How to Clean a Fleshlight? – 5 Easy Steps

    A vast majority of male individuals prefer to use Fleshlights nowadays. As can be understood from the name, it is a masturbatory aid that can be self-operated. One does not need to go through too much hassle to use it. If you decide to spend a good amount of money to buy one of the top Fleshlights, you can be sure that the experience will feel almost like, or very close to, the real-life experience. How to clean a fleshlight is probably the most asked question of all time.

    However, one fundamental problem that Fleshlight owners face is keeping the Fleshlight clean. Because of the nature of the Fleshlight and its purpose, a lot of liquid residues can stay accumulated inside it. If not taken care of or cleaned on time, this can lead to mold formation inside the Fleshlight.

    Since the Fleshlight is meant for direct contact with your skin, you should take precautions while using it. Otherwise, if you use a Fleshlight on which mold has already formed, you might catch a skin infection or worse, which could pose potential health hazards.

    How to clean a fleshlight?

    Thus, it is clear that one of the biggest questions before Fleshlight owners is “How to Clean a Fleshlight.” You need to pay special attention to this aspect to ensure that your Fleshlight is long-lasting and does not harm your health.

    4 Different Parts of a Fleshlight

    Before looking at how to clean a Fleshlight, you need to properly understand the different parts of a Fleshlight and the function of each of them. These parts are the Fleshlight Insert, the Fleshlight Case, the Big Front Screw Cap, and the Small Rear Screw Cap. Consider the description below:

    #1 Fleshlight Insert: This is the principal organ of the Fleshlight and the part that comes into use. As can be understood by the name, this is the female genitalia- like part of the Fleshlight where the male genitalia can be inserted. The interior of this part is made with ultra-soft skin-like material, specially designed for extreme pleasure.

    This Fleshlight Insert is placed inside the Fleshlight Case and fixed to the groove inside it. The rear insert part of this Insert is lined with side wings that shape themselves against the back wall of the Insert Case. This leads to several air chambers along the sides of the Case. These air cases are the various orifices of the female physique.

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    If you choose to go for the better quality top-rated Fleshlights, the orifices would seem real as they are modeled after the most famous erotic models of the time. The textures of the inside skin of the Insert also vary significantly for maximum sensual pleasure.

    This is the central part you need to keep in mind while looking at “how to clean a Fleshlight.

    #2 Fleshlight Case: The Case can be seen as the “shelter” or the home of the Fleshlight Insert. Since the Insert is flexible and elastic beyond measure for optimum utilization, the Fleshlight Case provides the necessary support. The Fleshlight Case is indeed an essential part of the Fleshlight since, without it, it would be impossible to hold the Fleshlight Insert in place. It would keep bobbing and jumping around because of its elasticity.

    The Fleshlight Case is very tactfully designed. It can be opened from both sides and also closed with screw caps. Once closed from both sides, the Fleshlight would seem like any other standard Fleshlight. This is probably where it gets its unique name from.

    This unique feature allows for discreet Fleshlight storage without raising any eyebrows. This feature would also allow you to carry around the Fleshlight with you no matter where you go, saving you the trouble of taking extra measures to keep it hidden from prying eyes.

    #3 Big Front Screw Cap: As is evident from the name, the Big Front Screw Cap is responsible for protecting the front end of the Fleshlight Insert from dirt, dust, and other environmental elements. It plays a vital role in ensuring that the insert is durable and used for an extended period.

    However, the Front Cap is exclusively meant for storage purposes. It does not play any structural role during the use of the Fleshlight, which means that it needs to be opened while using it and screwed back again once you are done using it.

    #4 Small Rear Screw Cap: As can be clearly understood from the name, the Small Rear Screw Cap is placed at the back of the Fleshlight. This cap also serves a role in storage by preventing dirt and dust from getting into the Fleshlight.

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    However, unlike the Big Front Screw Cap, it plays a structural role in the functioning of the Fleshlight. It is responsible for regulating the suction inside the inner canal while in use. The more you tighten this Cap, the more the suction power increases. When you loosen the cap, the suction power decreases.

    Thus you can adjust the force of auction accordingly to your preferences with the help of this Screw Cap. By changing the suction force, you can feel different levels of stimulation using the same Fleshlight.

    Before we move on to how to clean a Fleshlight, there is something else that you should know. Apart from cleaning the Fleshlight, there is another thing you can do to make the Fleshlight durable. If you choose to go for water-based lubricant instead of silicon or oil-based lube, then you can keep the Fleshlight from getting spoilt for a longer time.

    If I take this precaution, why should I know how to clean a Fleshlight at all?

    This is a precaution to take while using the Fleshlight. However, aftercare is necessary too. Consider this- the male body ejects semen at the rate of 28 kilometers per hour. That semen is at a temperature of 98.6 degrees Celsius. As we know, this kind of warm environment is most conducive for bacteria to grow. And this bacteria, in turn, as explained above, can pose significant health hazards to you.

    How to clean a Fleshlight?

    How to clean a fleshlight?

    Now let us move on to a step-by-step explanation of how to clean a Fleshlight.

    Step 1: Remove the Fleshlight Sleeve/ Insert- The first thing to do is remove the Fleshlight Sleeve/ Insert. This is because it is not advisable to clean both the Case and the Insert with the same methods/ cleaning agents. Doing this can have an undesirable effect on your Fleshlight and cause it to get ruined.

    Step 2: Clean the Fleshlight case- While most people choose to skip this step, you should do it. This is because some of the semen might get into the Case as well, which is not a good thing for your Fleshlight. Cleaning the Flashlight case is very simple. All you need to do is rinse the Case with soap and some warm water, and you’re good to go!

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    Step 3: Clean the Fleshlight Insert/ Sleeve:  Run warm water through the Fleshlight sleeve for a few seconds. This will remove the extra semen stuck to it. Then, you can spray some Fleshlight Toy Cleaner, which comes in the form of a liquid, on it. Do not try to use soap, soap-based cleaning agents, or detergent on the Fleshlight, as it will make the material deteriorate faster.

    Step 4: Dry the Fleshlight: Drying a Fleshlight Case is indeed simple. You can just use a paper towel or a piece of cloth to soak up the extra water. However, You need to put it out to air dry naturally. Never mistake putting away a wet Fleshlight, or putting it under sunlight, as it can also lead to the formation of bacteria.

    Step 5: Refresh the Fleshlight- There is also a method to make it feel new every time you use it. You can do this by using Fleshlight Renewing Powder. Once the Fleshlight is dry, sprinkle this powder liberally all over it. This substance will keep the ultra-soft Fleshlight sleeve material from becoming sticky or taking up dust. However, make sure to apply the powder only after the dry sleeve. Otherwise, it will become sticky, which you do not want.

    We have now covered all the steps under “how to clean a Fleshlight.” Make sure you keep these in mind every time you clean yours.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. How frequently should I clean the Fleshlight?

    The math is simple. Clean your Fleshlight every time you use it, or you will risk the formation of mold and bacteria.

    Q2. Do I need to clean the Fleshlight even if I do not use it?

    The answer is no. Just keep it dry and in a place that is not too warm or humid.

    Q3. What Fleshlight Cleaner should I use?

    The most recommended Fleshlight cleaner is “FleshWash.” However, you can also go for 70% isopropyl, which works well. Experiment and see which agent suits you.


    Well, how to clean a fleshlight wouldn’t be a problem anymore for anyone. With the knowledge of different parts of the same, one can easily manage to deal with it individually. This proves how Sleck has been looking forward to helping all its viewers like never before.

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