How Long does it Take for a Tattoo to Heal: The Interesting Fact of 4 Stages

    Learn How Long Does it Take for a Tattoo to Heal

    Are you planning to create a tattoo on your neck? Or on your arms? Or around your naval? You might be interested in decorating your body with wonderful colors and sketches. But you are skeptical about the other aspects of the tattoo-making process. Probably, you are worried about how much pain it will give.

    Your eyebrows are raised, thinking if there are any side effects or not. Well, the most common concern of most of the people who are about to go for a tattoo is – how long does it take for a tattoo to heal. Are you worried about the same? Well, stop worrying! We are here with a detailed discussion on how long does it take for a tattoo to heal.

    how long does it take for a tatto to heal

    Before we delve into the healing process, let’s have a quick look at how the tattoo is created and its different types.

    Tattoo Making- The Types and the Process:

    The process involves the human skin with all of its layers. The pigment is spread through the dermis or the skin layer below the outer skin layer when the initial injection is put. When the process is done, the pigment is dispersed all over the skin layers through damaged skin cells. Gradually, the damaged skin goes away, and the pigment becomes permanent with the healing process on board. That is how a tattoo is created.

    Well, in some tribal cultures, the process is a bit different. They create tattoos by cutting the designs on their skins and rubbing them with ink, ashes, or other materials. Sometimes, they use animal bones or sharp sticks to cut the wounds.

    how long does it take for a tattoo to heal

    The different styles of tattoos are traditional tattoo style, tribal tattoo style, blackwork tattoo, realism tattoo style, realism tattoo style, etc. Popular tattoos are cosmetic tattoos, natural tattoos, modern tattoos, professional tattoos, etc. Although the general process is the same, sometimes different types of tattoos ask for care and maintenance. Let’s know about the tattoo healing process more.

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    How Long does it Take for a Tattoo to Heal: The Different Stages of It

    When it comes to making a tattoo, it is a serious matter to concern about. After all, it is piercing the needles through your skin. It needs care, attention, and proper knowledge. Otherwise, things may get worse than ever. You may end up having a sore on your skin or get your tattooed part swollen.

    Often, people ask questions like – how long does it take for a tattoo to heal. Well, it is a good question. It is essential to look at the details of the process and consequences of tattooing the body. Only then can you avoid the side effects.

    Considering the queries and concerns about the people, here we are. We are going to discuss the matter in detail. Have a read!

    The healing process of a tattoo undergoes some stages. The healing stages include definite processes to make it permanent to the skin. In general, if everything goes well, the outer layer of the skin heals first within 2 or 3 days after making the tattoo.

    how long does it take for a tattoo to heal

    Got the answer for how long does it take for a tattoo to heal? Here something more is there for you.

    But then, you should not stop the process of aftercare as the internal skin layer is not healed yet. No matter how much it feels to be cured, you must continue taking care of it. It will help to heal the inner layer of the skin faster. Usually, it takes nearly 6 months to heal.

    Also, you need to keep in mind that large tattoos covering a wide skin area may take more than the mentioned duration. And the negligence in applying after-care procedures may also make the healing process lengthy.

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    So, never forget the after-care things and if you create large tattoos, have patience. It will heal soon.

    Let’s know about the different stages of the healing process.

    First Stage: It is the most vulnerable stage. It lasts for nearly one week from day 1. For the first few hours, the expert will bandage the part. Then, it will be open. You have to treat it as an open wound. Gradually, you can see redness, a bit of swelling on that part. Also, you may feel inflammation and some burning sensation in it.

    Second Stage: This stage is not that much crucial, although it asks for your gentle care. This stage also lasts for one week, more or less. In this stage, you may experience a feeling of itching. You can also experience flaking of the skin. You do not have to be much concerned about it. Although it may scare you with an appearance like the ink is going off; actually, it is not going off. The ink will remain as it is.

    However, you can use moisturizers recommended by tattoo experts or doctors. It will keep the tattooed part hydrated. In addition, you can get rid of the itching with it.

    Third Stage: It is the time when your skin begins to heal actually. The stage usually lasts for two weeks. In this stage, you will feel your old skin be peeled off with new skin on it. The itchiness, dryness, and redness will go away. If it does not go away, you must visit a doctor immediately. Sometimes, health conditions like an infected tattoo may lead to such conditions.

    However, normally, this stage includes a layer of dry skin on the tattooed part. You may find it less gleaming than the expected level. Do not worry! It will be peeled off automatically, leaving your tattoo vibrant enough to mesmerize all.

    how long does it take for a tattoo to heal
    Authority Tattoo- Scarring Tattoo

    You may feel tired thinking of how long does it take for a tattoo to heal. And therefore, you may like scratching it by yourself before it naturally goes off. But do not do that. It may lead to scars on the body.

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    Fourth stage: This is the final stage of healing. If you are here to know how long it takes for a tattoo to heal, take a note here. In this stage, your tattoo will be healed completely. The stage may include the last five months. You can see the redness go away. However, it is better to continue the aftercare. It will help the tattoo look vibrant for a long time.

    So, this was the healing process of a tattoo. We hope you have got your answers for – how long does it take for a tattoo to heal. Do you still have many other doubts regarding the healing process and other aspects of a tattoo? Here we will share some frequently asked questions. Have a look!

    How Long does it Take for a Tattoo to Heal: Frequently Asked Questions.

    How will I know when my tattoo is healed?

    You can track the stages as mentioned above. Otherwise, you may have a look at the redness and itching. When it starts going away completely, you can consider it to be healed completely.

    Can a tattoo heal in 3 days?

    In 3 days, the outer layer of the skin may get healed, but to heal the inner layer, it may take a few days more, in fact, months.

    Can I sleep on my tattoo after 4 days?

    You should avoid it. We know you love to cherish your beloved tattoo. But, sleeping directly on the tattoo at the initial stages of healing may make the healing process lengthy.\

    how long does it take for a tattoo to heal

    Can you touch a tattoo while it’s healing?

    You can touch it gently without scratching or rubbing it. Otherwise, it may take more time to heal.

    Can I shower with a new tattoo?

    Yes, definitely you can. In fact, it is necessary to take a regular bath to keep the tattooed part clean and hygienic.

    The Bottom line

    So, these are the details that you must know if you are eager to learn how long does it take for a tattoo to heal. We have discussed everything related to it. Let us know how it helped you.

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