How To Cancel Noom- The Detailed Guide

    Noom is a very popular health and weight management app. This app provides access to a personalized weight loss plan and also a health coach. People download the app and use it according to their convenience. But there are also a good number of people who don’t want the app anymore. If that’s the case for you, it will be good for you to know about the process of how to cancel Noom.

    Fortunately, as being a modern app developer, Noom has already made it a very simple and easy task to cancel an account with them – whether you are still in the trial period or a fully-paid account. Therefore, try to follow the steps mentioned here, and your Noom account will be canceled in a very short time.

    The complete process of how to cancel Noom:

    how to cancel noom


    Step 1 – Begin with opening the Noom app and then log in to your account

    As there is no website for you to log in, you’ll have to use your phone for the process of opening the app and log in to your account.

    Step 2 – Now tap the chat bubble to talk with one of their support specialists

    There you can see a blue chat icon floating in the top right corner. You have to tap on that icon to open your messages.

    Step 3 – Now, you have to send a message saying you’d like to cancel your Noom account

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    You need to send a message to either Concierge Eva or your Goal Specialist’s name to express your desire to cancel the account with expressing the reasons why you want to do so.

    Step 4 – You will get a reply with a link to confirm your cancellation request

    They will reply back with a link to confirm for the last time you’d really like to cancel the account.

    Step 5 – Lastly, you have to click the link, and your account will be canceled

    After you click on the link, your account will be canceled officially. Now, log back into your account to see that it’s been canceled.

    Some other methods of how to cancel Noom


    As Noom is an app that is actually focused on business, they don’t have all types of support that a traditional software service can have. Meaning there’s no email, phone number, or message form on their website available for the public to contact with them.

    Meaning, the one and the only way to cancel your Noom account is to follow the steps mentioned above.

    If you encounter an error in the process for whatever reason and your account is still being charged, consider contacting your bank and inform them. That can be able to help you.


    Some important things to note

    Uninstalling the Noom app does not stop your subscription immediately, so your credit card can still be charged unless you receive a confirmation from Noom that your subscription has been canceled. If you downloaded the app and signed up for your subscription, you can manage the subscription via the app store. If you cannot see a subscription, you have to contact your coach to cancel.

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    The process of how to cancel Noom via Coach:

    First of all, you can send a message to your Coach and tell them that you want to cancel or ask for a refund. They will provide you with a link to get your confirmation about the cancelation. Please make sure you click through that link to proceed with the cancelation process.

    If you don’t have the app, you should log into the subscription portal of the company with the same credentials, which you used while creating your account.

    There is no worry if you can’t remember your password — you can easily reset the password with the help of the password reset link. After you log into the subscription portal, go to the tab showing ‘Coach Messages’:


    Similarly, with the app, you can send a message to your coach asking for a cancelation. Make sure just to follow through the link they provide you and get your job done.

    If you cancel while having an active subscription, you’ll still have some access to your Coach and Noom course until the billing period ends, but you will not have to give any charges.

    If you are within your trial period, you will not be charged for your subscription when your trial ends.

    Why do some people think about canceling the Noom membership?

    Noom is a very special app – there’s no doubt about it. The interface they have, powered with all the good features and motivators to help the users to reach their desired weight and fitness goals makes it an excellent thing in anyone’s lifestyle.

    In saying that, everyone can change over time – and some of them for the better. Meaning Noom can become such a special and good app in building good habits that it’s simply not needed anymore. If that’s the case for you – you’re actually doing the right thing about wanting to cancel your Noom account and move on to better things.

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    In some other cases, different persons’ tastes are different, and maybe after using the trial version of the Noom’s premium subscriptions for some time, you’ve found it’s simply just not your cup of tea. Also, in this case, you’re more than eligible to know how to cancel Noom and thus cancel your account.

    This is the main reason Noom offers a free trial – so people can know for themselves whether it suits them or not. This is also a good reason why many people end up canceling this Noom app– an immensely popular health-related service that many people use and get benefitted.

    Does Noom deny the cancellation request?

    According to the help page of Noom, they will allow you to cancel anytime as you please. That remains the same for when you’re still in the trial period. Meaning if you cancel within the trial period, you don’t need to give any charges.

    However, if you forget to cancel your trial account in any case and have to give the subscription fee, Noom clearly states on their website that they will not give you any refund.



    That’s all there is to know about how to cancel Noom. It’s actually a very easy process. Sometimes, we can get a little nervous while signing up for trial offers and want to cancel those, but it’s not like that with Noom.


    Installing an app or subscribing to a site is easy, but the cancellation process often turns out to be complicated. If you want to read more about the cancellation process of various apps and subscriptions, you can try this blog on How To Cancel Disney Plus Subscription: An Easy Way Out!


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