How To Clean A Humidifier In 3 Easy Ways

    how to clean a humidifier

    How to clean a humidifier is an easy guide to clean and maintain the device. A humidifier catches mold and must be cleaned regularly. You can clean it home with home ingredients as it is safe and effective.

    There are multiple uses of a humidifier. You can use it to keep hair and skin moist if you experience dryness. Using a humidifier at home reduces air-borne diseases as it clears impurities from the air.

    An unclean humidifier produces germs and air-born diseases. Hence, it is essential to clean the humidifier regularly. One of the primary precautions to be taken when cleaning a humidifier is only to clean it with pure water. Tap water leaves minerals deposits as residue, which are difficult to clean and pollute the air if not cleaned thoroughly.

    Also, the particles from cleaning with impure water can settle in the room like dust.
    An unclean humidifier poses a threat to good health. It increases bacteria and harmful fungi generated from tap water’s mineral deposits and dust. This is how to clean a humidifier regularly.

    How To Clean A Humidifier – DIY

    how to clean a humidifier

    There are a few ways you can use home ingredients to keep the humidifier clean. An unclean humidifier pollutes the air and can be hazardous to health. A clean humidifier provides relief from cough and cold.

    • Unplug and disassemble the humidifier
    • If it has a tank, use white vinegar and water, pour in the tank, swish, and clean it.
    • You can also use this solution inside the humidifier to expel minerals and other pollutants.
    • Drain the tank using this solution and clean with a smooth brush to remove the remains of the particles.
    • Use a clean cloth to wipe minor parts of the humidifier.
    • Before reassembling, you can rinse all the parts again and let them dry in natural air.
    • Ensure they are dehydrated before you assemble and plug them.
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    With Bleach And Baking Soda

    how to clean a humidifier
    • Make a solution of one teaspoon of liquid chlorine and one bucket of water.
    • Unplug and disassemble the tank
    • Pour a quarter of the solution inside the tank
    • As an alternative, you can mix 3% of hydrogen peroxide in water to make a cleaning solution.
    • Let the solution stand inside the tank for 15-20 minutes.
    • Drain the solution from the tank as it eliminates dirt and mineral deposits inside the tank.
    • Rinse with clean water and wipe it clean.
    • Allow it to dry entirely in natural air and reassemble.
    • When you fill the water tank with clean water, add a few drops of tea tree oil so it disinfects the air and keeps you away from breathing toxins.
    • You can create a cleaning solution of baking soda with water to deep clean the humidifier.
    • To clean the mold inside the tank using hydrogen peroxide solution is ideal.

    Maintenance Tips

    how to clean a humidifier
    • Do not use stagnant water. Change water inside the tank after use. 
    • Do not use tap water. Only use distilled water.
    • Deep clean all humidifier parts regularly and disinfect them regularly with the above solution. 
    • Only fill the tank with distilled water. Avoid using tap water inside the tank. 
    • Use a humidifier monitor to check humidity levels as more increased humidity can grow mold. 
    • If you find the humidifier wet on the outer area due to condensation, wipe it clean and lower humidity levels. 
    • Clean daily for heavy use of the device.
    • Clean and replace the air filter.
    • Refer to the manufacturer’s manual to clean and replace the air filter. 
    • Never mix bleach, vinegar, baking soda, or hydrogen peroxide in water as it reacts and can be hazardous to health. 
    • You can as well use apple cider vinegar to clean the tank.
    • Replace the humidifier with a new one if you have used it for very long.
    • Choose a humidifier that comes with better features and a wide tank. 
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    This is an easy guide on how to clean a humidifier. You can easily clean the stubborn residue with the solutions mentioned above. You have to take precautions when you clean and clean it daily, depending on how regularly you use it. Keeping the humidifier clean is essential to avoid inhaling pollutants released from an unclean one.


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