How To Clean A Shag Rug- 15 Incredible Tips To Upkeep Your Rug!

    How To Clean A Shag Rug- Tips, Warnings, And More!

    Wondering How to clean a shag rug seeing how popular Shag rugs have grown over the years. Shag rugs are trending as they are modern design rugs, chiefly in America. These rugs are also called Shaggy rugs and hold a longer pile, which is a trait that makes them appear fluffy or fuzzy. Furthermore, they are prepared with synthetic fiber, making them perfect for use in locations with the risk of spills and heavy traffic.

    Their synthetic nature constructs them to be effortless while cleaning. Most households prefer getting Shag Rugs for their house because having one exquisite shag carpet will grant your room a warm and welcoming feel. We frequently get asked; how to clean a shag rug? Can you use a vacuum cleaner for a shag rug? How to prevent spills?

    You might find shaggy rugs in interior design bulletins or even used by celebs in TV shows. There is no disputing that shag rugs add amenity and elegance to your room.

    One factor most people overlook is that these fluffy and soft shag rugs can be a huge annoyance! Possessing a luxury rug like shag rugs does not arrive without a hitch. You must know how to clean a shag rug if you should vacuum the rug every day or not, what kind of detergent operates best on the rug you own- let us coach you through everything you need to know. Here’s how to clean a shag rug.

    5 Varieties Of Shag Rugs That Needs Cleaning

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    Let us glance at the five distinct varieties of shag rugs you can discover in the market and what constructs them to be different from one another. We will also communicate more details about how to clean a shag rug.

    1. Flokati Rugs

    Flokati shag rugs are a variety of handmade wool rugs produced in Greece. These shag rugs are usually a cream or white color, but you can locate them stained in multiple color hues as well.

    2. Wool Shag Rugs

    There are two primary kinds of wool shag rugs, and these include– “shaggy” and “noodles.” The dense wool fibers are in the form of noodles. This quality makes them touch extremely soft and appear luxurious. However, the texture comes at an expense. The soft fiber of these rugs tends to draw all types of particles, for instance- dirt, hair, dust, and other tiny particles that adhere to the surface.

    3. Leather Shag Rugs

    These shags are relatively more manageable to wash than others because you utilize a leather cleaner on them. Leather rugs, nevertheless, can be expensive based on the quality and brand of leather, and they aren’t pet-friendly or, generally, life-friendly. Keeping a leather rug strategically in any low-traffic room in the home is the key to maintaining it clean. Keep it in a location where it will not undergo disclosure to mishaps involving pets, liquids, and foods.

    4. Acrylic Shaggy Rugs

    Acrylic wool rugs not only seem cheaper compared to wool shag rugs, but they may be a risk for your home. They are highly flammable, and many interior decorators do not suggest them for houses with children. Cleaning the rugs is also more manageable, like leather shag rugs. You can furthermore wash them often if required.

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    5. Synthetic Shaggy Rugs

    Although synthetic rugs are not the most high quality, they can be relatively more manageable to clean because, unlike wool, they can tolerate a steam cleanser. However, they won’t survive very long because they are typically low-quality fabrics. Now let us hop to various cleaning techniques to try and learn how to clean shag rugs.

    Best Ways- How To Clean A Shag Rug

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    1. Test The Method Beforehand

    To learn how to clean a shag rug, you must evaluate the material it is formed in and what strategy is perfect for it. Before you begin using any strategy, the first experiment on a bit of area of the rug. This advice applies especially in cases where different products for cleaning are involved. Reading the “instructions for use” mindfully before laying the cleaning agent onto your rug would again be a great idea. Carpet cleaning is necessary, but selecting the proper method would help you determine the best alternative for the carpet.

    2. Vacuuming

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    The first query most people have is using a vacuum cleaner on their shag rugs. Yes, you can use a vacuum but with cautiousness. When operated recklessly, the vacuum cleaner can suck the fibers of your shaggy rug and have them stuck in your vacuum cleaner. Carefully use the vacuum for your rug at least once a week to have it glance new and free of filth.

    Here Are Some Steps To Help You Clean Your Rug:

        • Shake the rug out prior to vacuuming to get a nice clean
        • Gradually vacuum the shaggy rugs, each row by row.
        • You can even turn the rug over and clean the back and outwards of it to bash out the dust in your shag.
        • Know that vacuuming will not take away all dirt out of the rug. To receive good results, you must run the vacuum on the exact spot at least twice or thrice. This rule particularly applies to beige shag or white shag rugs due to the lighter color style. Another essential tip we ought to share is that operating a vacuum enables you to make your shag rug fluffy once more.

    Warning: If you sense that vacuuming is drawing the fiber of shaggy rugs, STOP Using It Immediately! Vacuuming may not be an appropriate way to clean the Shag carpet. Select a different method.

    3: Use A Rug Rake

    Another suggestion experts mention is that you must use a rug rake rather than a vacuum cleaner. It appears similar to a comb and lets you groom your shaggy rug perfectly. Carpet rakes are furthermore suitable for getting free of any excess pet hair, dirt, and debris from your shaggy rug.

    4: Shake It Or Smack It

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    Take your rug outdoors and jiggle it rigorously. For rugs of bigger size, ask somebody to assist you out. Grab opposite ends and vibrate the rug out as hard as attainable without making it tear away.

    Be cautious and ensure that the breeze is not blowing in your direction! If not, you may receive a lot of dirt running your way. After shaking or smacking off the dust thoroughly, hang the rug upside-down or over your clothesline and whack it with a mop or a broom handle. A few people suggest leaving the shaggy rug outdoors in the sun for 2 to 3 hours to destroy any lingering bacteria. Nevertheless, bear in mind that the UV rays from the sun can sabotage the color of the fluffy rug if you hang it outdoors for a lengthy period!

    5: Use the Dog’s wide-toothed Brush For Cleaning

    If you have a shaggy rug made out of wool, you can operate your dog’s wide-toothed brush to create your shag rug velvety again. A few wool shaggy rug keepers do this and suggest it to others. Your dog’s brush will assist in loosening up the pile and getting free of any leftover matted patches. Know that this advice can only function on sheepdog-like shaggy rugs. If the shaggy rug is made of synthetic material, you can vandalize it.

    6: Try A Dry Bath

    Bathing the rug using dry shampoo is an effortless way to clean the rug. All you will require to keep is a dry shampoo of any suitable brand and a thick brush having soft bristles. It would help if you chose an outdoor area as giving a bath to your shaggy can develop a lot of chaos. Spread the dry shampoo all over your shaggy rug.

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    Hold the brush and begin washing your rug gently. It would help if you allowed the shampoo to be set on the rug correctly. The time might differ based on the shampoo. You can review the manufacturer’s guidelines written on the label for it. It is usually over 10 minutes or so. You can also vacuum the shaggy rug to bring the dry shampoo out of it. It will assist in cracking the dirt particles loose from the strands. Occasionally, the rugs tend to appear dirty even after vacuuming and shaking. It is because these techniques cannot guarantee final cleaning.

    This scenario may sound more familiar to people who possess a grey shag rug or a pink shag rug. The lighter color hues make them highly sensitive to dust and dirt. After an excellent dry bath, operating a vacuum will be a great way to have your shag rug appear fluffy again.

    7: Spot Clean The Shaggy Rugs

    This cleaning method for your Shag Rug is a great savior at fateful moments. Imagine dribbling some curry or fruit juice on the shaggy rug. If you scorn the shaggy rug, that moment will cause you to feel like you were undergoing a heart attack.

    If you see some pesky stains on your shaggy fluffy rug, here is what you can do to obtain freedom from them: First, you are required to be super passionate about cleaning those spills. Use a fabric to absorb the spill of your shaggy rug before it gets deep within the fibers of the carpet. We suggest trying a cloth that is beige or other neutral colors to absorb the spills. This is essential because it will destroy the possibility of the fabric color repositioning on your shaggy rug.

    Sponge the spill into a clean cloth as nicely as you can. It would help if you evaded scratching a cloth on your rug, as it may extend the stain further. Just wipe the cloth continually to absorb all the liquid. If you are worried about selecting a cloth for washing the stains, go for a microfiber cloth. It can perform the job competently without departing any of its marks on your rug.

    Wet paper and baby wipes can also be a great choice. There is a requirement for picking them – they must be alcohol-free. Now grab any clean, damp cloth begins dabbing it on that dirt or stained rug portion. Keep performing till you feel you have accomplished the best you can to minimize the appearance of the stain.

    WARNING: Avoid cleaning the shag rug using a brush with stiff bristles. It can somewhat sabotage the light fiber strands. If the shaggy rug requires additional cleaning, go for the subsequent step. Select a gentle detergent or dish soap. Blend them in water to create a solution. Sink any neat cloth in it and pat the stained portion gently. Once the color of the stain is off, keep the shaggy rug in an open-air area to dry correctly

    8. How To Clean A Shag Rug Using Vinegar To Spot Clean

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    Instead of using soap/detergent, use vinegar to do the cleaning job on the spot. However, make sure to dilute it. Prepare a solution using an equal quantity of vinegar and warm water. Immerse a clean cloth in the solution and gently clean the stained portion. Let the shaggy rug hang outdoors to dry thoroughly, preferably for an extended period that can be calculated as 24 hours.

    9. How To Clean A Shag Rug Using Steam Cleaning

    A steam cleaner can be a suitable choice to cleanse the shaggy rug entirely. It is a more effortless way to get rid of different smells, dirt, and other dust that sank deep within the rug. To carry out the procedure with success, preferably, vacuum it entirely. A vacuumed rug runs better when cleaned using a steam cleaner. Once the vacuum draws the dirt settled at top coatings, the steam cleaner obtains the possibility to concentrate more on grime planted deep inside.

    Next, mix water and rug soap/detergent in the steam cleaner. You must consider the amount because extreme cleaning will sabotage the shaggy rug. Do not ignore to read all the guidelines before using the detergent mix. Move the cleaner on your shaggy rug from one end to another. Keep rubbing till you feel the rug is spotless and neat enough. Hang the rug outside or at a suitably ventilated place to allow it to air dry correctly. To form your shag rug fluffy again, try using a vacuum cleaner or raking it.

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    10. How To Clean A Shag Rug Using A Scotch Guard

    You can furthermore protect the shag carpet using a Scotch Guard. You can spread these products to achieve protection against spots on your rug fiber.

    11. Wash The Shag Carpet

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    To extend the life of the shag rug, you must pay a fantastic lookout for its maintenance. It suggests you better not allow it to stay dirty for more time. Here is how to clean a shag rug using as little bother as possible. Like the steam cleaning way, begin the process with vacuuming first. Then follow the steps given below:

    • If the shaggy rug is not especially large, you can use any suitable-sized tub. Otherwise, cleaning on a neat floor can be a suitable option.
    • Fill your tub using warm (not exceedingly hot) water. Pick any safe detergent/cleaner and blend it in the water.
    • You can decrease/increase its amount compared to your rug’s dimensions. Set the rug inside and allow it to sit for 10 minutes or more.
    • You can use a brush with soft bristles or your hand to release the stains.
    • Wash the rug correctly to take out detergent or soap. Leave it for a substantial time in an area to let it air dry.

    12. How To Clean A Shag Rug Using Cool Air Dryer

    This cleaning procedure applies primarily to small shaggy rugs only. You can operate your dryer with little to no heat, or just air, to wash your rug. It can assist you in drawing out most of the dirt and dust embedded inside the shaggy rug. Many experienced cleaners have enormous-sized dryers. They utilize them for wiping purposes and upkeeping rugs after washing them.

    13. Take It To The Professionals

    If you wish to get a more in-depth clean than the methods listed overhead, or if you wish to sidestep DIY methods, carry your shaggy rug to the closest rug cleaning corporation near you. Remember that having a shag carpet groomed professionally can be expensive because of the hardship involved!

    14. Clean Them Frequently

    Cleaning a shag rug is not complicated, but it does need regular sustenance to maintain its attractiveness and character. It is best to groom them frequently because you can discourage the development of bacteria on your shag rug due to continued use or food spillage.

    15. Do Not Utilize A Hot Air Dryer On Shag Rug

    The last suggestion is that you must never operate a hot dryer. It can eradicate the fibers of shaggy rugs with intense heat, so it is most suitable to let them air dry on their own or get skilled help if required. If you pursue these cleaning methods and tips, you will be able to keep the shaggy rug in excellent shape for a prolonged time, even if you use it on a day-to-day basis.

    How To Avert Spills And Dirt On Shaggy Rugs

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    There’s a famous saying you all know- Prevention is better than cure – and this saying fits perfectly well for shaggy rugs. Why allow things to get so flawed that you would have to bother about how to clean a shag rug and bother so much? Preventing dirt and spills from having the shaggy rug appear so bad is the most sensible thing to do. Here are a few preventive measures you can take to avoid scratching your head learning how to clean a shag rug.

        1. Position the fluffy shaggy rug in a low-traffic room.
        2. Create strict rules at your home to keep the shag clean and clear from harm. No one should be allowed to walk on it with their shoes on, throw garbage on it, or eat near it.
        3. Keep the base underneath it neat and dust-free.

    Maintaining Shag Rugs or Carpets Can Be Challenging

    Maintaining the shag rugs is quite challenging, keeping them fluffy. They are soft, thick, and more elevated pile rugs than the standard Hand-Knotted Rugs. This implies that the fibers are more extended than fibers seen in traditional rugs.

    The high pile in such rugs makes it significantly more challenging to clean than to wash standard rugs. Dust and dirt manage to go deeper in the gaps between these fibers, making it almost impossible to catch them with a dusting cloth or a simple brush. Moreover, enormous shag rugs can be extremely heavy, making them more complicated to clean.

    Owning a fluffy white shag rug would need exceptional attention to keep it appearing incredible. There are multiple kinds of shag rugs, and one must clean the shaggy rug separately and care for them in a different way. The cleaning procedures must be distinctive to their material.

    The material employed to create Frieze shag rugs is glossy twisted fiber flops to make them appear luxurious. The exact issue is with Wool Shag rugs. They require washing in a far distinct way than regular shag carpets do.


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