How To Be Pretty Using These 4 Amazing Tips—Boost Your Confidence!

    How To Be Pretty From Outside As Well As From Within!

    Knowing how to be pretty or how to look even prettier is something that matters a lot for most people. It is an excellent way to boost your self-esteem and gain confidence in front of people. Although, we know for a fact that beauty is not just a physical feature you ought to have as it comes from within and everyone is beautiful in their ways.

    Also, to look pretty to other people, the way you treat them is a deciding factor in how you appear to them. You might have often heard a saying “Treat people how you want to be treated”. When you learn to be yourself, you will certainly learn how to be pretty and how to boost your confidence. As soon as you do this, everyone will believe you are pretty.

    Living up to impossible beauty standards can be overwhelming even if you know down that your accomplishment and character speaks volumes more than how you look. There are a lot of times when you feel like watching yourself in the mirror and look prettier simply because you are having a bad day.

    Fortunately, a large part of being pretty has everything to do with how you present yourself and how you dress up and maintain yourself. If you start taking care of yourself inside-out, there are high chances you will feel a lot prettier and positive.

    And…numerous ways help you get a clear idea of how to be pretty. Keep reading to know everything and follow the tips!

    How To Be Pretty—Tips To Know!

    1. Start Taking Care of Yourself

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    The first and foremost step to learning how to be pretty is taking care of yourself. This involves a lot of different aspects related to your health too, not just your body. Getting plenty of sleep is one such thing you can do. Being well-rested drastically improves how you look.

    Know that adults require nearly 8 hours of sleep to look amazing. On the other hand, teenagers need 10 hours approximately. If you feel tired constantly, try sleeping a bit earlier every night and see the changes in few days. You will thank yourself for doing so and realize the benefits easily.

    The second most important thing is to remain hydrated. Drinking at least 8 cups of water every day clears your skin and improves overall health. It also keeps your hair shiny and your nails in great condition. If you have a habit of drinking coffee, soda, juice, or some other sugary drinks, try drinking water instead. Caffeine, alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes are particularly bad for your health and how you look. You don’t want to look tired every day, do you?

    Make sure you bathe every day. Cleaning yourself thoroughly or showering every day is a necessity if you are curious to learn how to be pretty. How often you need to wash your hair also depends upon your hair type.

    Use a good moisturizer on the skin. Even if you have oily skin, there are certain moisturizers available that reduce oil content and helps your skin produce less oil. Read the label on the moisturizer and see if it suits your skin tone or not. If it does, start using it today itself in case you haven’t already. Try to wash your face twice a day and exfoliate your skin 2-3 times a week as it helps to remove dead skin cells, thus keeping your skin fresh and young.

    Those who are dealing with acne must use benzoyl peroxide products to eliminate acne-causing bacteria. If this does not clear your acne, you may visit a dermatologist for prescription medications.

    Note that no one has perfect skin. Even if your skin has acne or lines, you can still be pretty. Your skin does not determine how to be pretty. Your hygiene and behavior do at some level.

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    Keep your nails trimmed and clean. You do not require a perfect manicure or nail art of different sorts to make your nails outshine others. Just clip and file the nails so that they are clean and even. Biting your nails makes them weaker so refrain from this. Here’s a tip: dip your hands in lemon water or rub a lemon on your fingertip and nails so that you taste lemon every time you have a consistent urge of biting your nails!

    Make sure your hair is styled every day and kept clean. Keeping your hair brushed regularly helps enhance your overall appearance. It also becomes an important part of your routine as you get to make different hairstyles every day, which women adore! If your hair gets oily too fast, you can wash them every alternate day. It doesn’t matter if your hair is short, long, or of middle length. You can still style it in different ways.

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    Wear perfume or deodorant of your favorite fragrance. When you smell good, you naturally become a lot more attractive. You might have noticed many friends or colleagues having a scent they wear every day turning into a feature of their body. If you do not enjoy perfume, try a fruit scent or flowery scent first. But make sure you are not wearing too much of it either.

    Use perfume on your pulse points as well as other similar points on your wrist or neck. The perfume must be a subtle fragrance that only the people sitting nearby can notice, not strong enough to annoy everyone around.

    Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Make sure you use mints and mouthwashes to keep your breath fresh as it leaves a good impact on people. If you have crooked teeth or you have put on braces, know that these do not determine whether you appear pretty or not. Just keep them clean.

    Improve your posture. It is pretty hard to imagine a pretty personality slouching. Practice sitting with a straight back and walk with your chin up parallel to the ground (that is a sign of confidence you should keep). It makes you look attractive and confident.

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    If makeup makes you feel complete and happy, wear light makeup. It is a great way to learn how to be pretty and feel happy the way you look. Also, if you are not happy with how you look today and you do not feel pretty, wear a little fit makeup because it is much easier to wear. Natural makeup enhances your appearance and makes you stand out. You can don extra when there’s a huge party but not every day. If you wish to learn how to be pretty, it’s important to be yourself. Just try lip makeup, eye makeup, and a small amounts of foundation and you are ready!

    Keep your clothes pressed and clean. Wearing clothes that are wrinkled and slightly stained may make you seem untidy, unattractive, or worse, dirty. Iron all your clothes before using them and make sure they are tidy when you wear them on. Read the directions on the clothing labels as some clothes cannot be ironed or can simply be ironed on a low setting. If you do not wish to iron, try stretching and hanging the clothes up shortly after you dry them, or letting them run inside a dryer on the constant-press cycle.

    Also, wear only the garments that fit you correctly. Although oversize is trendy, you must know how to carry them. You do not have to dress according to the newest trends to look pretty. A famous shortcut is to make certain all your clothes fit you perfectly.

    Do not wear dresses that are either too tight or too baggy. None of your clothes must be so tight that they start pinching you, show your undergarments, or are extremely hard to put on or take off. They also should not hang loosely off the shoulders or hips or are in need of adjustments throughout the day.

    If your eyebrows are not in shape, comb them, and then apply a brow gel to flatten them down. If they are slightly sparse, you may try to fill them in with the similarly colored pencils or powder. However, if you sense that your eyebrows are extremely bushy, visit a nearby salon for expert shaping, like requesting a waxing or threading service. Then, as the eyebrows grow in, you can simply trim, pluck, and wax the unruly hairs to sustain their shape

    If you feel too hopeless about how you look, why not refresh your mood and get a makeover? You may simply want a little outside viewpoint on how you look instead of overthinking that you are not pretty enough. Request your local makeup artist, hair salon, or beauty board and program a makeover. They will be able to guide you through tricks on how to be pretty and techniques you have not considered using before, and you will return home being confident and looking breathtaking!

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    If you can not have a professional makeover due to any issues, ask your friend or any relative who loves doing makeup and beauty to assist you. Do not feel daunted about visiting a makeup store or hair salon. They serve different people and they are there to assist you with the best looks.

    2. Improve Your Confidence

    Working on your confidence can help you pave the way to be pretty. It is a great way to boost your self-esteem and feel good about yourself because when you do not feel good, that is the time when you do not feel pretty at all.

    The first step in improving your confidence is stating something positive every day about yourself. A great way to boost your confidence is to put aside a little time and remind yourself how pretty you are. You can simply practice saying something every time and combating negative thoughts. Start with something simple, like “I have pretty eyes” or “I am wearing such a cool outfit”.

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    Also, learn to accept compliments. If you simply shut down or ignore other people’s compliments, everyone will assume that you don’t enjoy compliments or hearing anything positive about yourself, and they will eventually stop.

    When somebody compliments you, resist the urge of speaking something like “You are wrong, it’s quite the same”. Instead say “Thank you!” or “Thanks. It means a lot to me.”

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    One of the most important things a person must always do is stop comparing themselves with others. It is only going to hurt your thoughts, making you feel less pretty or less likable. You are unique and nobody lives the same life and faces the same circumstances as you do. Do not think and worry too much about what other people think or what they possess that you don’t. If you are consistently comparing yourself, tell yourself that you are different and you have your own set of qualities and passions.

    If you ever get jealous, remind yourself that you are beautiful. If someone else looks pretty, it does not indicate any less of you. Also, it is high time you realize that the standards of beauty are unfair and they keep changing, so it’s completely okay if you do not fit in. Always adore what makes you different. Being different from the crowd is always an amazing feeling to treasure!

    Keep trying new things every other day. An amazing way to boost your self-confidence is to pan out and try different things every chance you get. It does not need to be humongous things. These things may include something as little as trying a new hat or taking a different route to work or wearing a different lipstick. If you generally wear neutral or dark-colored clothing, try wearing a different color.

    Try taking more selfies. Selfies are an amazing way to boost your self-confidence. Just snap a ton of pictures and pick your favorite. You do not have to upload it somewhere, but try different filters or use stickers to make yourself feel better. It is entirely normal to hate some of your pictures . Know that even Gigi Hadid or Selena Gomez will not like every picture of themselves on the internet.

    Sometimes, as Rihanna said, “Just pretend to be confident”. It is normal for everyone to take a while to actually feel confident. If you do not yet, then just pretend to be confident. Soon, this pretense will turn into the real deal!

    3. Display Your Inner Beauty

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    Inner beauty is as important as external beauty is in realizing how to be pretty. Try to smile and make eye contact with your classmates or colleagues throughout the day or least when you see them for the first time. Several people who are not so good-looking as per the beauty standards set by society have a great inner beauty that attracts others. Their ‘beauty’ radiates through their personality. If you are in a hurry, just smile for a second and walk by as some people might interpret it as a sign of an invitation to chat.

    You must be polite and friendly with everyone. Introduce yourself to new people and address everyone by their name. Ask how they are doing and take a healthy interest in their lives. This does not indicate you should let anyone disrespect you. If you are required to show someone their place due to their rude behavior or any reason, do it without thinking twice!

    Show your loved ones how you feel about them. Simply tell them you love them or, better yet, show them through small gestures. Listen to their problems and set aside some time for them. Tell your parents that you are grateful and appreciate everything that they do for you. This makes them happier and helps you create a peaceful environment around yourself which provides less space for negative thoughts and low self-esteem.

    Always offer to help others when you are capable of it. People are likely to perceive a considerate person as attractive and pleasant to be around. If you are in a position where you can assist someone, do it! Try to open doors, move boxes, or assist someone with some homework.

    Do not go over the top though. You should not offer to assist do something if you are not completely up to the job. Attempting to help too frequently might lead to burnout and people taking advantage of you.

    Instead of keeping it to yourself, tell others they look pretty today. Pretty people do not simply sit back and ponder on how pretty they appear. They also seek beauty in other people! Notice the people that are caring towards you and the people you communicate with and find something pleasant to state about their appearance. Once you develop the habit of perceiving the beauty in others, you will consequently be able to see it in yourself. You are not needed to walk up to people and proclaim “You’re good-looking!” Try complimenting something like “I love your haircut” or “You look pretty today.”

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    4. Additional Things About How To be Pretty

    1. Try Opting for Accessories that Suit the Clothing or Outfit

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    When you achieve the desired look and stop grooming yourself each day, strive to find a great set of accessories for you to add, such as a pretty necklace, a cute bracelet, or a complementing handbag. This minimal touch may help you look extra fashionable and put together.

    How to be pretty using accessories, you ask? You cannot neglect the effect accessories have on your entire outfit for the day. Hair accessories, such as a headband, hair bow, or barrette normally add a pleasant touch to your outfit. If you use glasses, look for some pair that complements your face shape. For example, you may balance your round face using square frames, or if you have a square face use round frames, while cat-eye frames may work properly if you have a triangular face structure. If you possess a heart-shaped face, display it off using classy rimless frames.

    2. Start Taking Care of Your Body

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    Working out at least 2-3 times a week is great for your body and state of mind. Several times a week, try attempting to get out of the house and go for a long walk, jog, skipping, or swimming, or make an appointment with a gym trainer. You may also grow involved in some sports or develop a hobby you like. As long as you are keeping your body wholesome and strong, you are always going to appear the best version of yourself, and that matters a lot when you are on the path to discovering how to be pretty.

    If it is difficult for you to leave your home to work out, simply play your favorite upbeat songs and keep dancing around the living room or bedroom for at least half an hour every day!

    3. Eat Healthy!

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    Eat a nutrient-rich and low-fat diet that makes you look youthful and great. If you are not receiving the right amount of nutrients, your skin may appear dull or pale and you might develop dark circles underneath your eyes. If you wish to make sure you are receiving everything you require from your diet, shun eating processed sugars, eat tons of fruits and vegetables, go for whole-grain diets, and savor lean proteins like lentils, tofu, fish, chicken, and turkey.

    To determine how to be pretty, keep your skin looking healthy and glowing. Choose food items rich in antioxidants like tomatoes, nuts, salmon, beans, peas, berries, etc.

    4. Do Not Stress Out!

    Stress may make you appear tired, aged, and worried. So if you wish to look attractive and pretty, it is necessary to learn healthy methods for handling stress as it occurs. When you are handling a challenging situation, you should try deep breathing exercises, yoga, or try meditation to focus yourself, for instance. Visiting a close friend or loved family member to share your issues is also suggested.

    If you regularly feel overwhelmed or stressed out, you might be having too many duties on your plate. Ask a family member or a friend for assistance, and start saying no when people ask you to arrange something that will make you work too much and stretched too thin.

    5. Wear Sunscreen and Follow a Skincare Routine to Avoid Breakouts

    Getting pimples or regular acne does not indicate you are not beautiful. It may be simply hormonal or just a phase that will simmer out eventually. If it doesn’t, a dermatologist will help will certainly help you.

    Over time, wearing sunscreen and a protective set of clothing can help you stay great. Damage from harmful UV rays can cause the skin to become dull and dry. It may even start causing wrinkles when you are young! Whenever you go outside, cover exposed skin with a broad SPF. Try to use the one that has at least 30 sun protection factors. Try wearing loose clothing, sunglasses, and hats for coverage. Remember that you will still be exposed to harmful rays even if it is a cloudy day. As such, avoiding wearing sunscreen because it’s cloudy today won’t help.

    6. Just Calm Down!

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    Society keeps improvising new beauty standards every day and you don’t need to fit in. In fact, most people do not. Just because you have seen some pretty boys and girls on Instagram or TikTok does not automatically mean you have to be like them.

    Relax and breathe! Things take time. You might not feel pretty today but on other day, you will or vice versa. It is completely fine! Here are few things to quickly feel fresh or de-stress yourself:

    1. Just breathe!
    2. Change your environment or just visit your favorite coffee shop.
    3. Go for a small run or a walk.
    4. Put on your favorite TV show or comedy that makes you feel better.
    5. Chew some gum.

    Now that you know “How to be pretty?”, why not try these tips?

    Parting Thoughts on How to be Pretty

    The thought or sentiment of “How to be pretty?” begins with loving yourself. It is hands down the first step. Be positive or confident in whatever you have. Then comes all the external factors of taking charge of your skin, internal health, body, untangled hair, and nails.

    Until and unless one starts to believe they are pretty from within, there is no way materialistic things like makeup or clothes will help you look pretty. So try and breathe and live your life in the most magnificent way possible, babe!

    And this is your short guide on how to be pretty and feel the best version of yourself!


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