The NEC Lavie Mini: Experience Outstanding Gaming Performance

    This New Year, we all want to get something new and special. Here is the NEC Lavie Mini for you.

    This NEC Lavie Mini is a PC-gaming console hybrid that is being announced for CES 2021. This is a latest and futuristic convertible pocket-sized PC to offer you the experience of a laptop but in a more convenient way. It also is one of the best portable gaming console hybrids till date.

    The all-new creation known as NEC Lavie Mini is expected to be presented at CES 2021. LAVIE is a collaborative venture between Lenovo and NEC. Both of these companies have showcased quite a few products at many previous CES conventions.

    The portable PC gaming console hybrid dream called NEC Lavie Mini is one of the very notable items this year. They will showcase this touch screen pocket PC, which is featured with controller and dock accessories.

    The Lenovo NEC Lavie Mini

    NEC Lavie Mini has made the controller attachments for the PC, which can also be connected after folding the keyboard back. In order to keep the portability of the device the users do not have to look for a track pad. The reason for this is that an optical touch sensor is being provided by the company to control the pointer like the old-style Blackberry.

    This gadget NEC Lavie Mini has many attractive features to make your time and money worthy for it. The performance oriented “convertible PC” features an 8-inch WUXGA touch screen and has an impressive resolution of 1920×1200 pixels. It arrives in the market with the latest and very powerful 11th Gen Intel Core i7 mobile processor along with the much acclaimed Intel Iris Xe graphics.

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    The device comes with a 16GB of LPDDR4 RAM that can also be enhanced up to 256GB of SSD storage. This special creation also had some premium features like Modern Standby and also the IR camera powered by Windows Hello that enables absolutely no-touch login, or “zero-touch” login facility. Having been powered with all these features, it weighs only 579 grams.

    Phenomenal NEC Lavie Mini

    This NEC Lavie Mini comes with a very useful and convenient backlit keyboard which also features circular or round numeric keys as well as symbol keys. These keys are almost of the same size as alphabet keys, which makes the device more convenient. There is an outer light for the logo on the outer part of the gadget which is similar to the old version of the Macbooks.

    There are some special optional accessories like the HDMI dock, if the laptop gets launched. This HDMI dock can help the users to use it on a big screen. It also has a Gaming Controller that will be attached to its side areas.

    The NEC Lavie Mini can offer you the feeling of using a notebook with its concept of a small-factor portable PC. But the extra something is definitely its interesting gaming twist to enhance your enjoyment of free time. This device is also specially designed for special fun while surfing online.

    The portable gadget can be easily folded like a 2-in-1 convertible and is also enabled with a 400-nit touch-enabled display to get the feeling of a tablet. The device comes with Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 and also with two USB-C ports and a combo headphone jack.

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    This new gadget offers a perfectly reasonable sound and gaming experience to make your usage more interesting and fun. It also has a HDMI connection that can easily allow the users to experience and enjoy their games by transferring those to a big screened TV.

    Till now, the company has not revealed its plan regarding the launch of this gadget NEC Lavie Mini. Therefore, the price and the release date of this device have not been announced till now. But it can be expected that when the device gets the opportunity to be released in the market, it will have a very good response from the users. It has enormous potential for future growth.

    For now, we all have to wait eagerly for the launch of this special gadget called NEC Lavie Mini. It is for sure that the NEC Lavie Mini will rock the gaming experience in the near future.

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