cleaning.

    What is the way to clean a lice comb properly?

    Are you battling with lice in your hair? Well, to get rid of them, you need to know how to clean hair brushes. Cleaning your comb after each brushing in a particular way will help you deal with the lice properly. Follow the following steps to clean your hairbrush with lice:

    • Step one: As you finish brushing your hair, use a paper towel to remove the lice that stick on your comb. Wipe them off to make your comb, and again brush your hair. With a separate paper towel, now remove the lice that have again accumulated. Repeat the same process until you finish brushing your whole hair. Once you are done, put all the paper towels in plastic and dispose of them.
    • Step two: When you finish combing your hair, put the hairbrush in a pot containing warm water. Know this best way to sterilize your comb if you were unaware of how to clean hair brushes! The warm water will kill any existing lice on the comb. Keep your brush submerged for about ten minutes and let it soak.
    • Step three: Take out the comb from the pot of warm water, and dry it properly. You can rub alcoholic lotions to ensure that no lice are left. Leave it to dry once you have finished rubbing.
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    How to clean a hairbrush with dandruff?

    Whenever you spot dandruff in your hair, you must be very careful to remove them. As you comb your hair, it only leaves your hair but settles on your hairbrush. So, if you don’t remove it from your hairbrush, dandruff can again get back to your hair. If you are worried about how to clean hair brushes with dandruff, follow the steps below:

    Step one: Pull out hair from your comb either manually or with the help of scissors or toothpicks. You can even run a rat tail comb to remove hair. However, be careful that you don’t break the bristles while running the comb.

    Step two: Unlike the other hairbrush cleaning processes, you need to make soapy water to wash and scrub your dandruff comb. Take one bowl and fill it with lukewarm water. Mix vinegar and mild shampoo to make a soapy solution.

    Step three: Take an old toothbrush, and dip it in the solution made earlier. Rub the dipped toothbrush over your hairbrush. Reach out to all the areas, including the pad and bristles of your comb. If you are tensed about how to clean hair brushes with dandruff, scrub it properly to remove every flake of dandruff from the comb. Repeat the process until you see that your hairbrush looks dandruff-free.

    Step four: Once you finish scrubbing, dip the comb in the soapy solution prepared. Soak the hairbrush in it for some time to let the oil and dirt go away. In this process, dandruff will also wash away from your hairbrush.

    Step five: After keeping the comb to soak for some time, shake it and take it out to wash. Rinse it under running water and check whether all the dirt and dandruff have gone if you are agitated about how to clean hair brushes.

    Step six: Now, let your comb dry! Remove excess water from your hairbrush by wrapping it in a towel. You can also use a drier if you want to dry the comb properly.

    What is white stuff seen on the hairbrush?


    If you spot white flakes on your hairbrush after combing, it is dandruff. At times, it can be the mineral deposit mixed with the residue of hair products and dead cells that appear to be white. However, if you see that it is increasing with passing days, you must be sure that it is dandruff. Don’t be agitated about how to clean hair brushes with dandruff, as it is effortless to do. Nonetheless, if you spot that it is not dandruff, you must take care of your hair by reviewing the products you use. It can also happen if too much hard water is used. Hard water has minerals that get deposited as you shampoo or wash your hair. They are difficult to remove and often turn out to be the white flakes that appear on your hairbrush.

    How do salons clean hair brushes?

    Salon cleans their hairbrushes in two ways. They either do it by the dry or wet method. Both the techniques are effective and similar to how you clean your comb at the house. If you have a salon and are worried about how to clean hair brushes, follow the steps below to excel.


    • Dry method

    Step one: Remove the residue hair on the comb by running another comb through it. Remember not to beak the bristles in doing so.

    Step two: Shake the comb correctly and pat it from different angles so that the loose hair falls off the base. If you own a salon and worry about how to clean hair brushes, use a toothbrush to rub through the bristles for removing hair.

    Step three: Use your hairdryer to blow air near the hairbrush. It is the most effective way to remove all dirt and hair residue from your combs.

    • Wet method

    Step one: With the scissors and other combs, remove the hair clinging to the hairbrush.

    Step two: Mix shampoo and warm water in a sprayer and sprinkle it over the brushes you want to clean. Now, with an old toothbrush, scrub your comb to remove all the dirt and hair.

    Step three: Rinse it under running water and check whether any hair particle is still there on the brush.

    Step four: If you spot that dirt is still there and tensed about how to clean hair brushes, repeat the spraying and scrubbing process. Else, with your hairdryer, blow air to get rid of water.


    Cleaning your hairbrush is a crucial thing to do. If you miss it, your comb will carry many dirt and broken hair that can be transmitted again to your hair. If in case you have dandruff or lice, it is necessary to clean your hairbrush regularly. Else your hair can degrade. As you read the article, you might be knowing now about how to clean hair brushes! Apply the methods to get the best results. So, what are you waiting for? Take out the pieces of equipment required to clean your hairbrush and scrub the dirt off it!



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