How To Add Spoiler In Discord – Super Easy Methods!

    Discord lets through you in decorating your messages with images, gifs, and emojis, but some individuals are unmindful of how they can utilize Markdown formatting features to obtain more quintessential effects. Utilizing keyboard commands on your mobile device or computer could change the way readers and viewers see your published content. Article on ‘How to add spoiler in discord’ shows how this exclusively useful feature accredits users to add up all kinds of formatting to messages, comprising italics, bold, spoiler tags, and code formatting.

    Spoiler tags are quite useful to notify others that you’re about to provide information about something that someone is not prepared for. Once this tag is added up another user would only observe a black or grey box over the content.

    Let’s have a look at how you could add spoiler tags to messages in the Discord.

    How to add spoiler in discord – Desktop

    Discord developers have discerned the yells of people on how to add spoiler in discord and incredibly have made it simple to add on spoiler tags that erase out any content the writer picks to input.

    There are several different ways to integrate a spoiler tag in Discord. Take your glance at both below and utilize whichever approach is most facile to you.

    how to add spoiler in discord

    Mark as Spoiler – The step before actually jumping into how to add spoiler in Discord

    Owing to Discord’s newest addition, adding up spoiler tags is truly easier than ever. Here is what to do:

    1. First, type your message in the Discord chat box.
    2. Double-click the text or use your mouse to highlight your message.
    3. Strike on the eye icon in a small pop-up window.
    4. Identify now that your text has two vertical bars.
    5. Strike Enter on your computer’s keyboard for sending a message with a Spoiler tag.
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    Everyone in chat could see it after sending the message. However, the spoiler tag will grey out the text until your mates tap it to disclose the content.

    How to add spoiler in Discord – Know About Using Markdown

    Want to know how to add spoiler in discord by using Markdown? Here is the option to add up spoiler tags to the Discord messages is utilizing markdown codes. We quite like this option as your fingers never have to depart the keyboard. Here is how to put spoiler tags to a message utilizing markdown codes:

    1. Before your text type two vertical bars (the Shift + Back Slash key).
    2. Type your text (there is no requirement to add space between the text and the bars).
    3. Again at the end of your text type two vertical bars.
    4. Click Enter on your keyboard for sending the message with a spoiler tag.

    These bars will assure your message is fully hidden within a spoiler tag, necessitating others to click to divulge the information.

    In between two sets of double pipes, when you put up the spoiler, the words which are part of a spoiler phrase will only be sighted by the other Discord users who hit on the phrase to widen and read what it says. Individuals, who desire to keep the spoiler confidential, simply can refrain from pressing on the spoiler phrase.

    You can also ensconce attachments as spoilers. Whilst uploading the attachment, Discord provides you the option to “Mark as Spoiler.” Nevertheless, this only works in a proper manner on the desktop version of Discord.

    How to add spoiler in discord – especially the tags

    Always we are not at our computer when we are interacting with others on Discord. Providentially, the mobile version offers a lot of similar functionality as the desktop version. Regardless, the methods do vary a bit depending on whether you are using Android or iOS so we will cover that both in this section.

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    how to add spoiler in discord

    How to add spoiler in discord – adding tags on Android

    Android users will have a speck of more difficulty putting spoiler tags than iOS users. However, it is entirely possible to cloak your messages before sending them on Android devices. Here is how:

    Tip: You can bump into two vertical bars on any type of Android keyboard by pressing on the number symbol in the left-hand corner. Keep pressing that key till you find the two vertical bars. For reference, we are utilizing Gboard.

    1. Open up the Discord mobile application and hit on the chat box where you are sending your messages. Strike on the chat box so your phone’s keyboard appears. Type those two vertical bars as we did on a desktop.
    2. Type the text you would like to send to chat. Then add two more vertical bars.
    3. Click the send icon to right of the text box.

    Now, everyone who can see your message will require tapping it to exhibit its contents.

    How to add spoiler in discord – adding tags on iOS

    Apple offers two options to add up spoiler tags to their users. You can utilize markdown to direct a hidden message otherwise you can utilize Discord’s in-chat menu. Let’s review both.

    To put a spoiler tag utilizing Discord markdown, do this:

    1. Hit on the chat box and then pull up your keyboard of iPhone. In the lower left corner, press the ABC key. Then, strike on the 123 key.
    2. Place the vertical bar on the keyboard. After that, input it twice.
    3. Type your message, next type two more vertical bars. Decisively, press the send arrow for submitting your message to the chat.

    Whilst this approach might be simpler for someone, there is an even easier way out to send messages with the spoiler tags in Discord. Here is how:

    1. Open up the Discord chat and type your message (there is no need at all for adding the vertical bars).
    2. Highlight the text by double-clicking on it (otherwise, you could long-press the text). Drag the cursor to cover up all parts of the message you want to ensconce. After that, hit on Mark as a spoiler in the pop-up menu.
    3. Finally, press the send arrow for sending your spoiler to everyone in the chat.
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    How to Disable Spoiler Tags

    Both admin and users have the power to handle spoilers (to some extent). Irrespective of your preference, let’s talk about what you could do to deactivate spoilers.

    Rather than heading towards the server, you desire to moderate, we will head to your user settings to gain access to the spoiler tag menu. Here is what to do:

    how to add spoiler in discord
    1. Open up Discord and press on the Settings cog next to your username in the lower left corner.
    2. On the left side, hit on Text & Images inside the menu.
    3. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to unveil the spoiler tag options.

    You can choose one of three options in this menu. Here is what each option does:

    Always – This makes disabling the spoiler tags for your account. You’ll never observe a spoiler tag.

    On servers I moderate – This’ll turn off the spoiler tags on servers (meaning the servers you moderate or own).

    On Click – This hides out all spoilers for you in each channel (even ones you do not moderate).

    As you could see in this article on ‘How to add spoiler in discord’, it is a lot easier to disable spoiler tags if they’re something that troubles you. Just make sure you are careful enough as you might observe notice you are not prepared for.

    To Conclude

    In the ‘How to add spoiler in discord’ article, you’ve seen that in Discord Spoiler tags are significantly useful and come in handy most of the time. A lot of times some messages are not meant for everyone and only discord has the attribute to typically put a spoiler tag. Hence the message and image will be veiled until the person longs to voluntarily open them.

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