What’s new about LG Web OS 6.0 smart TV?

    It’s the time to celebrate the beginning of a new year, and we all want something new and special in our lives. Therefore, for this New Year LG Web OS 6.0 smart TV can be one of your best picks among other new and special products for yourself and your family. It is beautifully crafted and created with some very unique features to offer you the utmost pleasure.

    LG Web OS 6.0 smart TVs come with some striking unique features and are sure to take your entertainment experience to a new level.

    LG Web OS 6.0 smart TV

    LG Web OS 6.0 smart TV’s are designed with a special function called Magic Tap, which is an NFC- powered remote function to make it the best one for you. This Magic Tap function can enable users to share items within their NFC-enabled smartphones and the LG TV at any time. The users can also see the items stored in the mobile phones on their smart TV’s by LG while using their preferred apps simultaneously. To make it special, it is adorned with the latest version of ThinQ AI, which can support the voice commands to guide Alexa and also Google Assistant.

    The Magic Explorer, which is a special version of LG’s Magic link services, has been included in this LG Web OS 6.0 smart TV will definitely give the viewers’ information about all viewed items and contents. It has the new feature of Magic Remote, which has several keys for accessing Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and also Disney+ by giving you better services as compared to other gadgets.

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    This LG Web OS 6.0 smart TV can be referred as the unique television for its 2021 OLED , QNED Mini LED, NanoCell and also UHD smart smart designs to impress its users every day.

    LG Smart TV

    As per the president of LG Home Entertainment Company, Mr. Park Hyoung-sei, this LG Web OS 6.0 smart TV is the best one and also the most notable updated gadget since LG’s first introduction of webOS in 2014. WEbOs is a Linux-based, smart TV operating system owned by LG to allow proper access to the smarter and advanced features of the smart TV’s by LG through a GUI (graphical user interface).

    According to the Company, the updated home screen of LG Web OS 6.0 smart TV can actually offer speedy access to the frequently-visited apps and streamline content discovery with proper suggestions which are definitely based on the preferences and watching the history of the users, making it special among other new gadgets.

    The LG Web OS 6.0 smart TVs work as a central hub for the settings and also the ecosystem of webOS. This webOS ecosystem also can help you in viewing the suggested contents and related information at once at a first glance. The Magic Explorer of this gadget will offer the users actual information about the viewed contents and about the location and actors in the shows they are viewing. The attractive and beautiful home screen can offer you the best experience while viewing the contents and shows in this LG Web OS 6.0 smart TV.

    The uniquely made LG Web OS 6.0 smart TV has a new feature that can help the users in discovering content suitable according to their preferences and tastes as well.

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    This LG Web OS 6.0 smart TV is really special for having a 65- inch OLED screen and also for showcasing the unique Eyesafe-certified display. For this, it has also received TUV Rheinland certification of Germany for not being harmful to the eyes of the users. With a 65-inch display, it also launched its 48-inch bendable cinematic sound OLED display to show at the CES of 2021.

    It’s the best time to grab this LG Web OS 6.0 smart TV for yourself and your family members for a rare and satisfying experience.

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