10 Best Fireplace Paint Ideas For You!

    The fireplace is undoubtedly where we warm our hands and enjoy the cozy winters. A fireplace in a room adds to its beauty and many long-lasting memories.

    If you have decided to paint your fireplace to transform its look, then we are here to provide you with different types of fireplace paint ideas along with the correct process to paint your fireplace. 

    The ideas provided below will captivate the attention of your guests. So, let’s do a makeover of your fireplace with the best colors! 

    10 Best Fireplace Paint Ideas.

    1- Soothing White.

    Fireplace Paint Ideas

    Using white or off-white colors is one of the best fireplace paint ideas that will create a calming vibe on a fireplace. The plus point of using white paint for your fireplace is that it can match any furniture or decor, creating a traditional or modern look as per your choice.

    Using white paint adds more shine and brightens up your space. You need two coats of paint to cover your bricks completely, depending on the paint you pick for your fireplace.

    2- Eye-Captivating Charcoal.

    Fireplace Paint Ideas

    If you want to create an attractive final look for your fireplace, then consider using charcoal, as this fireplace paint idea will enhance the texture of your bricks.

    Though charcoal is neutral but provides life to the various elements of your room, select a charcoal fireplace with white walls to build a contrasting effect. You can even go for pairing with cream walls as per your choice.

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    3- Rich Black.

    Fireplace Paint Ideas

    This option is for you if you want some modern fireplace paint ideas. You can go for a rich black color to paint your fireplace. The black fireplace and lighter walls will create a great contrast in the room.

    Moreover, using black paint will hide all sorts of blemishes or any imperfections in your brick walls, providing a beautiful look and a cozy atmosphere around you.

    4- Earthly Green.

    Fireplace Paint Ideas

    We all know that green is the color of Earth. If you want to enjoy the tranquility of nature, then you must try this fireplace paint idea of all Fireplace Paint Ideas for your place. Using rich green color will enhance your space and create a peaceful aura that nature provides us.

    You can go for neutral furniture with earthy green for a compatible look. So, enjoy and be relaxed around this cozy fireplace.

    5- Rustic Effect.

    Fireplace Paint Ideas
    Architectural Digest

    Whenever we talk about home makeovers, this option always comes up in one’s mind. Brown or red shades of brick can provide you with a rustic touch you will surely fall for. You can even try mortar washing which leaves your fireplace rustic.

    Moreover, you can even go for a sandy repaint option to give a rustic look to your fireplace if a brown-painted fireplace is not working for you. So, try this compelling fireplace paint idea to feel warm and enjoy your holidays.

    6- Brick Red.

    Brick red is nostalgic! This classical idea of all fireplace paint ideas is something that will light up your fireplace, and you will surely admire its look.

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    So, you can go for painting your fireplace with red brick paint, which looks as if it’s the original color of bricks. Though you can go for any brick red shades, the best ones are Ruby Red and Glidden Red. You can even try Rookwood Dark Red as it leaves an authentic look to your fireplace.

    7- Splatter Paint.

    If you are looking for bold fireplace paint ideas, you must go for splatter painting to get an amazing look. Splatter Painting basically means adding paint to your brush and then flicking it at the wall to get a chic splattered pattern.

    Before starting, you need to cover the walls and other areas surrounding the fireplace so that paint only gets to the fireplace. If you want a simple look for your fireplace, then you can go for black splatter with a white background; otherwise, you can use various colors for splatter to get a bright and lustrous look for your fireplace.

    8- Cool Neutrals.

    Choosing neutrals for your fireplace is the safest yet most elegant idea of all fireplace paint ideas that make your space look new and fresh.

     As we know, gray can be considered a lighter and a darker shade. This cool neutral will calm your brick fireplace and pair well with darker colors or wallpapers. Also, if you are looking for warm neutrals, then brown would be a good option providing a soft and cozy look to your fireplace.

    9- Brick- Anew Paint Kit.

    You can try using a Brick Anew Paint Kit for your brick fireplace, which is easily available online. This paint kit contains different shades that give each brick a matte look.

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    You will get everything you need in a Paint Kit, including painting tools, an instruction guide, and five different shades of brick paint. You can easily apply these shades to your fireplace using a sponge or roller. This idea from fireplace paint ideas is worth spending money on and gives desired results. So, go for it.

    10- Statement Shade.

    fireplace paint ideas
    Elle Decor

    Going for a statement shade is one of the most popular fireplace paint ideas that will change the vibe of your room. If your fireplace is located in the living room, then you must paint your fireplace with a statement shade to give a fresh look to your room.

    You can opt for a yellow shade to paint your fireplace. In case your room space is somewhat dark, then yellow paint would be a perfect choice to provide a sunshine glow to your space. Ultimately, you will notice that your room has completely changed and looks wow!

    Cessation | Fireplace Paint Ideas

    You can go for any of the fireplace Paint Ideas provided above. Once you try painting your fireplace, you will surely achieve a beautiful focal point or a point of attraction for your room. You can choose any color as per your choice, from light tones to dark shades, and create a peaceful environment around you.


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