How To Stop Steam From Opening On Startup: 2 Ways To Speed Up Your PC

    The answer to the question “how to stop Steam from opening on startup?” is pretty simple. There are a few simple steps and even a new Steam user can do it by following the next steps mentioned in this article.

    The Steam app is set to open automatically when you install Steam on your PC. The PC uses the power of the CPU to load the app. Using CPU power can slow down the system especially when you are not having a Steam application. There are both advantages and disadvantages of having Steam on your PC. Here in this blog, you’ll get to know how to stop Steam from opening on startup?

    There are two ways on how to stop Steam from opening on startup. Let us first know about the first method.

    How To Stop Steam From Opening on Startup: Way 1

    • Open Steam application
    • Find the “Steam” option on the far left corner.
    • Click on “settings”.
    • After opening the settings, click on the “interface” option.
    • On the last step you will have to untick the option that says “Run Steam when my computer starts” option. Then click on OK.

    How To Stop Steam From Opening on Startup: Way 2

    Now, let us know about the second method on how to stop Steam from opening on startup.

    For disabling Steam, you need to access the task manager for the second method.

    • First, right click on the taskbar, then select the task manager.
    • Then choose the “startup” tab.
    • Right-click on the Steam application and choose the disable option.
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    How to stop Steam from opening on Startup

    After following these steps, simply restart your PC. Steam will not run automatically anymore when the PC starts.

    Advantages and disadvantages of stopping Steam from opening on startup:

    • A lot of people make use of their computers for a variety of gaming purposes, especially the ones having a separate computer.
    • This helps in saving time instead of doing it manually every time.
    • If you play games occasionally, then you need to close the Steam manually.
    • Knowing how to stop Steam from opening on startup is totally worth it.

    Users are generally not sure about disabling Steam especially when they want to achieve quick startup.

    Steam startup tips
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    Some interesting facts about Steam

    • You can take a screenshot while playing games. These screenshots can be used for your profile or for creating promotional content.

    Now, how can you take a Steam screenshot? Very simple!

    • F12 is the default button for taking Steam screenshots. You can save it as a jpg file too.
    • If you want to view the screenshot immediately, then open the Steam application and click on the view option from the top menu.
    • Then, click on show on desk, this will open the folder on the desk.
    • For changing the default Steam screenshot location, click Steam from the left corner.
    • Then click on the “settings” option.
    • After this, click on the screenshot folder.
    • Create a new folder if you want to change the location. Give a name to the folder as per your convenience. Then click on OK.

    Installing and uninstalling the Steam application

    For installation of Steam, download the file. Find out the folder where you have downloaded the file. Then click on “run as administrator”.

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    Remember, uninstalling Steam can remove all your downloaded games. For uninstalling Steam app you need to follow the following steps:

    • Search “apps and features” from the search bar.
    • Click on the first result and follow the page for more information.
    • Search for the game you want to delete and click on uninstall.
    • Free up some space on your system too for downloading more games.

    Maintenance of Steam is very essential for the overall development of this popular gaming platform.

    A scheduled weekly maintenance is held by Steam on every Tuesday between 1 pm to 3 pm.

    how to stop steam from opening on startup

    How to restart Steam?

    If you are facing a regular Steam service error issue, then it is the time to restart Steam.

    Steam is the world’s leading gaming platform and it will be the leading gaming platform for years to come.

    Steam was launched in September, 2003. It is said to be the most sophisticated gaming platform by the users. But sometimes, “Steam service error” arises and here you will get the method to resolve this issue.

    • Steam needs administrator privilege to perform the task efficiently.
    • Steam service prevents the app from loading. Without the Steam service, you won’t be able to download or update any games.
    • Right-click on the “shortcut for Steam” option.
    • Then, click on run on administrator option.
    • Find out the folder where you have installed the Steam application. Right-click on the .exe file and properties will appear on the screen.
    • Click on settings from the compatibility tab.
    • Un-check the ‘run this program as administrator’ option, then click on apply and then ok.
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    There is another method for reinstalling the Steam application on your system.

    • It has been confirmed from a few users that reinstalling Steam helps in solving the error.

    Note: Before reinstalling the Steam application, make sure that you have taken the backup.

    These two methods ensure that you no longer face any error related to the Steam application. This error will not hamper your gaming system but it will prevent you from playing games. You don’t have to worry as this issue can be easily fixed with the above-mentioned methods. After installation of the Steam app, it is automatically set to “load on startup”. This article guides you on how to stop Steam from opening on startup.

    Summing Up

    Steam application is the application where you can download and update games. It is an inter-based social networking program, developed by Valve Corporation. It has its own store where gamers can purchase games of their choice. It is absolutely safe to use Steam for downloading and updating games.

    These are the methods by which you can stop Steam from opening on startup. Now that you know to stop Steam from opening on startup, you can also check out our blog on How to move Steam games to another drive. From this blog, you will have a clear idea of transferring Steam games from one to another device. For this, you must have enough space on the hard drive.



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