Top 10 Vape Starter Kits in 2022


    Finding the perfect vape kit is essential for every vaper, regardless of novice, amateur, or pro status. It so happens that every vaper has a particular taste and style. The inability to find the perfect vaping kit can ruin the entire experience. Hence, investing an appropriate number of resources in vape kits right at the beginning can save you from a lot of hassle later. To save you from the tiring and cumbersome task of searching the vape markets online and offline, we have compiled a list of the top ten vape kits you can purchase in 2022. You will find the hints for finding them in this brief as well. Oh, and you can always browse vape pen starter kits on Provape!

    Types of Kits

    Before discussing some of the most exquisite vape kits available now, let us briefly discuss the different types of vape kits available generally. Don’t worry; it will not take long; we will discuss the vape kits in just a minute!

    Pod Systems

    The idea behind designing pod systems was to bring the element of compactness to the existing mod systems. And fair to say, it worked! Closed pods, in particular, are great since they have e-liquid filled. Open pods are not too bad either since they are refillable. Pods, or the fancy term pod mods, present an exciting prospect for vapers worldwide.

    All In One

    The all-in-one vape devices are another great option since they come with nearly everything a vaper needs, minus the e-liquid. These devices don’t have a separate tank.

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    Pen Style Devices

    A somewhat classy option that is quite popular these days, these devices are great since they fit into the hand easily.


    They are large and powerful, but more importantly, they come with a separate tank! Al the reasons to love mods, right?

    TOP 10 Vape Starter Kits

    And now, let us talk about the vape kits that are making headlines in 2022. Here are our top ten picks in the category vapes of 2022!

    Hexa Pro Vape Kit

    The most illuminating feature of this vape kit is that it is a perfect pick for vapers of all ages. What is more, it features an excellent nicotine blend that furnishes a characteristic cigarette-style throat hit. Hexa pro vape kit comes with a bigger battery capacity and quicker charging capacity.

    Vaporesso Xros Mini

    Among so many nice things about this vape kit, its design is most alluring. Compactness is an element that can take any vape kit to unknown heights of fame. This MTL device needs very little maintenance, plus it features fixed coil pods.

    Aspire Vilter

    If you switch from cigs to vapes, this vape will be a perfect pick. It replicates the feel of a cigarette perfectly and furnishes a great taste in the end. Oh, and it is an affordable product as well. So you stand to save some bucks as well.

    Aspire Pockex

    For a beginner, filling the vape kit can be a struggle at first. We like Aspire Vilter, since it provides a very easy to fill. The vape kit is solid and gives a great throat hit for an entry-level device.

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    Smok Nord 2

    There couldn’t be a better pick for the fans of style and swagger than the vape kit under discussion. It is a vaping device that features a 1500mAh battery and a wattage range of around 40 watts. It features a very comfortable mouthpiece and produces a thick, dense vapor.

    Smok Nord 4

    You will probably not be able to find a vape kit stronger than the Smok Nord 4 in the Nord range. The battery is 2000 mAh, and the device is compatible with both RPM and RPM 2 coils. What does this mean for an average user? You can opt for mouth to lung (MTL) or direct to lung (DTL) vaping styles.

    Innokin Adept Zlide

    We have talked about many slim devices in this brief so far. But we are fully aware that not everyone is a fan of slim vape kits; the device under discussion is a perfect pick for you lot. The 3000 mAh battery lasts nearly forever; auto-coil detection is a massive plus. Oh, and the device is water-resistant as well!

    Uwell Caliburn G2

    Caliburn G2’s latest version is a massive upgrade from the previous model. Now, the vaping kit features a greater battery capacity. Not only that, it has even better flavors to offer. We don’t think many vaping devices offer this haptic feedback feature that Uwell’s latest product features. Different vibration patterns alert the user to any issues that might make the device crash!

    Voopoo Drag S/Drag X & PnP-X Pod

    Some mod kits we have got here! Great power and eye-catching aesthetic designs are the key features of these vaping kits. Who doesn’t love a combination of metal and leather in a vaping kit? Plus, there are a lot of added perks that you get with this pod. It features an anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint style that every vaper with sweaty hands is likely to love!

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    Vaporesso Target 80

    We have been saving the best one for the end; the vape kit under discussion is one fine example of what happens when manufacturers are well aware of the user demands. It is a lightweight kit that is closed in a metal frame. It is water-resistant plus offers great flavor choices as well. All in all, it is an excellent pick for novices and pros alike!

    Final Thoughts

    So, folks, that would be all from this brief for now. So many kits to discuss and so little space available that it is most disappointing! Nevertheless, we are optimistic that we are leaving you better equipped with vape kits than you were at the beginning of this brief. On this cheerful note, we will bid you farewell from this space! Vale, vape well!


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