8 amazing benefits of WordPress

    If you’re starting to create your first website, WordPress is a must-go platform for you.  WordPress is nothing but a content management system (CMS). It’s a powerful tool for building, maintaining, and managing your website. It is a tool that can be used for blogs, business websites, personal sites, and e-commerce enterprises as well.

    There are many amazing WordPress LMS plugins available in the eLearning market. For example, Teachable, Absorb LMS, and LearnDash, among several others. You can use such WordPress plugins for creating and running eLearning courses effectively.

    Here are 8 amazing benefits of WordPress- 

    1. Reliable-

    Today, WordPress dominates the content management system market. Many big companies are using this tool. Seeing its growing popularity and customer base, it is a reliable option for website creation.

    2. SEO friendly-

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is a tool that aids in getting traffic to your site. SEO helps in delivering the eLearning content to the targeted audience by raising the organic visibility of your site. To take your sites to the top, you can make use of a variety of SEO plugins, which can be helpful in lowering the SEO vulnerability of your company’s website.

    Many users have revealed their experiences publicly. According to them, if you use WordPress, in contrast to any other CMS available in the eLearning market, most search engines will be more friendly to your websites. To enhance your visibility, you can add meta tags and a short description of your eLearning courses as well.

    As your website appears on the first page of search engines, your credibility is further increased.

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    3. Customization option-

    WordPress provides a plethora of options to its users. Depending on the theme you’re using for your site, there are a variety of sets of changes you can make to your site from and within your admin panel. Using WordPress, you can modify the header image, color, font, layout. Thus, anyone can easily design and make edits to their websites. 

    4. Ensured safety and security-

    WordPress is a safe and secure platform. It enhances your site’s security by providing features like password protection for every folder content. By keeping your WordPress version up to date, you can keep bugs and other potential security threats at bay. Above all, you can enable an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate for your site. 

    You can also extend some useful plugin options like WordPress security plugins and WordPress backup plugins that will create an additional security layer to your site.

    5. Increased revenue-

    Using WordPress, you can easily access and upload digital content or eLearning materials and modules, sell eLearning products or courses online, register online learners or employees to conduct webinars and classes.

    You can achieve the above with the help of eCommerce plugins in WordPress. Presently, many websites are benefiting from this option.

    6. Great support-

    Today, WordPress is used by so many people all over the world. Thus, there are umpteen and countless guides, tutorials, and resources that can be found online. You can also take the help of WordPress forums where you can easily communicate and interact with others who use WordPress or some other CMS tool.

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    If you hesitate to reach out to community forums, you also have a choice to get help and support from the WordPress support team. WordPress has a stellar team, that is always ready to address users’ queries.

    7. User-friendly panel-

    If you are hosting an eLearning platform, then the main page of your site should be convenient, informative, and easy to use. Many of the eLearning websites fail as they make a typical basic front page that looks boring. Such layouts are not usually preferred by users.

    With the help of WordPress, you can build a handy user panel. This allows the users to get all the desired eLearning courses information easily. This is the best trick to increases the number of people interested in your products or services.

    8. Will stay for a longer time-

    The way WordPress has gathered community support, it is going to stay with us for the long haul. Websites builders and designers come and go but when you have WordPress installed, you just don’t need to be dependent on anyone. 


    Today, WordPress has built a great reputation in the CMS market. Many users have switched to this tool because of the kind of convenience and ease it offers to its users. It is widely used in eLearning today apart from other commercial and non-commercial businesses. 


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